The human genome may be the next big API to hit the market

Manipulating the human genome, at least on a large scale, still exists primarily in the realm of science fiction. But soon, scientists may develop an API for our genetic code, making interactions with DNA faster, easier, and more robust.

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Beats Music drops API, hopes other apps will soon bundle in compatibility

The less-than-two-months-old service, like Spotify and Rdio before it, today announced the unveiling of its application programming interface, hoping that app developers will begin coding connectivity into apps, spreading the popularity of the new service.

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Instagram orders third-party apps to stop using ‘insta’ and ‘gram’ in their name

Instagram is taking steps to further protect its brand, telling developers of third-party apps connected to the media-sharing service that they can no longer use the words "insta" and "gram" in their branding. That's right – it used to be OK.


Path just widened its cozy little social network by partnering with your favorite apps

Path is casting a wider net and encouraging developers to create applications for it, using an expanded API.

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Can Dropbox succeed where iCloud has failed?

Dropbox has introduced a service named Datastore, which syncs data stored in your apps. It can then be synced with other devices, regardless of the OS. Can this idea succeed where services like Apple's iCloud have failed?


Vine may not be releasing an API soon, but here’s how to access it

Can't wait to get your hands on the Vine API? Here's a workaround. Just know that it's all Twitter-unsanctioned business.

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Google Wallet is getting a little easier and safer

Google Wallet is adding new features to its service, including money transfers via e-mail, an increase in loyalty card acceptance, and an easy online payment plug-in for merchants.


Android tablets should finally start getting better apps

It was promised and Google I/O delivered, Android Studio is the company's latest development environment for Android and it brings a lot of changes that should benefit both developers and users.

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Crosswa.lk lets you download iOS apps from the Web without launching App Store

Crosswa.lk will allow company's to embed a button on their sites, letting people download iOS apps without needing to even have their mobile device present. The API is currently in beta and being tested out by a handful of developers.


Gnip hits the social media data jackpot with API access to Instagram, Bitly, and Reddit

Social media data gathering has been made even better for companies as Gnip gains access to six new public APIs, enriching their social reporting even more.

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Ford launches app developer program for Sync AppLink at CES

Ford is turning to independent developers to expand the ecosystem of apps for its Sync infotainment system.


Twitter roadkill: Photo-sharing apps ousted today, what’s next?

Photo-sharing sites get the boot as Twitter continues to tighten things up.


Facebook apps get personal with new Notifications API

Facebook gives apps the ability to send personalized notifications, but reminds developers that users are in control - fingers crossed.

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Kim Dotcom is out on bail and offering API access to his new Mega-project

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has put the word out about his new service and early access for developers to its API.


Tweetbot feels the wrath of Twitter, pulls its alpha version

Hugely popular Tweetbot is the latest hurt by Twitter's API about-face, and as it will have to shutdown its alpha testing.

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