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g shock bruce lee mrg g2000bl watch news

Glorious luxury G-Shock watch pays homage to Bruce Lee with iconic color scheme

The $4,000 G-Shock MR-G x Bruce Lee MRG-G2000BL is the stunning result of Casio’s partnership with Bruce Lee Enterprises, and only 300 of them will be made.
tory burch is back with a new torytrack smartwatch after more than year away watch

Tory Burch is back with a new ToryTrack smartwatch after more than a year away

It has been more than a year since designer brand Tory Burch released its first smartwatch, and now for 2020 it is back with the ToryTrack Tory Smartwatch.
casio g shock british army mudmaster connected watch news

Atten-shun! Casio and the British Army release limited-edition Mudmaster watch

The British Army has partnered with G-Shock to make a limited-edition, military-inspired Mudmaster watch. Not only is it tough, but it connects to your phone as well.
touch id may turn up on next apple watch patent

Touch ID may turn up next on the Apple Watch, new patent suggests

Apple patented a design for the Apple Watch that adds Touch ID. If Apple were to go through with the idea, the Touch ID would be on the watch’s Digital Crown.

The Apple Watch is now so popular, it crushed the entire Swiss watch industry

The Apple Watch is now so popular, Apple shipped more watches than the entire Swiss watch industry put together last year. Not even Swiss-made alternatives have been able to keep up.
Oppo Reno 10x Zoom review

Oppo’s smartwatch gets casually outed, and looks more than a little familiar

Oppo has casually given us an early look at its upcoming smartwatch. An image posted on social media in China reveals the watch will have a design reminiscent of the Apple Watch. There's a strong chance the wearable will be official at MWC 2020.
honor magicwatch 2 special artist edition news tsai close

A special group of artists have given Honor’s MagicWatch 2 the style it needed

Honor has enlisted a group of artists to give its MagicWatch smartwatch the individuality it so badly needs. Six artists have created a new collection for Honor, with custom artwork extending from the watch face on to the strap itself. The new models will be showcased during Mobile World Congress.
garmin approach s62 news 2

The new Garmin Approach S62 has maps for 41,000 golf courses

Garmin has taken the wraps off of a new golf-tracking smartwatch, which boasts maps for a whopping 41,000 course, can track fitness through a built-in heart rate monitor, and even deliver notifications for email, texts, and so on. The device is now available for $500 through the Garmin website.
g shock black out mudmaster rangeman news blackout close

G-Shock’s new Black-out Mudmaster is so stealthy, it may as well be a ninja

You want a stealthy watch? What about one that’s so completely blacked-out, and so hardcore, that it may as well be a ninja? If that sounds about right, you’ll want the new Black-out Mudmaster watch from G-Shock, a new-for-2020 color added to the updated Mudmaster range introduced early last year.
women combat gear female soldier

Clever wearable will let soldiers go gloveless in freezing conditions

The U.S. Army is busy working on new technology that will let soldiers go glove-free in cold conditions without feeling the chill. This is thanks to a pair of electrically heated armbands designed to be worn around the forearms. Here's how it works — and when it'll be ready to go.
Baby smart bodysuit

Smart A.I. bodysuits could reveal when babies are developing mobility problems

Babies could soon have the option of wearing special high-tech artificial intelligence jumpsuits that alert doctors to any possible mobility issues they are developing. Here's how the tech works-- and how it was developed by researchers in Finland’s Helsinki Children’s Hospital.
nintendo hypes super world opening with a wacky music video

Nintendo hypes the launch of Super Nintendo World with help from Charli XCX

Nintendo is gearing up for the opening of its much-anticipated Super Nintendo World attraction at Universal Studios Japan with a new music video to increase the hype. The company is designing the park to be interactive to make visitors feel like they’re in a giant video game.
amazfit t rex smartwatch news price release pictues ces 2020 front

Amazfit’s T-Rex smartwatch is so tough, it would take dino-mite to break it

Amazfit has made a smartwatch designed to withstand some hard treatment, then named it after a massive dinosaur to hammer the point home. The Amazfit T-Rex has military standard toughness, water resistance, and a rugged design (which is very familiar), along with a very competitive price. We've tried it out.
Skagen Falster 3

The Skagen Falster 3 smartwatch embodies minimalist Scandinavian style

Danish brand Skagen is known for an understated, classy style, and the Falster 3 is the best smartwatch it has turned out so far. With the Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 and 1GB of RAM, this is a snappy performer that comes in four attractive models, including a special X by Kygo edition in black.
A person wearing the Diesel On Fadelite X Mad Dog Jones smartwatch.

You won’t disappear with Diesel’s fabulous On Fadelite smartwatch on your wrist

Diesel has taken its stunning translucent watch design from its range of traditional watches and applied it to a smartwatch, resulting in the beautiful On Fadelite. This colorful, fashionable, and truly Diesel-looking smartwatch comes in four different versions, and runs Google's WearOS software.
Withings ScanWatch

The Withings ScanWatch can spot an often-undiagnosed and very serious condition

French wearable maker Withings is kicking off the biggest electronics trade show of the year, CES 2020, with a new hybrid watch called the ScanWatch. It comes with a handful of advanced health tech features, including the ability to help detect irregular heartbeats and sleep apnea.
CES 2019 Crowd Hero Shot

CES 2020: What to expect from the annual tech show this week

It's finally here: the world's leading tech companies will showcase their latest hardware at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. Here's what to expect, the conference dates, important events, and the latest CES 2020 news.
Willow Generation 3 Smart Breast Pump

Newest version of Willow’s smart breast pump promises more milk and comfort

Willow is debuting its Generation 3 smart breast pump device at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show. The company redesigned it for a more comfortable fit and more productive suction. According to Willow, the new device will produce 20 percent more milk than its older versions.
apple watch stroke study series 5 ecg

Heart doctor sues for patent infringement over lifesaving Apple Watch feature

Dr. Joseph Wiesel, a cardiologist who teaches at the New York University School of Medicine, filed a patent infringement lawsuit against the Apple Watch. Wiesel alleged that Apple refused to enter negotiations even after he notified the company about his patent on detecting irregular heartbeats in 2017.
amazfit star wars smartwatch news

Star Wars Amazfit smartwatch says train you must, because Vader’s watching

Amazfit, makers of reasonably priced smartwatches, have a Star Wars special edition smartwatch coming out in December. The special watch has all the things you expect from a fitness-orientated watch, plus Star Wars-themed watch faces and even special motivational messages on the strap. Take a closer look here.
mobvoi ticwatch pro 4glte review 4g lte 21

Mobvoi’s connected Ticwatch Pro 4G LTE takes on Apple and Samsung in the U.K.

The Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro 4G LTE is one of the few cellular-connected WearOS smartwatches available, and after only being available in the U.S. on Verizon, it has now been released in the U.K. on the Vodafone network. The smartwatch has several unusual features, including a battery-boosting dual-screen feature.
pad quill lowry cuff apple watch strap limited edition news band

Made from decades-old leather, only 197 of these Apple Watch straps exist

Pad & Quill has made a truly special Apple Watch strap. Based on its Lowry Cuff design, this limited edition is made from decades-old leather, comes individually numbered, and is even signed by the craftsman that makes it. Sure, it's going to cost you a little extra, but for something unique like this, it'll be worth it.
itime kids smartwatch almost half off for walmart black friday 2019 frozen

Get a kids’ Frozen 2 smartwatch for almost half off at Walmart for Black Friday

If you’re looking for Frozen-related gifts to give the kids, we found one that might do the trick. Frozen fever probably already hit your home when the Frozen 2 movie debuted last week, and the Frozen 2 smartwatch for kids is almost half off right now for Black Friday at Walmart.
honor magicwatch 2 news 46mm

Honor pulls its new MagicWatch 2 smartwatch out of a hat

Honor has launched the MagicWatch 2, its latest smartwatch that follows the little-seen Magic Watch released earlier this year. This time, it bears a close resemblance to the Huawei Watch GT2 and comes in a choice of two sizes and four different colors. Here's what you need to know about the features.

New Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 features now available on older Galaxy Watches

Samsung is releasing an update to the Samsung Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch Active that brings a host of new features to the devices that would otherwise only be available on the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. New features include deeper integration with Bixby and more Samsung Health features.
honor magic watch review 2

EXCLUSIVE: Honor Magic Watch 2 is coming, and this is what it will look like

Excited about Honor's next smartwatch? This is the Honor Magic Watch 2, and it has been exclusively revealed to Digital Trends in a set of design sketches, showing key aspects of the final look, including the size of the case and some of the materials. The Magic Watch 2 will arrive before the end of the year.
The Fitbit Versa 2 showing apps, while on a table.

Why Google’s $2.1 billion Fitbit purchase won’t fix its WearOS woes

Google's Fitbit acquisition may end up being a step in the wrong direction. WearOS has struggled over the years in the smartwatch world, but not because it lacks a decent health platform or activity trackers. The real problem is vertical integration and in-house end-to-end development.
moto 360 smartwatch hands on features price photos release date wrist 2

The Moto 360, the original round smartwatch, is back, and it’s a stunner

The Moto 360 is back. This is the third generation of the smartwatch, but this time it's being built by another company under license. The design is strongly reminiscent of the original, and includes some new high quality materials. But is this enough to make the Moto 360 worthy of your $350?
honor magic watch review 1

Honor’s new smartwatch will launch by the end of the year

Honor has started teasing the release of a new product, which appears to be a smartwatch. The company confirmed to Digital Trends that it is a new smartwatch, and that it will launch before the end of the year. The watch is a follow-up to the original Honor Magic Watch, but little else is know about it at the moment.
narbis smart glasses turn dark 311a0067

NASA-inspired smartglasses turn dark whenever you lose concentration

Struggle to concentrate? Wellness company Narbis has developed pair of smartglasses intended to discourage distraction by visibly darkening when your mind wanders from the task you should be focused on. Here's how you can get your hands on a pair in the very near future.
Versa 2

Why would Google want to buy Fitbit?

Why would Google want to buy Fitbit? Though Fitbit is a big player in the wearables market, it is struggling to transition from fitness trackers to smartwatches. Google's Wear OS has not given it much of a foothold, and it has smartwatch ambitions. Could this be a marriage made in heaven or a disaster?
fitbit versa 2 review 3

Google owner Alphabet has reportedly made a bid to buy Fitbit

Google may be looking to bolster its wearable tech, and has reportedly made a bid to buy fitness-tracking company Fitbit. The terms of the offer have yet to be revealed, and there's no guarantee that a deal will go through at all. Google has been rumored to be working on a smartwatch for years.
augmented reality gesture controls google glass ar feat 2

Patent suggest Apple may have solved major issue with augmented reality glasses

According to a new patent filed by Apple, the company's upcoming augmented reality headset may come with tech that enables them to adjust the opacity of their lenses. The tech will help ensure that images can be seen even in brightly lit environments. The glasses may be released in 2020.
best tech under $100

Samsung patent shows the design of an unreleased augmented reality headset

Earlier this week, rumors emerged about a potential Apple augmented reality headset in the works, but now a new patent is hinting at a Samsung AR headset too. The design patent shows a headset with two displays and cable that could be used for data transfer or to charge the device.