How Carnival’s small, wearable Medallion crafts a cruise just for you

Princess Cruise ships will be the first Carnival Corporation brand to offer wearable technology that unlocks new interactions for passengers before, during and after a cruise. The quarter-sized Medallion seamlessly connects guests with the…

'League of Legends' is about to make even more money thanks to Disney and MLB

In an attempt to raise profits, Disney- and Major League Baseball-co-owned BAMTech is cashing in on e-sports. It's doing so by snatching exclusive rights over the streaming and monetization of League of Legends tournaments.
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The Death Star comes to Earth ahead of premiere of 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story'

Can't wait for the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story? Pass the time by witnessing the firepower of a fully armed and operational battle station, thanks to a clever transformation of Epcot Center.
Cool Tech

Disney performs some tooth-based magic for more lifelike digital doubles

CGI of humans can still look a little off, with teeth perhaps proving the biggest challenge when it comes to accuracy. Boffins at Disney Research, however, seem to have found a way to quickly create more realistic digital actors…
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Jyn has a blaster problem in Twitter's 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' clip 2:37

Disney's first Star Wars anthology film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, is just weeks away. Here's everything we know about the film thus far, from its cast of characters and release date to its surrounding universe and tone.
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Disney to open ‘Avatar’ park in the summer of 2017

You've seen the movie, now visit the theme park. Disney has announced that the theme park version of the box office king Avatar will debut next summer at Disney's Animal Kingdom in Florida.
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Disney is launching its first-ever drone show tonight using 300 Intel quadcopters

Three hundred LED-laden drones are about to take to the night sky in the first choreographed performance of its kind in the U.S. Disney and Intel have teamed up to make it happen, and the debut show launches in Florida tonight.
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‘Beauty and the Beast’ trailer shows off the film’s supporting cast

The new trailer for Disney's live action remake of Beauty and the Beast casts the spotlight on the film's impressive supporting cast, while giving us our best look yet at the Beast himself.
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Disney looks like it’s about to launch its first-ever drone show

Disney is teasing some aerial entertainment at one of its parks in the run up to Christmas. Details are scant, but it looks like it's about to launch a dazzling drone display to light up the night sky.
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Hulu's two new deals bring its internet TV service close than ever

Two new deals with Disney and 21st Century Fox mean that Hulu's long-awaited internet TV service is closer than ever, with an NBCUniversal deal imminent, and a deal with Turner already signed.
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Now Japanese megaco Softbank is eyeballing Twitter

Will Twitter be acquired by a larger corporation for upward of $20 billion later this month? We’ve compiled the essential roundup of all the rumors surrounding the tech acquisition that has everyone talking.

Fan site says secrets of Kingdom Hearts' final chapter are hidden in box art

Nearly a decade since the last main series entry, anticipation for 'Kingdom Hearts III' has reached a fever pitch as we approach a possible 2017 release. Here is everything we know so far.