Uber looks to integrate into other apps with Ride Request Button

Uber has just made it really easy for developers to add a Ride Request Button into their apps. As a bonus, developers could earn $5 for every first-time U.S.-based rider who signs up.
Social Media

Instagram shuts off API access for feed reading apps

If you're the developer of a third-party feed reading app for Instagram, you might need to change up your app. Instagram is giving developers until June 1, 2016, to submit their apps for review.

Skype soon usable in Microsoft Edge without plugins

Microsoft's new Windows 10 operating system and its Edge browser now allow for Skype calls without an additional plugin, thanks to a new API which makes VOIP over the browser easier than ever before.

The Kardashians’ new websites mistakenly publicized personal user info

The Kardashian and Jenner sisters launched a series of websites in conjunction with their new mobile apps, but exposed the names and email addresses of nearly 900,000 users in the process.
Cool Tech

The human genome may be the next big API to hit the market

Manipulating the human genome, at least on a large scale, still exists primarily in the realm of science fiction. But soon, scientists may develop an API for our genetic code, making interactions with DNA faster, easier, and more robust.
Home Theater

Beats Music drops API, hopes other apps will soon bundle in compatibility

The less-than-two-months-old service, like Spotify and Rdio before it, today announced the unveiling of its application programming interface, hoping that app developers will begin coding connectivity into apps, spreading the popularity of…

Instagram orders third-party apps to stop using ‘insta’ and ‘gram’ in their name

Instagram is taking steps to further protect its brand, telling developers of third-party apps connected to the media-sharing service that they can no longer use the words "insta" and "gram" in their branding. That's right – it used to be…
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Path just widened its cozy little social network by partnering with your favorite apps

Path is casting a wider net and encouraging developers to create applications for it, using an expanded API.

Can Dropbox succeed where iCloud has failed?

Dropbox has introduced a service named Datastore, which syncs data stored in your apps. It can then be synced with other devices, regardless of the OS. Can this idea succeed where services like Apple's iCloud have failed?
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Vine may not be releasing an API soon, but here’s how to access it

Can't wait to get your hands on the Vine API? Here's a workaround. Just know that it's all Twitter-unsanctioned business.

Google Wallet is getting a little easier and safer

Google Wallet is adding new features to its service, including money transfers via e-mail, an increase in loyalty card acceptance, and an easy online payment plug-in for merchants.
Android Army

Android tablets should finally start getting better apps

It was promised and Google I/O delivered, Android Studio is the company's latest development environment for Android and it brings a lot of changes that should benefit both developers and users.