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A beginner’s guide to competitive breeding in ‘Pokemon Sun’ and ‘Moon’

Pokemon breeding is a complex but rewarding process. Breeding competitive Pokemon has never been easier than in Pokemon Sun and Moon, but you’ll still need a guide to get started.

Huawei’s Honor to launch modular smartphone with no speaker or camera

Huawei's Honor subsidiary has made a name for itself in offering feature packed smartphones at a reasonable price. Now the sub-brand may be looking do the same with modular phones.
Cool Tech

Google-owned smart spoon will counteract unwanted hand movements

The Liftware Level is a smart eating utensil that will help people with uncontrolled movements, such as hand tremors, by recognizing the orientation of their hands and actively counterbalancing their movements.
Movies & TV

Here are the 15 documentaries that could earn Oscar nominations

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced the 15 films under consideration for Oscar nominations in the "Best Documentary Feature" category at the 89th Annual Academy Awards.

Want that printed rare? Innovative dining experience debuts 3D-printed cuisine 1:35

Launched via Kickstarter in December, Nufood allows backers to experience a new type of dining by offering a pop-up restaurant serving 3D-printed dishes. The event will soon take place across 10 cities in Europe.
Cool Tech

Quadcopters could be missing ingredient for cheap zero-G flights

A new piece of research from investigators at Georgia Institute of Technology describes a proof-of-concept quadcopter its creators hope will offer weightless "zero G" flight on a budget.
Cool Tech

Earth’s ‘technosphere’ is massive, and could mean problems for the planet

An artificial system of is growing on top of Earth’s surface, and it’s entirely our creation. Dubbed the technosphere, the system consists of all man-made structures — from buildings, streets, and landfills to smartphones, clothes…
Virtual Reality

Dizzying ‘Assassin’s Creed’ VR experience drops you into the Spanish Inquisition 1:33

20th Century Fox is bringing the Assassin’s Creed experience full circle. With the new Michael Fassbender film debuting Dec. 21, Practical Magic has created an original story for Oculus Rift users that borrows from many of the…
Movies & TV

When you run out of TV shows to binge on, check out these great movies on Hulu

From Criterion classics to new blockbusters, Hulu has some truly great films available. Check our top picks for the best movies currently streaming on Hulu.

Flickr report: Smartphones dominate in quantity, but DSLRs reign in quality

Flickr's annual trend report shows 46 percent of uploads were from an Apple, yet the platform's top images were shot with DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. The annual report shows trends in images uploaded during 2016.

Twitch adds server-based video call support to Curse

Twitch is adding server-based video games to its Curse desktop applications, and the company plans to expand this to mobile devices in the future. Twitch acquired Curse back in August.
Movies & TV

Here's what 'The Witch' would look like if Wes Anderson had directed it

This year's surprise hit The Witch gets a quirky makeover in a new, fan-made trailer that imagines the supernatural thriller as a kooky film made by Rushmore and The Grand Budapest Hotel's Wes Anderson.