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The Revolt 1 personal flying machine will get you to the office in style 2:09

Want to own your own flying machine? Revolt 1 is a new electric, app-controlled paramotor looking to raise funds on Kickstarter. And its creator is convinced it's the future of travel.

2K Games reveals ‘Civilization VI’ system requirements ahead of October launch

Publisher 2K Games has announced the system requirements for its upcoming 4X strategy game Civilization VI, giving series fans a heads up on the hardware required to run the latest entry in Sid Meier's long-running franchise.

'Forza Horizon 3' gets revved up on Windows 10 with new Nvidia, AMD drivers

MD and Nvidia released new drivers optimized for Forza Horizon 3 that are available now for those who purchased the Ultimate Edition. The drivers also add a new CrossFire and SLI mode, along with fixes for many known problems.
Product Review

Pokémon Go Plus Review

Nintendo's Pokémon Go Plus helps you catch 'em all without getting hit by a bus.

‘Titanfall 2’ minimum specifications set a comfortably low bar for older PCs

Respawn Entertainment has unveiled the minimum and recommended specs for the PC version of 'Titanfall 2' and it looks pretty forgiving, unless you want to run the game in 4K.

Brazen breach: Hackers posted a copy of Michelle Obama’s passport online

Hackers have posted a scan of Michelle Obama’s passport online as well as other staff information. The White House is laying the blame on a contractor but the incident raises concerns regarding the type of information contractors have in…

Novel approach: Ubisoft looks to produce books in-house with new publishing unit

Game publishing giant Ubisoft has launched Ubisoft Publishing, an in-house book division that will release its first two books, both based on the Assassin's Creed franchise, in November.

YouTube introduces its Heroes program to help make the platform a safer place

YouTube is enlisting the help of a special task force of volunteers who will "help make YouTube a better experience for everyone." It's called YouTube Heroes and it's an extension of the Trusted Flagger program from 2012.

Half a million Galaxy Note 7 replacement units have arrived in the U.S.

Samsung is recalling its recently released Galaxy Note 7 due to concerns about the battery cell spontaneously combusting. Here's our full guide on to how to avoid the dangerous glitch and protect yourself.
Car Review

2017 Honda Ridgeline AWD Black Edition Review

Honda's Ridgeline isn't built like every other truck, and that's a good thing.
Cool Tech

Bioengineered bacteria could be used to 3D print food and tools on Mars

A synthetic biology project called CosmoCrops wants to use bacteria to make it possible to 3D print everything needed for a respectable space mission in space itself. Here's what you need to know.
Social Media

Bumble wants to keep you from being catfished, launches new selfie verification tool

Not only has Bumble put further empowered women who participate on its site, it's now tackling the issue of catfishing, too. Meet Bumble Photo Verification, which promises to "put a much needed end to fake users once and for all."