‘Destiny 2’ Rumor Round-Up: What we know about the game coming after ‘Rise of Iron’

The sequel to 'Destiny' hasn't been officially announced yet, but rumors and hints dating as far back as 2014 give us some indication of what to expect. Just don't delete your old Guardians -- it seems as though you're going to need them.

Report: ‘Destiny 2’ to bear little resemblance to the original game, will hit PC

New reports suggest that Destiny 2 will have very little in common with the original game, and for the first time, it will also be on PC. An industry insider also suggests the game will take players to Saturn.
Cool Tech

No glasses, no goggles: Volume uses ‘lightfolding’ to create 3D images in a box

Forget headsets and special glasses. Volume, a new type of 3D computer display, lets you view 3D objects and scenes with a group. The initial release, intended primarily for developers, works with current 3D and 2D creation tools.

Why are video cards selling for way above MSRP? We asked the sellers, and makers

When new graphics cards are launched, stock is rarely as high as you'd hope, and retailers may take advantage of that by fiddling with the prices. We reached out to a few retailers and manufacturers to find out if that's true.

Climb into this glass box in a Vegas casino to play VR games for cash bets

Gamblit has created a virtual reality platform designed to bring real video games to casinos.

‘Battlefield 1’ single-player campaign trailer makes an explosive debut

Developer EA DICE gives players a glimpse of the brutal narrative that defines Battlefield 1's single-player campaign in a new trailer that introduces the upcoming first-person shooter's starring cast.

Three puzzle games are winners of the first Google Play Indie Games Festival

Google announced the three winners of the first Google Play Indie Games festival, all three of which are highly addictive puzzle games that are sure to help you pass the time.
Movies & TV

Indie video game hit 'Firewatch' is being developed into a movie

Movie studio Good Universe and game developer Campo Santo are parterning to develop a feature-length film based on Firewatch, the first-person mystery game that follows a fire lookout in a national park.

Here’s why Europe gets fewer game demos packed with PlayStation VR

The European version of PlayStation VR comes bundled with 10 fewer games than its American counterpart, and Sony says this is due to localization. The company says that more demos could be made available digitally in the future.

Update: The Xbox One’s N64 emulator is already gone

Developer MobWi has updated its cross-platform Nintendo 64 emulator with Xbox One support, making '90s-era classics like 'Super Mario 64' and 'F-Zero X' playable on Xbox One consoles for the first time.

Choice Provisions hints at return of Commander Video in ‘Bit.Trip’ sequel ‘Runner3’

Santa Cruz-based developer Choice Provisions has announced a new installment of the Bit.Trip series, as protagonist Commander Video and narrator Charles Martinet return for Runner3.

Ubisoft’s Michel Ancel hints at a revived ‘Beyond Good & Evil 2’ via Instagram

Director Michel Ancel has released a new image on Instagram that appears to hint at the revival of Beyond Good & Evil 2. The game was originally announced more than eight years ago, with very little information released since.