Google Chrome

Google adds voice search to latest Chrome beta for Windows, Mac, Linux

Google added what it calls "hands-free voice search" to its latest version of the Chrome beta. Learn more about the latest feature to hit Google's desktop Web browser here.


Snag a Chrome-OS-powered Asus Chromebox for $179 this March

Small form factor desktop PCs are all the rage these days it seems. Though they're usually loaded with Windows, Asus' latest actually runs Google's Chrome OS. Read on to learn more here.


Google, LEGO partner for virtual brick building with Build With Chrome

Definitely a cool tool for anyone that spend their childhood building creative LEGO creations, Google and LEGO have teamed up to offer a virtual building tool that's tied into Google Maps.

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This mind-blowing Chrome extension restored my faith in humanity by getting rid of clickbait headlines

Downworthy, a snarky new browser extension for Chrome, takes all those annoying clickbait titles you see on sites like ViralNova and Upworthy and transforms them into hilariously realistic headlines.


Google’s Chrome for Mobile update may reduce data usage by 50 percent

Definitely useful for anyone that's concerned about using too much data while on LTE, the new version of Google Chrome for Mobile reduces data usage substantially through compression.

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Chrome 32 lets you track down noisy tabs

Don't you just hate it when you have multiple browser tabs open and a noisy video ad kicks in, leaving you to search through each one in an effort to find the culprit? With Google's latest Chrome release, such annoying antics will be a thing of the past.


Best Google Chrome themes

Check out our picks for the best Google Chrome themes and skins so you can add some style to one of the fastest browsers out there.


How to remove the Babylon search toolbar

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Check out our guide on how to remove the Babylon search toolbar and accompanying software so you can rid yourself of the pesky utility and regain control of your favorite browser once and for all.


How to clear your browser’s cache

Looking to flush your browser's cache, but having trouble figuring out how? Check out our guide on how to do just that, whether you use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or Opera.


Make your Web a better place: Rather replaces social media posts you hate with ones you’ll love

If you're tired of people ruining Facebook and Twitter for you, this browser extension will silence annoying posts forever (and replace them with cat pics).

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Wondering how to enable browser cookies? Check out this how to

Browser cookies may not sound like the most appealing aspect of browsing the Web, but they're still a necessary component to navigating a wealth of websites nonetheless. Check out our guide on how to enable cookies in your browser, no matter the platform.


Google and Tesla combine forces to bring Chrome inside the Model S by end of 2014

After he was done mocking hydrogen fuel cell cars, Tesla CEO Elon Musk discussed future infotainment options for the Model S during a speech in Germany. Google Chrome and third-party apps are on the menu.


Google brings search by image to Chrome 30, Chrome gestures to Android

Definitely useful when attempting to identify visual elements within a picture, Google has added a search by image feature to Chrome 30 as well as new gesture controls for Chrome for Android.

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How to make Google your default search engine

Google is a giant when it comes to handling search queries from around the globe, but sometimes setting it as your default search engine takes a little effort. Here is our quick guide on how to set Google as your default search engine no matter your browser.


Google releases Chrome 29 with magical Reset button

Google announced its official release of Chrome 29 yesterday, which brings users a Reset button, as well as improved omnibox results and rich notifications for Mac users.