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Italian teens’ vending machine turns plastic bottles into cell phone cases

A group of Sicilian teens wanted their peers to recycle their plastic bottles, so they created a vending machine with a 3D printer. Called the MyProGeneration, the machine converts the bottles into cell phone cases.
Cool Tech

Here are the top 10 emerging technologies of 2016, according to the WEF

The Forum’s Meta-Council considered criteria from the chance to improve lives, revolutionize industries, and protect the planet, while recognizing the likelihood that 2016 is a turning point in these technologies becoming more widespread.

Between the Streams: Jason Bored, Black Mirror 3, Wonder Woman's big week

This week, we're talking about Matt Damon's new Chinese film about monsters and the Great Wall of China, some brilliant new series coming to Netflix, Wonder Woman's attempts to save Warner Bros.' DC universe, and much more, so be…

Ford goes to college to learn about auto mobility

Ford and MIT researchers are collaborating on a mobility services study on the MIT campus. Electric shuttles will learn how to show up when needed. The goal is to predict mobility service demand while co-existing with pedestrian traffic.
Cool Tech

Americans are more worried than excited about biological and biomechanical body augmentation

From augmented infants to intelligence, the consensus was that emerging biomedical breakthrough which push the limits of human potential are far more worrying than they are exciting.
Movies & TV

Chris Evans in talks to play two very different characters in the same film

Captain America doesn't seem to have a sinister bone in his body, but the actor who plays him may need to develop a dark side in a hurry. Chris Evans is in talks to play a new-age Jekyll/Hyde duo in an upcoming film.

Why waste hard drive space? Study shows streaming made up 75 percent of piracy in 2015

As much as torrents are associated with piracy, even pirates are increasingly turning toward streaming, with nearly 75 percent of all piracy in 2015 coming via illegal streaming sites.
Social Media

Immerse yourself in Facebook Live while the Olympians do their thing in Rio

NBC Olympics, Facebook, and Instagram will provide Facebook Live Content featuring both athletes and NBC commentators to bring fans from around the world together on social media during the Rio Olympics.

Twitter tackles eSports streaming this weekend with ‘Counter Strike’ tournament

Twitter will host its first-ever eSports live-stream this weekend in partnership with Turner's recently established eSports organization eLeague, and fans can expect up-to-the-minute coverage of the group's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive…

New AMD drivers beef up Lara’s curvy performance in ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’

AMD released new Radeon Software Crimson Edition drivers that increase Rise of the Tomb Raider's performance by up to 10 percent on Radeon RX 480 cards. The drivers also address issues with Overwatch, Need For Speed, Doom, and other PC…

Steve Vai literally bled for his music on ‘Passion and Warfare’

It has been 25 years since Steve Vai released ‘Passion and Warfare,’ but the recent remaster brings back memories of the frenetic energy that literally brought him to bleed for his first solo album.

Vaio’s colorful new C15 laptop is eye-catching, costs a bit more than it should

Vaio announced a colorful new laptop this week: the Vaio C15. It's bold, but costs $650 for a Celeron processor, 4GB of memory, and a mechanical hard drive.