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The next live TV streaming service could come from an unlikely source: Comcast

Comcast is said to have acquired rights from cable networks that could allow the company to offer its own live TV streaming service similar to Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, or DirecTV Now.

Apple's latest patent hints at an air-tight and smart iPhone protective case

According to a recently awarded patent, Apple may be looking into developing more cases for the iPhone -- like this air-tight smart case which will notify the user if it's not properly secured to the device.

Low sales volume leads Tesla to cancel Model S 60 and 60D versions

The Tesla Model S has been out since 2012, but the electric vehicle is constantly being updated and improved. From performance to safety to self-driving tech, here’s everything we know about the luxury sedan.

Bugatti and PG's bicycle collaboration weighs less than 12 pounds and costs $39,000

PG and Bugatti have teamed up to create the perfect urban bicycle. With PG's expertise in bike development and Bugatti's iconic design and reputation, this high-tech bike will be unrivaled in quality and price.
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Researchers develop an artificial lung that fits in a backpack

Engineers at the University of Pittsburgh have developed an artificial lung that can be carried in a patient’s backpack and could offer relief and mobility for people who suffer from lung failure.

Dell’s XPS 15 vs. Apple’s MacBook Pro 15: Which premium laptop is the best on the market?

The Dell XPS 15 and the Apple Macbook Pro 15 are impeccable, so to find out which premium laptop is the best on the market today, we're going to have to dig deep and get very, very picky.

Release window for next God of War game possibly leaked by lead voice actor

Christopher Judge, most well known for his time in the long running Stargate SG1 show, may have leaked the release date for the upcoming God of War game, suggesting that it will arrive in 2017.

T-Mobile doesn't want you to ever get surprised by another scam call again

T-Mobile has announced it is rolling out a pair of features today, named Scam ID and Scam Block, that seek to safeguard subscribers from malicious calls using patent-pending technology and a database of known frauds.

Analyst says Tesla Model 3 is 10 times safer than your average car

Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas said the Tesla Model 3 will have a competitive edge with "superhuman assist" features. Jonas differentiates between autonomous and automated driving, saying the Model 3 will need a human driver.

New report verifies some iCloud credentials stolen by hacking group targeting Apple

Hackers are attempting to extort Apple by threatening to wipe iCloud accounts and connected devices unless Apple pays a ransom. It's unclear exactly how many accounts were accessed.
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Eaos’ SlimBuds aim to bring easy audio and communication to those who live to ride

The Eaos SlimBuds are the first earbuds meant for motorcycle riders, with a slim fit, custom noise cancellation, handlebar-mounted controls, and intercom functionality to communicate with your fellow riders.

Apple responds to Wikileaks’ ‘Dark Matter’ release revealing CIA efforts to infect Macs

Wikileaks released another bundle of documents dubbed "Dark Matter." This time, the organization turned an eye to Apple's Mac, with a number of exploits that are both insidious and persistent.