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Music from Prince’s vaults could be used in a musical or other intriguing projects

Prepare yourselves, Prince fans: The legendary musician's music is likely coming out of the vaults, and a source working with the attorney for Prince's estate has hinted at it being used for a musical, among other possibilities.
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Roku makes finding news, entertainment a breeze with expanded search functionality

With more than 50 streaming services now supported by Roku's native search, the set-top box is making it much easier for cord-cutters to find just the video they're looking for.
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J.J. Abrams takes on a more earthbound star with new Michael Jackson TV series

J.J. Abrams is going to be looking at a whole different kind of star. The Star Wars: Episode VII director is teaming up with Tavis Smiley again, this time to executive produce a TV series based on the final days of Michael Jackson's life.
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Hulu’s live-TV package could be pricier than Sling TV or PlayStation Vue

Hulu's upcoming live-TV streaming service might still be a long way off, but a survey sent to customers shines a light on how the pricing could be structured, and it seems it could be more expensive than Sling TV or PlayStation Vue.

We don't have teleporters yet, but this working Star Trek communicator is legit

Forget flip phones, how about using the device that inspired them to talk to Siri, or answer a call? Whether you're a Star Trek devotee or not, you'll love this amazing screen-accurate Communicator, that links to your phone using Bluetooth.
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Flailing stateside, ‘Warcraft’ is crushing records worldwide

Warcraft has triumphed over negative reviews and a bad box-office performance in U.S. theaters to become the most successful video game movie of all time worldwide after just two weeks.
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The Dark Tower: Everything we know about the adaptation of Stephen King’s saga

Stephen King's The Dark Tower is headed to the big screen, so we've compiled everything we know about the much-anticipated adaptation, from casting rumors and production details to behind-the-scenes news and set photos.
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Netflix price hikes to drive away nearly half a million subscribers, research says

Netflix may be saying goodbye to a substantial number of subscribers thanks to its recent price hike. A new research note indicates that nearly half a million members could be driven away.
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Latest trailer for ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’ is Burton being Burton

Featuring wonderfully weird new footage and a time-bending twist, the latest trailer for Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children should have Tim Burton fans everywhere enthused.
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Here’s what’s new on Amazon Prime Video | July 1:14

Amazon Prime Video takes a page from competitor Netflix and adds new titles each month, available free to all Prime members. Check out the list to find out all that's new to watch on Amazon this month.
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Here’s what’s new on HBO in July, and what’s going away 1:07

Whether you're a cable lover or a staunch cord-cutter, there's never been a better time to get down with HBO. Follow us to find out what's new to the network each month, and what's going away.
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Trailer for Ron Howard’s Beatles doc shows Fab Four’s insanely manic early years

Ron Howard has released the first trailer for his upcoming Beatles documentary, which showcases the band during their formative years and the anxiety that came with capturing the world's ears.