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BioWare Anthem job openings mechanics game improvement items rewards loot

Bioware lists multiple job positions aimed at improving Anthem

It's not clear if a massive overhaul is in the cards, but Bioware is seeking out multiple candidates focused on improving the online multiplayer loot shooter Anthem. The positions point toward improvements for item creation, progression, combat, rewards, and loot systems.
Forza Street Miami microsoft studios mobile gaming pc

Forza Street is the newly adopted name of free-to-play racer Miami Street

Microsoft Studios launched Miami Street in 2018 and, after continuing to enhance it with new weekly content, the game is now being rebranded as an official member of the Forza racing family. Street is free-to-play and joins Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon as Microsoft-exclusive racing games.
SanDisk microSD Nintendo Switch cards amazon deals

Power up your Nintendo Switch storage with the SanDisk MicroSD card flash sale

Do you enjoy taking your games on the go but you're running out of precious space on Nintendo's hybrid console? You're in luck. Today, Amazon's Deal of the Day features a collection of SanDisk microSD cards from 64GB up to 400GB and we've put together the best offers that work with your Nintendo Switch.
Nintendo Switch deal walmart discount bundle sale

Customize this Walmart Nintendo Switch bundle deal with 1 of 5 great games

Walmart is saving consumers up to $60 with a new Nintendo Switch bundle deal. When putting together your custom savings, you can choose from Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and two others. The bundle also includes a free accessory and two PowerA Mario pin options.
Disney Plus Nintendo Switch subscription streaming

Disney Plus wants a home on gaming consoles, including the Nintendo Switch

There's no Netflix on the Nintendo Switch just yet but, if Disney has anything to say about it, the newly announced Disney Plus service will have a home there around launch. The new option will include classic and new Disney content, including original TV shows set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Monster Hunter World monsters

April 2019 Xbox Game Pass additions include Monster Hunter: World and Prey

Along with Microsoft discounting the three-month Xbox Game Pass subscription to $1, a handful of new games are being added to the library. Prey and The Golf Club 2 are available now, while Monster Hunter: World, Resident Evil 5, and a couple of others will be added as April continues.
Inside Final Fantasy VII 7 developer interview retrospective documentary

Inside Final Fantasy VII dives into the making of Square Enix’s iconic game

Final Fantasy VII launched in 1997 and has been re-released throughout the years, most recently on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. In celebration of the return to this classic, Square Enix released an FFVII edition of Inside Final Fantasy, giving viewers insight into the game's development.
oculus rift vs playstation vr version 1452090532 psvr header

Sony patent describes glasses with eye tracking for VR headsets

A curious patent from Sony shows off prescription glasses that feature eye-tracking capabilities for a virtual reality headset. The patent also infers that the headset that the glasses are paired with already has eye tracking, deactivating the feature when it senses that these glasses are in use.
nintendo smash bros ultmate e3 2018 super ultimate 9

Retailers offer rare deal on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch

Various retailers have cut the price of Nintendo's fastest-selling game of all time. If you haven't grabbed Super Smash Bro. Ultimate for your Nintendo Switch yet, you can do so right now while this rare deal is available in stores and online and save yourself a few bucks.
Fortnite v8.30 patch update reboot van revive apex legends

Fortnite update 8.30 adds teammate revival with new Reboot Van

Via update 8.30, Fortnite's Battle Royale mode is extending its competitive experience with a new mechanic. The Reboot Van, found in all the major points of interest, give players a chance to bring their eliminated squadmates back to life if they can get their hands on the dead player's Reboot Card.
Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Respawn Entertainment twitch stream reveal celebration

We’ll get a closer look at Jedi: Fallen Order at Star Wars Celebration

During the 2019 Star Wars Celebration taking place in Chicago, Respawn Entertainment will be showing off their new game set in the Star Wars universe. Jedi: Fallen Order casts players as a Padawan in a story set between The Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope.
Mortal Kombat 11 datamine dlc character kombat pack switch

Data mine shows 13 Mortal Kombat characters are coming via DLC

Mortal Kombat 11 has loaded onto the Nintendo eShop and a diligent user has unearthed slots for 13 total DLC characters via a data mine. Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn are already revealed, but what other 11 characters could be making their way to the fighting game post-launch?
Playstation 4 Slim Deal

These are the best PlayStation 4 deals in GameStop’s 2-week Spring Sale

GameStop's two-week Spring Sale is underway and there are tons of deals to dig through. For those hoping to start or enhance their PS4 or PS4 Pro gaming experience, we've put together the best discounts on games like The Divison 2, accessories, headsets, storage, and consoles.
The Division 2 eight player raid free dlc invasion battle for d.c.

GameStop’s spring sale drops prices on Xbox One, PS4, and Switch games

The 2019 GameStop spring sale is going live on April 7 and there will be various discounts on consoles, games, and gaming accessories. Some of the deals will evolve throughout the two-week event and we've put together a list of all the different deals you'll be able to take advantage of.
Nintendo Switch Labo VR Kit Super Mario Odyssey the legend of zelda breath of the wild

Nintendo is bringing the latest Zelda and Mario games to its VR headset

The Nintendo Labo VR Kit launches this month and two of the Switch's biggest games, Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild, will get free VR support via a software update that goes live a couple of weeks after the VR Kit launch. Odyssey will feature bonus VR levels while BoTW can be played in full.
The Division 2 eight player raid free dlc invasion battle for d.c.

The Division 2 Tidal Basin DLC features the game’s first 8-player raid

Raids are coming to Ubisoft's loot-shooter series for the first time via The Division 2 when Operation Dark Hours goes live at the end of April as part of Invasion: Battle for D.C. Tidal Basin is the first part of Invasion, which is the first of four sets of free DLC planned for year one.
Fortnite World Cup warmup 500k thousand esports competition qualify

Fortnite World Cup Warmup bridges gap to main event with $500K in prizes

Epic Games is injecting $500,000 into the Fortnite esports scene, hosting the World Cup Warmup weekend right before the World Cup Online Open qualifiers get started. Players will have to earn Hype and raise their rank in the Arena mode in order to qualify, then fight it out for a piece of the prize pie.
Nintendo Switch Best Buy leak Metroid Prime Trilogy Zelda A Link to the past persona 5

Switch ports for Persona 5, Metroid Prime, and A Link to the Past may be coming

A retailer's internal system has revealed SKUs for three unannounced Nintendo Switch games: Metroid Prime Trilogy, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Persona 5. These are unconfirmed, but there are a few previous events that lend credibility of each game's existence.
Apex Legends update version 1.1 bug account reset one progression

Apex Legends version 1.1 bug resets player accounts to level 1

The Respawn Entertainment development team announced that it is aware of the Apex Legends version 1.1 update bug that is causing players accounts to be reset to level one. Servers are being taken down as a means to tackle this known issue and an ETA on a fix should be shared sometime soon.
Borderlands 3 Epic Games store pc exclusive

Borderlands 3 will be an Epic Games store exclusive on PC

The release date for Borderlands 3 has officially been confirmed along with the potential Epic Games store exclusivity for those hoping to play on PC. Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford took to Twitter to address this newfound information and give his own opinion on the deal.
Valve Index HMD release date store page leak june 2019 controller base station

Valve may have accidentally leaked the ship date for its VR headset

Valve published three Index store pages early and, while they featured mostly placeholder text, they revealed the 2019 ship date for the VR HMD. The individual pages show off the Index itself, details on the controllers, and the base station that will track the HMD and controllers.
borderlands 3 teaser trailer westworld

Borderlands 3 release date leaks on its own Twitter account

Mayhem was unleashed a bit early as the official Twitter account shared the Borderlands 3 release date and a pre-order bonus weapon skin pack. An ad video attached to the tweet also teased Epic Games store distribution on PC via a logo in the bottom corner, which could mean it's a timed-exclusive.
sega genesis games available on amazon fire tv classics

What are the Sega Genesis Mini’s secret, unannounced games?

The Sega Genesis Mini was announced over the weekend along with 10 of its included games. Expected to launch this fall with a total of 40 pre-loaded games, we decided to take a shot at guessing what other titles we'll see on Sega's own mini console.