Google sneaks in upgrade of Safe Browsing API, says it’s been guarding some users for months

Google has launched new APIs for its Safe Browsing service, which provides lists of known suspicious, malicious sites. The search giant says the feature provides an easy, lightweight way for developers to protect their users.

Doom running on new Vulkan API is simply insane

Id Software has released a new video exclusively on Nvidia's YouTube channel showing off Doom on the new Vulkan API. Considering how well it's running, it could prove to be a major competitor to Microsoft's DirectX.

Ubisoft says Watch Dogs 2 for PC will support DirectX 12

Ubiift said during the Game Developers Conference in March that the upcoming game Watch Dogs 2 will support DirectX 12. That means the game is definitely coming to Xbox One and Windows 10. What's unknown at this point is how DirectX 12 will…

Mozilla works with Google’s Brandon Jones to standardize VR content across the Web

With the intent of getting an implementation out in Firefox Nightly during the first half of this year, Mozilla has collaborated with Google's Brandon Jones on a proposal of WebVR version 1.0.

How the ‘next-generation’ Vulkan API could pose a threat to Microsoft’s DirectX

With more streamlined portability spanning numerous platforms, the Khronos Groups' Vulkan API could be a frightening prospect for Microsoft's DirectX API -- assuming developer support allows for it.

Uber looks to integrate into other apps with Ride Request Button

Uber has just made it really easy for developers to add a Ride Request Button into their apps. As a bonus, developers could earn $5 for every first-time U.S.-based rider who signs up.
Social Media

Instagram shuts off API access for feed reading apps

If you're the developer of a third-party feed reading app for Instagram, you might need to change up your app. Instagram is giving developers until June 1, 2016, to submit their apps for review.

Skype soon usable in Microsoft Edge without plugins

Microsoft's new Windows 10 operating system and its Edge browser now allow for Skype calls without an additional plugin, thanks to a new API which makes VOIP over the browser easier than ever before.

The Kardashians’ new websites mistakenly publicized personal user info

The Kardashian and Jenner sisters launched a series of websites in conjunction with their new mobile apps, but exposed the names and email addresses of nearly 900,000 users in the process.
Cool Tech

The human genome may be the next big API to hit the market

Manipulating the human genome, at least on a large scale, still exists primarily in the realm of science fiction. But soon, scientists may develop an API for our genetic code, making interactions with DNA faster, easier, and more robust.
Home Theater

Beats Music drops API, hopes other apps will soon bundle in compatibility

The less-than-two-months-old service, like Spotify and Rdio before it, today announced the unveiling of its application programming interface, hoping that app developers will begin coding connectivity into apps, spreading the popularity of…

Instagram orders third-party apps to stop using ‘insta’ and ‘gram’ in their name

Instagram is taking steps to further protect its brand, telling developers of third-party apps connected to the media-sharing service that they can no longer use the words "insta" and "gram" in their branding. That's right – it used to be…