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Salt Lake City is Google Fiber's 7th (and possibly the last) city with fiber

In possibly the last city for its gigabit fiber, Google Fiber announced sign-ups for Salt Lake City. Faced with challenges, time, and expense of burying cables, Google may switch to high-speed wireless elsewhere.

Report: Digital assistants held back by poor microphone technology

Your smart device's microphone hasn't gotten much better in over four years, which means your digital assistant won't get any better at understanding you. That could soon change, however.

Is a Hasselblad camera module coming to the Moto Z? Leak says it’s possible

Hoping to improve your mobile photography? A new leak shows off the Hasselblad Moto Mod camera module, which will attach to the Moto Z and could seriously improve the quality of photos being taken with the smartphone.

U.S. Cellular debuts Shared Connect plans with more data, higher prices

U.S. Cellular's new Shared Connect plans bump up data allotments, but at cost: Most are more expensive than the tiers they're replacing. The carrier also debuted new data controls for multi-line plans.
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Facebook tries out automatic audio for its videos — stay tuned for user reactions

If you live in Australia and are using the Facebook app, you may be surprised to hear sound playing as you scroll past videos on your feed. But whether it's a good idea is up for debate.

Facebook opens up its image-recognition AI software to everyone

Facebook is opening sourcing its AI image recognition software, which can detect and label objects in photos. The company hopes it will one day be able to categorize live video and offer detailed descriptions for the visually impaired.

Sony's Xperia X Compact is real, and here's a leaked image

Sony's own website has leaked the existence of a Xperia X Compact, and it's likely going to be announced next week at IFA 2016 in Berlin. A leaked image has also given us a glimpse at the front of the device.

Lyft gives business travelers custom expense reports

Business travelers' expense reports are now made a little easier with Lyft's latest feature. Lyft's new feature allows for the selection of specific rides to include in expense reports.

Speed demons, be warned: Google Maps could soon alert you to posted limits

Code in the newest version of app points to upcoming new features like speed limit notifications and improved integration with food delivery apps. No word yet on when they'll launch, unfortunately, but it might not be long.

Update your iOS device to 9.3.5 as it fixes serious security vulnerabilities

You shouldn't wait to install the most recent iOS update, as it patches three vulnerabilities that were actively used in a spy operation targeting a recognized human rights defender.

How to use Photoshop to make peepers in images look the same size

Is one eye of the subject in your image too small or was the person in mid-blink? Here is an incredibly simple and quick Photoshop fix to take care of the problem in no time.
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Your best buds for life? OnePlus’ Bullets V2 earbuds are stylish, inexpensive

OnePlus built up hype for a pair of $20 earbuds and it seems to have paid off -- the Bullets V2 are already out of stock. The earbuds are a successor to the company's 2014 Silver Bullets, which only cost $15.