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how accurate are fitness trackers amazon tech deals garmin v  vosmart hr activity tracker

How accurate are fitness trackers and does it matter? We asked an expert

Fitness trackers are hugely popular now and they help us to count our steps, measure our heart rates, and record all of our daily activity. Whether you use a smartwatch or a simple fitness band, you may be wondering just how accurate is the underlying technology? We dug into the research and asked an expert to find out.
sonys reon pocket is a smartphone controlled wearable air conditioner sony

Sony’s Reon Pocket is a smartphone-controlled wearable air conditioner

Sometimes it feels like there's no escaping extreme temperatures, especially when you have to venture outside and face the weather. Sony may have a solution in the form of a wearable air conditioner called the Reon Pocket. The small device fits in a pocket on an undergarment, with the temperature controlled via an app.
google glass patent touchpad batteries woman

The third generation of Google Glass may be nearly ready for release

Google Glass may not have been as popular among consumers as Google had hoped it would be, but the company is still developing the concept. In fact, according to recent reports, Google has finished testing of the third generation of Glass, and is entering manufacturing, suggesting it may soon be ready for release.
Movado Connect wrist color

FCC filing reveals impressive specs for luxury Movado Connect 2.0 smartwatch

It's been a while since we saw a smartwatch from luxury watchmaker Movado, but that drought may be over soon. FCC filings for the Movado Connect 2.0 have surfaced, and they paint a picture of a high-spec smartwatch that might be equipped with the latest Snapdragon Wear 3100 and 1GB of RAM.
mobvoi ticwatch pro 4glte review 4g lte 20

Mobvoi’s new TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE smartwatch lasts 2 to 30 days with a catch

Mobvoi may not be a household name in the U.S., but it sells affordable smartwatches running Google's Wear OS platform. The firm's next watch has been revealed, and the new TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE comes with full 4G access, even though the Verizon network access won't be ready for launch.
ibm folding smartwatch news concept

Forget the Galaxy Fold, we want IBM’s unbelievable folding smartwatch

Folding smartphones haven’t even properly arrived and they've already been surpassed in desirability by a folding smartwatch from IBM that goes from having a single small screen to a mini tablet on your wrist. It’s unlike anything we’ve seen. Sadly, the watch just a concept in a patent; and IBM is addicted to filing them.
xiaomi mi smart band 4 news

Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Band 4 is a desirable, cheap fitness band/smartwatch mash-up

Xiaomi has announced the availability of the Mi Smart Band 4 in the U.K., which despite a low price, manages to squeeze in a massive amount of functionality. The Mi Smart Band 4 may look like a simple fitness band, but it has evolved to take on more smartwatch-style features, while retaining the genuinely cheap price.
diesel on full guard denim straps news 25 2

Fossil is preparing 5 new designer smartwatches, and we can’t wait to see them

New designer smartwatches are coming soon from Fossil, if listings on the FCC’s website are to be believed. Based on these listings, it suggests the watches will be released under the Diesel, Michael Kors, Emporio Armani, and the Fossil brand names. Fossil has previously launched its new models in the summer.
wearable devices leading to over diagnosis apple watch ecg lifestyle

Father’s Day Smartwatch sale: Garmin, Samsung Gear, and Apple Watch deals

Father's Day is around the corner, but there's still plenty of time to pick up a new smartwatch for Dad. We've scoured the web for the best deals on smartwatches, and have found a few from Apple, Garmin, and Samsung that we wanted to share.
samsung galaxy watch active

Samsung adds One UI and battery boosts to Galaxy Watch and Gear smartwatches

Samsung has updated software for its Galaxy Watch, Gear Sport, and Gear S3 watch lineup to implement its updated and simplified Samsung One UI interface. The update also makes available new watch faces, battery life improvements, and health and fitness features and enhanced graphics and animations.
fitbit ace 2 fitness tracker for children on sale

Fitbit’s kid-friendly Ace 2 fitness tracker now available for pre-order

Fitbit is now selling its latest wearable for kids, the Fitbit Ace 2. The entry-level fitness tracker counts steps, tracks active minutes, and monitors sleep to help keep kids active and encourage healthy habits throughout the day. The Ace 2 features a new waterproof design and animated watch faces.
Wear OS Tiles

Here’s what Google’s Tiles on Wear OS look like, and how they work

Smartwatches are all about convenience and accessing the information you need, when you need it. Google's Wear OS is about to get a whole lot more convenient with a new interface that pulls in your calendar, fitness goals, and more. Called Tiles on Wear OS, it's being shown off at Google I/O 2019.

The best smartwatch you can buy is also the world’s most popular, by far

The best smartwatch you can buy is the Apple Watch, and it's also the world's most popular, according to the latest data. It blitzes the competition, to the point where one-in-three smartwatches shipped is an Apple Watch. However, Samsung and Huawei's efforts are gaining a big following, while Fossil loses ground.
The Garmin Forerunner 45s

Garmin Forerunner 45 vs 35: Is the striking new style enough reason to upgrade?

Garmin overhauled its Forerunner lineup upgrading its entry-level smartwatch, the Forerunner 45, with a new look and an improved feature set. We break down what is new in the Forerunner 45 to help you decide if this running watch should be your next training partner.
garmin forerunner 945 versus 935 hero image 3

Garmin Forerunner 945 vs. 935: Running watch gets more power, but is it worth it?

At the top of the list of Garmin's newly released fitness watches is the Forerunner 945. We've done the hard work of uncovering the hot new features Garmin packed into this powerhouse watch so you can decide if it deserves a spot on your wrist. Spoiler: It definitely does.
garmin forerunner 235 versus 245  music

Garmin Forerunner 245 versus 235: Do maps and music make the step up worthwhile?

Garmin just launched the Forerunner 245, an upgrade to the popular Forerunner 235. So what is new in the Forerunner 245 that makes it such a great training companion? We break down the good and the bad so you can decide if the new Forerunner 245 is the right Garmin for you.
fitbit versa review version 1522045407 full 33

Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Ionic smartwatch prices get slashed for spring

Summertime is right around the corner and now's the best time to start slimming down for beach season. The Fitbit Versa and Ionic are two of Fitbit's smartwatch models, and are currently on sale at Rakuten -- and you can get it even cheaper using 'SAVE15' at checkout.
amazon garmin smartwatch deals forerunner

Before buying a Fitbit, check out these Garmin fitness trackers under $100

The Apple Watch is a great fitness tracker, but it's not cheap. Thankfully, there are plenty of fitness trackers under $100, and they offer many of the same features -- including step counting, heart rate monitoring, and more. Here are the best fitness trackers under $100.
Mobvoi TicWatch C2

Now is the time to pick up and wear a discounted TicWatch smartwatch

Mobvoi is running a promotion on two of its desirable smartwatches, the TicWatch C2 and the TicWatch Pro, where you can get 20-percent off the usual price. This brings our favorite, the C2, down to just $160. Don't wait around for long though, as the promotion could end at any time. Here's what you need to know.
Person wearing HoloLens 2.

Army uses modified Microsoft HoloLens 2 for ‘real-life game of Call of Duty’

The U.S. Army gave CNBC an exclusive look at its modified Microsoft HoloLens 2 augmented reality headset. The Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS), shows the location of allies and opponents on a map, offers thermal imaging capabilities, and helps soldiers aim by displaying their weapon's reticle.
Casio Mudmaster review

Carbon fiber is making Casio’s new connected G-Shock watches even tougher

Casio, a master of tough watches, has introduced carbon fiber to the construction of several G-Shock models, making them stronger and lighter, and allowing for some interesting design changes too. We wore both the new Gravitymaster and Mudmaster at Baselworld 2019 to see the changes in action.
Tag Heuer Connected Modular 4G Golf Edition

Tag Heuer’s Golf Edition smartwatch is a lot more than just a flash of new color

Tag Heuer's Golf Edition Connected Modular 45 smartwatch has a lot more going for it than just a flashy new color scheme. For a start, the titanium body keeps the weight down, and the black PVD gives it a great feel and style. The watch brand has released a comprehensive new golf app to accompany it.
mwandco asset watch dampers lugs

Like a car, this watch has dampers on the strap to make it more comfortable

Like a car, this stunning luxury watch has shock absorbing dampers that attach the strap to the case, rather than a more traditional system, to increase comfort. We've worn it, and it really does seem to work, especially as the unique system is mated to a lightweight and well designed titanium case.
alpina alpinerx 2019 colors news brown leather wrist

Alpina makes its AlpinerX smartwatch even more attractive with new colors

Alpina has introduced four new colors to its AlpinerX smartwatch range, breaking the usually sporty watch out into a more everyday casual design. The smart features focus on outdoor activities, and the new models have also had a small tech makeover too. We tried the watches on at Baselworld 2019.
fossil bmw smartwatch news m sport 1

Fossil is working on a smartwatch with BMW, and it’s coming next year

Fossil, the watch company that makes smartwatches under its own name and partners with other major brands, intends to launch a smartwatch with BMW in the future. The news comes after the company announced mechanical watches under the BMW name at the Baselworld watch show in Switzerland.
Fossil Retrospective

Fossil made a smartwatch in 2004, and it’s part of a new brand retrospective

Fossil has been making watches for 35 years, and to celebrate the anniversary, it has a new retrospective exhibit complete with the first smartwatch it made -- the Wrist Net watch from 2004. Fossil is also launching a series of limited edition watches based on its most iconic designs.
garmin instinct spring 2019 colors r hr 8000 4

Garmin adds a splash of spring color to its Instinct hiking smartwatches

Just in time for the spring season, Garmin is refreshing its Instinct GPS smartwatch with a fresh coat of paint that brings three new colors to this outdoors-focused watch. These fun, fresh colors won't make your next climb any easier, but they will help you stand out from the crowd.
apple watch bands spring 2019 new hermes face

Spring is here, and Apple’s beautiful new Watch bands will help you celebrate

Apple knows that seasons matter in the fashion world, and has refreshed its most popular Apple Watch bands to celebrate the arrival of spring. There are various new colors -- with a cool teal being our favorite -- spread across several lines, including the Hermés leather editions. See them all here.
garmin marq smartwatch collection

Garmin Marq series offers stylish performance for those willing to pay for it

Garmin is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a big announcement: The Marq, a new series of adventure smartwatches. With high-quality materials and thoughtful craftsmanship that appeals to the discerning consumer, the Garmin Marq series redefines the premium smartwatch market.
Fossil Sport Review

You will never need to charge a smartwatch again, if new EU project succeeds

A new EU research project has launched into finding a new way of powering wearable devices, with the intention of using an energy harvesting system to ensure we never have to charge up one of these devices ever again. Details on the project are limited at the moment, but the potential is very exciting.
fitbit versa lite inspire 2019 lineup edition lifestyle blue miki 8247 cropped

Fitbit Versa Lite versus Fitbit Versa: How are they different?

Fitbit took the best of its popular Versa smartwatch and removed some elements to create the new Versa Lite, an even more affordable entry-level smartwatch. How does the Versa Lite differ from the original Versa? We combed through the spec sheet and compared the two to find out.
Microsoft Band 2

Microsoft Band: Users of the defunct fitness tracker offered a refund

Three years after it stopped making the device, Microsoft is finally ending support for its Band fitness tracker. The good news is that current users, if there are any still out there, can obtain a partial refund. Owner of the original band can get a useful $80, while those with a Band 2 can receive $175.
garmin vivoactive 3 music verizon 4g lte ces 2019 lifestyle

Garmin’s Vivoactive 3 Music adds Spotify support for tunes while you tone

After releasing Spotify for the Fenix 5 Plus series and Forerunner 645 Music last year, Garmin made good on its promise to bring the music streaming service to its Vivoactive 3 Music fitness watch. Owners can download the app to their watch and connect to wireless earbuds for listening everywhere.
sony wena wrist pro active news watch strap

Sony’s weird Wena isn’t a smartwatch, it’s a smart watch strap

Sony's Wena smart watch straps have been around since 2015; but the company has now decided to launch them outside of Japan, starting with the U.K.. The straps convert traditional watch straps over to smart watches, but without ruining the style or design. There are two different types available, and Sony even makes watch bodies too.