Google Chrome

How to block pop up ads with a Google Chrome add on

Pop up ads and other forms of advertisements can be annoying. No one would disagree. Well, if you use Google Chrome, here's how to put the clamps on the amount of ads you have to deal with.

How to remove the Ask toolbar from your browser

The Ask Toolbar is a nuisance disliked by many. This guide will tell you how to eradicate it from your browser.

Best Google Chrome Extensions

Beef up your browser with the best Google Chrome extensions.

Google Chrome usage dips below 20 percent on desktops, while Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer gain

Google Chrome got a little less popular in the desktop world last month. You can learn more here.

How to delete cookies in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE

Cookies can track your browsing, and much more. Here's how you can delete them.

Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari all have fewer desktop users, but Chrome gained some

The desktop versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari all saw their user base dip last month. Google Chrome, on the other hand, gained in popularity.

Chrome and Firefox developers add virtual reality support

Ready to browse Amazon products in an immersive, 3D room? Experimental builds of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have added virtual reality capabilities that offer a glimpse of the future.

Chrome Canary’s anti-phishing beta feature fails its flight test, security company says

The beta version of a tool that's designed to protect people from phishing attacks doesn't quite work the way that it's supposed to. You can learn more about the feature and what exactly the problem is here.

LG’s Chromebase Google all-in-one desktop gets a release date and price

LG's Google-powered $350 Chromebase all-in-one desktop is set to hit stores on May 26. You can learn more about the company's AIO here, which we first learned of around CES 2014.

How to send webpages from Google Chrome to your Android phone or tablet

Viewing webpages using the desktop version of Google Chrome is easy, but it's not the most convenient when viewing said pages on the go. Check out our guide on how to send webpages from Chrome to your Android device, whether for online or…

How to speed up YouTube playback

YouTube may be a household name when it comes to video streaming services, but it's not immune to the occasional buffering hiccup. Check out our guide on how to speed up YouTube playback.

Google is rolling out Google Now Cards for the desktop version of Chrome

Google Now notification cards are coming to the desktop version of the Chrome browser. Learn more here.