Product Review

Samsung CF591 27-inch monitor Review

Samsung’s CF591 is late to the 1080p monitor party, and it didn’t bring a gift.

The ‘Xboy’ was the Xbox handheld that never was

In an interview with IGN, former Xbox head Robbie Bach revealed that the "Xboy," or a handheld Xbox branded console, was in early conceptual stages, but was halted, and not just because of the Zune.

Microsoft updates OneDrive with automatic 'Pokémon detection'

A new feature bound for Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage service identifies the species Pokémon from augmented reality game Pokémon Go. It's available on the OneDrive app for Android and iOS.
Virtual Reality

HTC reportedly plans to serve up Vive-branded desktop PCs from HP

Rumors suggest that HTC has reached an agreement to rebrand VR-optimized PCs provided by HP with the "Vive" name. The company reportedly wants to provide a consumer price-friendly package, presumably with a bundled headset.

Seagate offering ‘Gears of War 4’-themed portable hard drive for Xbox One

Hardware manufacturer Seagate announced that it will produce a limited edition, Xbox One-optimized portable hard drive for the upcoming launch of Gears of War 4, giving players more options when it comes to storage and transport of console…

‘Pokémon Go’ just broke another major iPhone App Store record

In news that will probably surprise no one, since its debut earlier in July, Pokémon Go has become the app with the highest number of downloads during its launch week on the Apple App Store.
Virtual Reality

Nvidia plans to prove that new method improves image quality in virtual reality

Nvidia Research will reveal next week new methods of foveated rendering using eye-tracking tech that improve the overall image quality in virtual reality while retaining a high contrast. It's based on a high-speed eye tracker from SMI.

Niantic doesn’t take requests for new ‘Pokémon Go’ Gyms and PokéStops anymore

After just over a week of gathering user feedback, developer Niantic Labs is no longer taking requests for new Gym and PokéStop locations via its support site.
Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the new canvas: Oculus shows off Medium sculptures

The Rift Touch 3D sculpting program, Medium, is really starting to take shape, so Oculus invited a gang of artists in to turn their digital art into tactile experiences. We really like the robots.

Pokémon Go decoded: Data miners dig into Niantic's hot new app

If you're the kind of player who likes to min-max your gaming experience and isn't quite so interested in the mystery and discovery involved, a data mining dump for the recently released augmented-reality title Pokémon Go is for you.

‘Rocket League’ and ‘Gwent’ gear up for cross-play, but Sony hasn’t given the green light

Add CD Projekt Red to the list of developers ready to bridge the gap between Xbox and PS4 multiplayer. The developer has the solution ready for Gwent, and Psyonix for Rocket League, and all they need is Sony's go-ahead.

Telltale’s polished engine makes ‘Walking Dead,’ ‘Batman’ games look better

The engine Telltale uses for its Walking Dead games has had a face-lift, and will make an appearance when the new series debuts this fall. If you want a sneak peek, though, it's also been used for the upcoming Batman game.