Ford's flingable Focus RS may be rally ready, but it's built for fun

The eagerly awaited Focus RS is finally stateside, but was it worth the wait? With 350 horsepower, all-wheel drive and a built-in drift mode, it’s built as much for fun as performance.
Cool Tech

3D-printing startup working with Peugeot to rethink the ways cars are made

A 3D-printing startup called Divergent 3D has just inked a letter of intent with top automaker Peugeot to bring its 3D metal printing technology to the factory floor. Its goal? To rethink the way cars are built.

Being an Uber driver is the perfect job for college students … says Uber

Uber is recruiting college students. According to the rideshare company, working as an Uber driver is "perfect" for college students -- especially in Los Angeles -- because of scheduling flexibility.

U.K. sees mobile phone usage while driving soar, officials doubling down on penalties

Near quadrupling of texting while driving in two years in the U.K. is leading officials to double the penalties. New drivers could lose their licenses immediately and have to retake their tests.

Going for a ride in Ford’s self-driving car

Automakers and tech companies believe autonomous cars are the future, but what is it actually like to surrender control to a machine? I hopped in a self-driving Ford Fusion Hybrid to find out.
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BMW Films is bringing back Clive Owen as The Driver for 'The Escape'

Clive Owen will get back behind the wheel as The Driver for BMW Films' upcoming short film The Escape, a sequel to the 2001-2002 film series The Hire, with Neill Blomkamp directing the short film.

Federal autonomous vehicle regulations and policies released

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published the Federal Automated Vehicles Policy, its initial set of regulations for autonomous vehicles. Sections include a 15-point vehicle assessment, model state policy, and regulatory…

Saleen’s otherworldly S7 supercar will be reborn as the 1,000hp S7 LM

Saleen's S7 supercar of the early 2000s will reportedly return as the S7 LM, a 1000-hp, carbon fiber hypercar with only 7 planned production units. The plan is for the car is to holster 1,000 horsepower.

Detroit may be the next stop for Uber’s self-driving cars

Uber may turn Detroit into its next testing ground for self-driving cars. The company is reportedly considering opening a facility in the Motor City. Michigan is becoming a hotbed of autonomous-car activity.

Lamborghini might break into the EV segment in a spectacular way

Lamborghini could build an all-electric supercar called Vitola in the coming years. The model will use Porsche-sourced electric components to hit 60 mph from a stop in 2.6 seconds, and reach 186 mph.

President Obama: Self-driving cars have the potential to change lives

Setting expectations for safety prior to the release of rules for self-driving cars, President Obama wrote an op-ed on the potential for improved lives. He also stressed the need for rules that will evolve as technology advances.