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The Haier Duo is two washing machines in one

It's not the first time we've seen two washers stacked on top of each other, but Haier's Duo is a pretty savvy solution to having to do separate loads of laundry. The company will introduce it at IFA 2015.


Don’t worry, console gamers: LawBreakers may still come to the Xbox One, PS4

Though BossKey's upcoming multiplayer shooter LawBreakers has only been announced for the PC, studio boss Cliff Bleszinski says there is still hope that the game could come to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


Upcoming PlayStation 4 update readies the system for streaming to YouTube

With YouTube increasing its efforts to compete with Twitch as a game streaming service, Sony is adding support for streaming to the video giant in its latest PlayStation 4 firmware update, which also bumps cloud storage up to 10GB.


Asus brings a watercooled laptop, quirky router, $120 stick PCs to IFA 2015

A brand new stick PC and updated gaming offerings, including a water-cooled laptop, headline the raft of products Asus is showing off at the 2015 edition of consumer electronics expo IFA.


Google offers a glimpse of the logos it DIDN’T go with

Google revealed a new logo on Tuesday. Despite its simplicity, it's a safe bet there were countless meetings before the new look was agreed upon. Indeed, an image just released by the firm appears to show other designs that were under consideration.


Trouble for Uber after ‘driver status’ lawsuit gets class-action go-ahead

In a major step that could ultimately have widespread implications for the sharing economy, a California judge has granted class action status to a lawsuit aimed at getting Uber to recognize its drivers as employees and not as independent contractors.


Acer goes all in on Skylake with latest expansion to computing line

Acer's expanded computing line only adds to its currently varied portfolio. The R11 Chromebook, R13 Convertible Notebook, Aspire V Nitro, and Revo Build series all demonstrate Acer's attempts at achieving a more personalized computing experience


Netflix launches in Japan, though it’s doing things a little differently there

Netflix has finally arrived in Japan, a country with huge revenue potential for the video streaming company. However, it's clearly done its research, choosing to launch the service in a slightly manner than usual.

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Assange’s inventive escape plans revealed in secret papers from Ecuadorean Embassy

Leaked papers detailing Julian Assange's life inside the Ecuadorean Embassy reveal a sometimes tense atmosphere, with talk of "clashes with embassy staff, concerns over Assange’s psychological health, and potential escape plans."


The Basis Peak fitness watch now comes with Runtastic’s app

The Basis Peak looks like a smartwatch, but acts like a serious fitness tracker. The Peak can monitor your heart rate, sleep, activity, and overall wellness, and integrates with Runtastic's app.


Toshiba mashes 4K into a 12.5-inch screen with the Satellite Radius 12

At this week's IFA electronics show in Berlin, Toshiba revealed its new 12.5-inch Satellite Radius 12 convertible laptop with 4K display and improved battery life.