Take the Millennium Falcon for a spin: New ‘Star Wars’ vinyl features embedded holograms

The latest special edition vinyl release of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens soundtrack comes with two special built-in holograms of a TIE Fighter and Han Solo's Millennium Falcon.
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Mark Ruffalo describes ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ as ‘an intergalactic buddy road movie’

Mark Ruffalo recently discussed his role in the upcoming Marvel flick Thor: Ragnarok, describing it as "an intergalactic buddy road movie" and promising "a lot more Hulk."
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Find out more about forgetful blue tang’s origins in new ‘Finding Dory’ trailer

The U.K. just got its official Finding Dory trailer and the spot features plenty of never-before-seen footage, including an encounter with Fluke the sea lion, who is voiced by Idris Elba.
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Netflix lands exclusive deal with Disney, Lucasfilm, Pixar and Marvel, starts in September

Fantastic news for anyone that enjoys franchises like The Avengers and Star Wars, Netflix has scored an exclusive licensing deal for new and past video content from Disney, Lucasfilm, Pixar and Marvel.
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Check out the first teaser for Disney’s next live-action remake

Say bonjour to the first teaser for Disney's latest live-action remake: Beauty and the Beast. Can the film match the commercial/critical success of the Cinderella and the Jungle Book retellings?
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Bye-bye Marvel? Hulu’s new live TV service has Disney CEO rethinking Netflix deals

Disney CEO Bob Iger said he'd gotten the chance to see Hulu's upcoming live TV offering, and that it has a "tremendous" user interface. The service has now dropped to an expected $30/month price point, and may have Disney rethinking deals…
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Creeped out by Disney animatronics? Well, things are about to get real 1:48

Disney Research is working on a "hybrid hydrostatic transmission and human-safe haptic telepresence robot." In essence, this is a machine that moves like man.

Little-seen Zelda sequel finds new life on Wii U Virtual Console

Nintendo's latest cross-platform digital lineup marks the return of a classic game in The Legend of Zelda series that, until this week, remained exclusive to legacy Nintendo DS consoles.

Infinity proves fleeting as Disney exits console game publishing, shutters developer

Disney has halted development of its multiplatform Disney Infinity games, ending production of all tie-in figures and shuttering series developer Avalanche Software as part of its announced withdrawal from the console gaming industry.
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There’s now a petition to stop Disney from ‘paying critics’

The latest drama in film revolves around whether or not Disney is paying film critics to pan movies outside of the Marvel Comics Universe (MCU0. And now, there's a Change.org petition, titled "Stop Disney from paying critics."
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ESPN and Verizon reach settlement in FiOS Custom TV lawsuit

Last year, shortly after Verizon introduced its FiOS Custom TV skinny bundles, ESPN sued over its channels being relegated to a separate sports package. Now the two companies have settled, though the terms haven't been disclosed.
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Disney makes billion-dollar bid for a major player in streaming

Disney is reportedly willing to pay big money to acquire MLB's prospective video spin-off, BAM Tech. The company streams video for large clients, including Disney-owned WatchESPN and Time Warner's HBO.