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With VW out of the picture, Chevrolet makes its move with 2017 Cruze Diesel sedan

Chevrolet has announced official pricing information for the 2017 Cruze Diesel Sedan. The vehicle will start at $24,670 when it goes on sale in early 2017, and will offer a six-speed manual alongside the nine-speed automatic.

Is this the warmest down jacket ever made?

With its heat-welded seams and innovative stretchy fabrics, the Mountain Hardwear StretchDown jacket just might be the warmest, most comfortable, and durable down jacket ever produced for outdoor winter activities.

Verizon gives customers free calls, texts to Indonesia in wake of deadly quake

Verizon is offering customers free calls and texts to Indonesia following a deadly 6.4 magnitude earthquake in the country that toppled 100 buildings including a hospital and five mosques.

You won’t have to retype fuzzy words with Google’s Invisible ReCAPTCHA

Putting artificial intelligence to use in a way we'll all appreciate, Google's Advanced Risk Analysis algorithms will soon be able to tell you're human. Details are slim, but you'll no longer have to re-type fuzzy words.
Virtual Reality

Pokémon invade reality in a demo for Microsoft’s HoloLens AR headset

The developers of the PokéLens demo for Microsoft's HoloLens AR headset provides the source files on GitHub for all to use. The demo currently enables HoloLens wearers to initiate a battle and summon their favorite Pokémon.
Cool Tech

This ultra-precise drawing robot is the most mesmerizing thing you’ll see today

Wedding invitations? Daily testing menus? With AxiDraw V3, you'll never have to write these by hand again, but you'll have to pay.
Movies & TV

The Death Star comes to Earth ahead of premiere of 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story'

Can't wait for the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story? Pass the time by witnessing the firepower of a fully armed and operational battle station, thanks to a clever transformation of Epcot Center.

Samsung steps to Dyson with a $1,200 robovac it claims can outsuck anything

Touted as featuring industry best cleaning power and suction, Samsung's latest robotic vacuum — the Powerbot Turbo — is a sleek and compact powerhouse of a cleaner. Available now, the unit retails for a whopping $1,200.

The NSA and GCHQ can see data from your phone when you're 10,000 feet in the air

Journalists still parsing through the collection of data leaked by National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden have found documents proving that international skies are hardly safe from snooping government agencies.
Cool Tech

Swiss engineers just unveiled a plane that can reach the edge of space using only solar power

Unveiled in Switzerland today, the SolarStratos are one step closer toward skimming the stars using solar power.
Cool Tech

Not sure what to get for your Secret Santa exchange? Here’s 10 geeky gifts for under $25

Secret Santa exchanges can be daunting if you don't know your assigned recipient. Luckily, we've put together a gift guide that highlights a swath of affordable presents for techies, most of which can be had for under $25.

Jet Black is so 2016: Upcoming iPhone 7S may offer a bold, new color choice -- red

Apple's iPhone 7 was just released, but iPhone 7S and even iPhone 8 rumors are already heating up the internet. Here's everything you need to know about the iPhone 7S, as well as what we have heard so far about the iPhone 8.