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oris r radyarn watch strap news divers sixty five full

Radical Oris watch strap is made from recycled plastics, and it looks great

Oris, a staunch supporter of ecologically responsible practices, has introduced a watch strap made from 100 percent recycled plastics and dyed using a special eco-friendly process. Rather than look simple, or even unattractive, it looks great too. Here's how Oris is pushing the industry forward with its unique strap.
Tacs AVL II watch

The Tacs AVL II is a classic watch conceived through the lens of a camera

The Tacs AVL II watch has a design inspired by a camera, and rather than being tacky, it's an attractive and unique timepiece that will appeal to both camera fans and watch collectors equally. A design you will want to stare at to take in all the details, we've had one on our wrist to see how it feels.
apple watch

Wearables are still in style as the global market sees solid growth

According to a recent report from IDC, the wearable market is growing -- and as is to be expected, Apple, with the Apple Watch, is at the top of the list. Currently, the company commands a hefty 17 percent of the market, which is up from the 13 percent that it had last year.
Huawei Watch 2 Sport review

Huawei still in on smartwatches, working to make them better

Huawei CEO Richard Yu says that despite the company not releasing a smartwatch for more than a year, it's still very interested in wearables, and is working to solve the worst aspects about them. This includes making batteries last longer, increasing usefulness, and adding in more A.I. features.
lg suitbot lifestyle

LG’s SuitBot wearable exosuit will give workers the extra strength they need

South Korean tech giant LG has designed a new lower body robotic exosuit called SuitBot, intended to enhance users' leg movements to aid with activities such as warehouse workers lifting heavy objects. It is set to make its debut at IFA 2018 later this week. Here's what we know so far.
garmin vivosmart 4 news lifestyle 1

The new Garmin Vivosmart 4 can keep tabs on your blood oxygen level

Garmin's turns up the heat on Fitbit with its new $129 Vivosmart 4 fitness tracker. The Vivosmart 4 features a sleek new design and hot new hardware upgrades like a pulse oximeter and improved heart rate sensor.
diesel on full guard 2 5 news face

New Wear OS smartwatches have arrived! Here’s why you shouldn’t buy them

The likes of Skagen and Diesel have unveiled new Wear OS smartwatches at IFA 2018. You shouldn't buy them, because they're utilizing a two-year-old Qualcomm processor. Google may have just introduced a new way to interact with Wear OS, but a fresh processor is more important -- and on the way.
diesel on full guard 2 5 news face

Diesel’s neon-soaked On Full Guard 2.5 is a Vegas marquee on your wrist

Diesel has launched its second touchscreen smartwatch with Wear OS. It's called the On Full Guard 2.5, and no, you didn't miss version 2.0. Diesel feels the advances made in tech and design warrant the substantial version jump. We spoke to Diesel to find out more about the changes.
Huawei Watch 2 Sport review

Huawei Watch 3: Everything we know

A new patent filing from Huawei hints at a smartwatch with space to store a pair of true wireless earbuds -- meaning that you'd always have your earbuds with you when you're on the go. Is this the Huawei Watch 3?

Is Google launching an A.I. fitness coach for smartwatches?

Google is reportedly working on a health and well-being coach for Wear OS devices. Known as "Google Coach," the assistant will suggest workouts, meal plans, and more, based on a user's activity. It could eventually roll out to Google Home and Android TV.
Wear OS - Google Asssitant

This is how Google will improve the quality of Wear OS apps

Google wants to improve the quality of Wear OS apps, and to that end the company has announced that the review process of Wear OS apps for Google Play is now mandatory. Criteria for Wear OS apps include that they work as expected and that they support different display shapes, among others.
Apple Watch Series 3 buying guide heart rate

Apple considers making its own health-monitoring processors

According to a job listing from Apple's own job website, Apple could be looking at making its own dedicated health-tracking processors. Known as ASICs, these chips are dedicated to health monitoring features on wearables, and if true, could mean Apple will add more features to the next Apple Watch.
samsung s pen

How to watch Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked August 2018 event

Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked event is today, and the excitement is becoming very real. With the Galaxy Note 9, a new wearable, and more cool new devices rumored, it's going to be the event to watch. But how do you watch it? Here's how you can watch Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked 2018 event.
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Robotic exoskeletons help Ford employees build cars worldwide

Ford Motor Company announced the worldwide rollout of wearable exoskeleton vests to assist assembly line workers, after first testing in two Michigan plants. Esko Bionics developed the EskoVest for Ford. By reducing the physical toll on the bodies of workers, the robotic vests lessen fatigue, injury, and discomfort.
fossil q explorist hr venture news close face

Fossil’s sexy smartwatches let you watch your heart skip a beat

Fossil has announced two new smartwatches that cure a pain point of older models, by including a heart rate sensor, NFC, GPS, and water resistance. The Q Explorist HR is for larger wrists, while the Q Venture HR is for smaller ones. Here's everything you need to know about Fossil's stylish new wearables.
tommy hilfiger xplore smart clothes

Tommy Hilfiger’s Xplore line of smart clothing is … not so smart after all

Tommy Hilfiger is the latest to offer so-called smart connected clothing, but rather than designing apparel that will track your heart rate, control your music, or offer navigational assistance like other products, Tommy Hilfiger's clothes will reward you for ... buying Tommy Hilfiger clothes.
curiscope virtuali tee heart rate tracker news

Eww, gross! See your beating heart for real on this amazing AR T-shirt

Augmented reality is really cool tech, but it takes the right app to highlight its ability. Curiscope's clever Virtuali-Tee is a great example, and thanks to a new app update, it has added something very real to the internal view it already provided. Yes, we said internal view. You have to see this.
huawei talkband b5 news close

Mad Huawei TalkBand is a Bluetooth earpiece worn in the ear, and on your wrist

It has always been a problem knowing where to store your Bluetooth earpiece when it's not in use, as wearing it all the time makes you look silly. Huawei has the answer with the TalkBand B5, the latest in a line of models that combine the Bluetooth earpiece with a wrist-worn fitness tracker.
emporio armani connected 2018 smartwatch news black wrist

Techy and trendy? That’s the new Emporio Armani Connected smartwatch

Emporio Armani is back with a new smartwatch, and it has the tech to match the trendy style of the watch itself. The 2018 EA Connected smartwatch has features to rival the Apple Watch and other sporty smartwatches, with a style that's reminiscent of Armani's watches. Here's what you need to know.
apple watch

Apple patent hints at better gesture control on the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch already does things like shows you the time when you raise your wrist, but soon the gesture controls on the Apple Watch may get a whole lot better, if Apple's latest patent is anything to go by. The patent describes using light sensors to detect movements of the tissue under your skin.
felix gray prescription lens computer glasses sunglasses

Felix Gray gears up for summer with blue-light filtering, stylish sunglasses

Ever notice eye issues or headaches after staring at a screen for long periods of time? The culprit is likely the blue light emanating from the screen. Computer glasses can help, and Felix Gray wants to make them stylish to wear. It just launched a new sunglasses collection.
mobvoi ticwatch pro news wrist suit

The Ticwatch Pro solves smartwatch battery woes with clever new screen tech

The Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro has two screens stacked on top of each other, and they work together to extend battery life of the Wear OS watch from two days anywhere up to 30 days use. Use Google's Wear OS when it matters, and an LCD display when it battery is more important. Here's how it all works.
best smartwatches apple watch series 3

Patent hints at refined Apple Watch power-saving mode that kicks in by itself

Apple is working hard at improving the battery life of the Apple Watch, but doing so may not involve a bigger battery -- instead, the company may turn to refining and tweaking the power saving mode on the Apple Watch to automatically kick in when the watch reaches a certain battery level.
leica l1 l2 watch news

Leica’s chic new product can’t take pictures, but you’ll still want it

Leica may be best known for its cameras, but its latest product isn't a camera at all -- it's a watch. And rather than a partnership where Leica lends its name to another company, this is a true designed-by-Leica, made-in-Germany timepiece. And you're going to want one ... if you can afford it.
Samsung Gear S3 Frontier review

Samsung has booked the Gear S3 into this flash hotel, and it’ll never leave

Staff at upmarket Viceroy hotels will soon wear a Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch at work, which will be used instead of the walkie-talkie communication system we're used to seeing and hearing. The wearable will take over, and provide faster, quieter, and more efficient communications throughout the hotel.

This app lets Amazon hijack your Apple Watch

If you want to free Alexa from your Amazon Echo and instead find her a home on your wrist, there's a new app that can help with that. Meet Voice in a Can, a new third-party app that allows you to use Alexa on your Apple Watch. No longer will you be tied to Siri when using your Apple Watch.
Nokia Go Review

Nokia sells back the digital health business it bought two years ago

The Finnish gear company Nokia began "a strategic review of its digital health business" a couple months ago, which includes recently acquired Withings. Now, the Finnish gear company has made things official, and has complete the sale of its health tech business back to whence it came. 
google killing wear os lg watch urbane

As Wear OS ticks to a stop, Google needs to wind it back up

Tag Heuer Connected Modular 41 review

Qualcomm smartwatch chip may include eye-tracking support for AR glasses

Qualcomm will release a new smartwatch processing platform later this year, which it says will make wearables smaller, with improved features and better battery life. Touchscreen smartwatches are in desperate need of a revival, and this could kick-start one. Here's what we know about it.
levis smart jacket changed how i use my phone levi jacquard google leaning remote

Look ma, no wires! Google and Levi’s smart jean jacket is finally here

Two years after first teasing us with its line of connected clothing, Google and Levi's have put us out of our misery with the Commuter.
Microsoft Band 2

New patents suggest Microsoft Band fitness tracker may still be on track

Microsoft has been awarded a few new patents that suggest it's still working on new iterations of the Microsoft Band. The patents describe ways to estimate the wearer's blood pressure, and the use of an electrically conductive skin sensor to track things like the wearer's stress levels.
Apple Watch Series 3 buying guide heart rate

More than an accessory – Apple Watch credited with saving another life

Before you write off the Apple Watch as just another luxury accessory from the iEmpire that you don't need, you may want to keep in mind  that this is one accessory that has life-saving capabilities. A teenager from Florida saw this firsthand after undergoing a frightening medical emergency, as did another man.
LG Watch Urbane

LG Watch Timepiece: Everything we know so far

LG may be working on a new smartwatch that takes hybrid watches to the next level, by combining a touchscreen with a set of analog watch hands. We don't know what it will look like yet, but a set of specs have been leaked. Here's what you need to know about the LG Watch Timepiece.
apple watch edition on sale taiwan wear next 031615

The world’s last Apple Watch pop-up will be closing in a few weeks

The world's last Apple Watch store will soon be no more. On May 13, the only remaining Apple store completely dedicated to the sale of Apple's wearable will be closing its doors, as per signage recently spotted at the Isetan department store in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The closing doesn't come as a surprise.