AMD Polaris and Vega GPUs outed in macOS Sierra driver code

Some intrepid souls took a close look at MacOS Sierra system files, and noticed some new Polaris 12 and Polaris 10 XT2 GPU listings, as well as a Vega 10, providing some hints about upcoming second-generation Polaris GPUs and the next-gen…

Apple's newest MacBook Pro seems to be getting very poor battery life

According to complaints on Apple's user support communities and at Reddit, many users are getting only a fraction of the expected 10 hours of battery life. Some users struggle to get six hours, and many are getting as few as three.
Virtual Reality

HBO Now, 'Need for Speed', and Lego come to Google's Daydream VR platform

Google Daydream is an Android-first mobile platform for virtual reality apps and games. The Daydream View headset is available on the Google Store now. Here is a list of devices that support the platform, plus the latest on apps, games, and…

Bluetooth 5 is here, offering a huge jump in speed and range for devices

Bluetooth 5 is ready for release, and is all set to change the way we interact with all those devices connected with our smartphones, thanks to more speed, greater range, and more data capacity.

Jet Black is so 2016: Upcoming iPhone 7S may offer a bold, new color choice -- red

Apple's iPhone 7 was just released, but iPhone 7S and even iPhone 8 rumors are already heating up the internet. Here's everything you need to know about the iPhone 7S, as well as what we have heard so far about the iPhone 8.
Home Theater

Not a fan of crowds? Apple could offer iTunes rentals of movies still in theaters

In an effort to maintain profits despite falling audience numbers in theaters, Hollywood studios are reportedly in talks with Apple to offer early rentals of films still in theaters, though they wouldn’t come cheap.

Apple is now showing third-party repair stores on its online support website

Apple updated its online support site to now show third-party repair shops -- something that should help customers get repairs without having to wait weeks on end to book an appointment at the Apple Store.

Apple supplier Foxconn in early talks to invest in manufacturing in the U.S.

Apple has talked with several of its suppliers about the possibility of manufacturing smartphones in the United States, according to a report. It could lay the groundwork as soon as June of next year.

Apple announces its Best of 2016 lists; Prisma named top iPhone app

Apple released its Best of 2016 lists, showing off what were the most consumed apps, movies, and TV shows. Top titles include the likes of Clash Royale, Drake, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

MacOS 10.12.2 might fix those pesky 2016 MacBook Pro graphics issues

The rampant graphical issues being suffered by 2016 MacBook Pro owners could be resolved with the release of MacOS 10.12.2. The update is in beta version 6 and will likely be released by the holidays.

T-Mobile announces Digits, a single phone number for all of your devices

T-Mobile's Digits service, launching in beta, provides a single number for all of your devices -- including smartphones, tablets, computers, and even wearables. It's free for T-Mobile postpaid customers.

'Pokémon Go' promotion successes continue with Sprint marketing tie-in

U.S. carrier Sprint's teaming up with Pokémon Go developer Niantic to roll out promotions across more than 10,500 stores. It follows on the heels of similar collaborations with Japanese cellular provider Softbank and McDonald's.