Vulkan, VR and DirectX 12 all getting new additions in Futuremark's benchmarks

Futuremark has plans for a new Vulkan benchmark, with Android and PC support, a new virtual reality benchmark, and an additional entry-level DirectX 12 benchmark for newer chips that lack the power of big, dedicated GPUs.
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Google unveils a slew of new and improved machine learning APIs

Google is drastically revamping its cloud-powered machine learning services. It's introducing a slew of new APIs, reducing prices on others, and launching a showcase of the best apps and utilities created with them.

Google Safe Browsing API is here to make Android apps a whole lot safer from malware

Android apps are about to get a whole lot safer -- Google is finally bringing its Safe Browsing API to third-party developers, a feature that will be available on all devices going back to Android 2.3.

Google unveils a series of new updates to improve Google Street View

Google has unveiled a myriad of updates on its Developers Blog, all with the goal of making Street View, you know, less bad. These updates allow for a much more realistic sense of your surroundings when you explore a new destination.

Doom now supports Vulkan thanks to patch released on Steam, and optimized AMD drivers

id Software launched a patch on Steam that updates Doom with Vulkan support. AMD released fresh new drivers optimized for the Doom/Vulkan combo as well, following the drivers launched last week that addresses the Radeon RX 480…

Use these tools to find out how good your PC is at handling DirectX12

There may not be lots of DirectX12 games out there just yet, but they are coming. By the end of the year there will be a lot of them, so how your PC performs in DX12 environments is important. To find out if it's capable, try running these…
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Google dodges $9 Billion lawsuit, Oracle to appeal 2:06

Google could have been forced to pay $9 Billion in damages, but Thursday's Federal Court ruling instead dealt a huge blow to Oracle and reinforced the "fair use" status of open source API's.

Google sneaks in upgrade of Safe Browsing API, says it’s been guarding some users for months

Google has launched new APIs for its Safe Browsing service, which provides lists of known suspicious, malicious sites. The search giant says the feature provides an easy, lightweight way for developers to protect their users.

Doom running on new Vulkan API is simply insane

Id Software has released a new video exclusively on Nvidia's YouTube channel showing off Doom on the new Vulkan API. Considering how well it's running, it could prove to be a major competitor to Microsoft's DirectX.

Ubisoft says Watch Dogs 2 for PC will support DirectX 12

Ubiift said during the Game Developers Conference in March that the upcoming game Watch Dogs 2 will support DirectX 12. That means the game is definitely coming to Xbox One and Windows 10. What's unknown at this point is how DirectX 12 will…

Mozilla works with Google’s Brandon Jones to standardize VR content across the Web

With the intent of getting an implementation out in Firefox Nightly during the first half of this year, Mozilla has collaborated with Google's Brandon Jones on a proposal of WebVR version 1.0.

How the ‘next-generation’ Vulkan API could pose a threat to Microsoft’s DirectX

With more streamlined portability spanning numerous platforms, the Khronos Groups' Vulkan API could be a frightening prospect for Microsoft's DirectX API -- assuming developer support allows for it.