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Sprint plans to cut jobs to save $2.5 billion in the next six months

An internal memo has revealed Sprint's plan to cut $2.5 billion in costs over the next six months. The carrier may also cut job cuts to lower the costs of running its business. It's unclear how many jobs will be eliminated.
Movies & TV

HBO confirms talks with Zack Snyder about Watchmen series (Update)

Director Zack Snyder is reportedly in talks to create A TV interpretation of the highly-acclaimed comic series Watchmen for HBO as a re-imagining, a prequel, or possibly a sequel. HBO has since confirmed preliminary discussions are…
Cool Tech

Disney’s new 3D printed skin makes robots softer and safer for children

Disney hopes to improve robots with a new soft skin and soft touch system that'll bring the lovable and huggable qualities of Betamax to toy robots around the world.

Spec Comparison: Google Pixel C vs. Microsoft Surface 3

The Surface 3 is one of the best portable 2-in-1s on the market, but the new Google Pixel C looks set to give it a fight. Which one is worth your money?
Movies & TV

The Skywalker family will be the common thread in future Star Wars saga films, says Lucasfilm

The common thread running through all of the past and future episodic installments of the Star Wars saga will be the Skywalker family, according to Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy.

Change-log appears for Microsoft Surface Pro 3’s September firmware update

Microsoft has been diligent in updating its Surface Pro 3 on a regular basis since its release and this month is no different. This time around it has brought with it stability improvements and a fix for defaulting power plans.

Hearthstone’s American champion will be determined on Oct. 10-11

Eight of the best Hearthstone players in the Western hemisphere will compete on Oct. 10-11 to determine the Americas Champion, as well as choosing which four players will stand against Asia and Europe at BlizzCon.
Movies & TV

Brian Williams takes on first big story in tragic Oregon school shooting

Following his six-month suspension from NBC, Brian Williams took on his first big story yesterday, but sadly for tragic reasons. Williams helmed MSNBC's live coverage of the mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, OR.
Health & Fitness

Thanks to its clever design, Maxx Bench lets you lift safely without a spotter

A foot lever on the bench press frame lets a gravity-based hydraulic system save you from unsuccessful lifts. The bench springs back up to height when you stand up.

ZTE marketing director claims Huawei Nexus 6P is a ZTE Grand S ripoff

When was the last time that a new smartphone launched that didn't look similar to another phone? If you thought the Nexus 6P was unique, think again. ZTE thinks it's a Grand S ripoff. Should they have a beef with Huawei?