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Can you spend a week speaking only in emojis? I wouldn’t recommend it

I spent a week conducting all my online conversations in the emojis, and while my fiancé hasn’t called off our engagement (yet), I discovered that our 21st century hieroglyphics have some flaws.

Fiber internet installation could enable landlords to raise rental rates

A study by the Fiber to the Home Council determined by studying rental data and surveying renters that landlords could realize 11 percent greater net income from properties with fiber internet connections.

Classroom learning gets a boost from education app Seesaw

Tech in schools has evolved from being banned to being embraced, and this gradual shift has allowed for the success of apps like Seesaw, a platform that "empowers students of any age to independently document what they are learning."
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Prisons fight drug smuggling drones with drone-detection technology

Prisons are facing an infusion of drugs and contraband from covert drone deliveries to inmates. Prison administrators are turning to technology of their own to detect and combat drug delivering drones.

Electric versus gas dryers: Will one leave you all wet?

Whether you buy an electric dryer or a gas dryer may depend solely on your setup, unless you want to spend money to get a gas hookup for your home. But if you were free to choose one or the other, there are some differences to take into…

The IRS says goodbye e-filing PINs due to ‘questionable activity’

The IRS is doing what it can to ensure that taxpayer information isn't being compromised. The latest move has been to remove the Electronic Filing Personal Identity Numbers tool from both and the toll-free phone service.

Not getting restful sleep? Try a humankind evolution bed

After enjoying an unusually restful and refreshing night's sleep in a chimpanzee's bed high in a tree in east Africa, a Japanese primatologist has designed a humankind evolution bed.
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Here’s 8 of the best crowdfunding sites on the web right now

Want to help an inventor create the next big thing in tech, or create a support page for someone close to you? Here are eight of our favorite crowdfunding sites, so you can bring your creation to life or back something you truly care about.
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5 shows to stream this week: a Game of Thrones finale, the return of Bill Simmons, and more

How are you going to get through this week? By following our guide to the finest films and TV shows available now, of course. On the list this week: Game of Thrones, Any Given Wednesday, Spotlight, and more.

Electric-highway test for freight haulers starts in Sweden

German firm Siemens AG designed the overhead grid system and Swedish company Scania AB prepared two diesel-hybrid trucks to test the first e-highway. A hybrid system is an interim step on the path to designing fully electric trucks.
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Love chocolate? Scientists say they can electrify it to make it low fat and taste the same

Soon, you can have your chocolate and eat it too. In a revelation that sounds like a scheme by Willy Wonka, physicists are now claiming that by applying electricity to chocolate, they can remove up to 20 percent of fat.

Weekly Rewind: 3D-printed baby skulls, YouTube live, a wicked quick Swiss EV

In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on, in fact, that it's almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top 10 tech…