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Google reveals the Pixel C, an Android tablet that wishes it was a laptop 1:55

Google has joined the ranks of Microsoft Surface clones with the Pixel C, and Android-based device with a magnetic keyboard. It will offer a 2,560 x 1,800 display and be powered by Nvidia hardware.

In the market for a $40 Android tablet? Take a look at the Jide Ultra Remix Android tablet

Announced during CES, the Jide Ultra Remix 2-in-1 Android tablet was created by three ex-Google engineers. Soon enough, through Kickstarter, you can grab one for $40, so long as you're okay with incomplete software.

HP’s Slate 21 is a $400 Android all-in-one PC and tablet

HP eyes emerging markets with the Slate 21, a $400, Android-running, all-in-one PC and tablet due in stores this September. It has a 21-inch IPS full HD display, Nvida Tegra 4 CPU, but just 8GB of internal storage.

iPad Mini vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0: Battle of the 8-inch tablets

Samsung's Galaxy Note 8.0 is a well-rounded tablet that's just as good at content creation as consumption, but can it truly compete with Apple's iPad Mini? Both tablets are about the same size - compare them side by side and some aspects…

Game on! 7-inch Wikipad tablet available this spring for $250

Looking to improve your score on your favorite mobile games? The Wikipad might help. A tablet designed with gamers in mind, the 7-inch version of the device will be available later this spring with a $250 price tag. But will it attract…
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Best Buy’s “Insignia Flex” Android tablet will be priced around $250

Hitting Best Buy store shelves during early November, the Insignia Flex could be a solid mid-range competitor for the tablet market.
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Future Google TV hardware streams video from Android devices

As Google TV continues to struggle to gain acceptance within North America, a new wave of set-top boxes may encourage Android smartphone owners to invest in Google TV technology.

How we test tablets

As demand for tablets has grown, so have our rigorous standards for testing them. Here’s how we test tablets – from examining screens and build quality to battery life, performance and more.
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Amazon Kindle Fire accounts for more than half of all Android tablets in the US

Amazon's Kindle Fire has been living up to its name in sales, spreading over the better half of the Android tablet market within only months on the market.
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How to maximize battery life on your Android phone or tablet

Frustrated by how quickly your favorite mobile gadgets die? Follow these simple tips to get longer battery life out of your Android phone or tablet.
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Google prepping cheap 7-inch Android tablet to take on Kindle Fire: rumor

Google may be looking to produce an inexpensive 7-inch Android tablet that can compete with the $200 Kindle Fire.