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Dartmouth uses robot tackling dummies – and they’re FAST: DT Daily 1:48

Google declares war on Adobe's Flash player, Dartmouth rolls out some surprisingly swift robotic tackling dummies during football practice.

Your Chrome extensions will soon work on Firefox too

In the near future, developers will be able to write extensions that work smoothly across all the major Web browsers, which should mean your favorite add-ons are available everywhere.

Want some Internet in your Windows 10 Start Menu? Here’s how to pin your favorite websites

Would you like to pin website bookmarks to the Start Menu or Task Bar in Windows 10, in order to use browser links like apps? It's not as easy as it should be, especially if you want to use Chrome or Firefox, but we'll tell you how.

Adobe and Google join forces to strengthen Flash defenses against hacks

A series of cyber attacks targeting Adobe's Flash Player has led to a strengthening of the company's defenses, according to Ars Technica.

Not a fan of Google’s new card-based bookmarks? Good news, they’re gone

Last year Google introduced a new card-based bookmark manager to Chrome, and while not everyone hated it, plenty of people did. Those people will be glad to know that the cards are gone and the old bookmark manager has returned.

Chrome for OS X has been updated to conserve more battery

Peter Kasting of Google has announced on his Google Plus page that a number of improvements have been made to Chrome for OS X. As a result, the browser will eat up less of laptop users' battery.

Stop in the name of battery life! Chrome beta automatically pauses Flash elements

An update to the Chrome beta now allows the browser to detect and intelligently pause Adobe Flash animations. This is said to significantly reduce power consumption, so it should help laptop users squeeze out those crucial extra few…

New Chrome extension from Google yells at nearby computers to transfer data

An experimental new extension from Google sends URLs between computers using sound, in a manner of speaking. Its application may be limited, but the effect is undeniably cool.

Google’s new Password Alert extension for Chrome guards against phishing

Google has released a new open-source extension for Chrome that's designed to guard users against phishing attacks by detecting forged logins and encrypting your credentials.

Peer into the future of Chrome with the developer version, now available on Android

As of today, the Dev channel for the Chrome browser is available in the Google Play Store. This version of the browser is a peek into the future of Chrome, where new features are tested before they’re deemed fit for consumption by the…

Windows XP refuses to die, Google Chrome helps keep it on life support

In order to help protect Windows XP users from web based attacks, Google has decided to continue to provide security updates for its Chrome browser on the operating system until the end of 2015, and possibly beyond.

Are Chrome OS desktops useful, or toys

Chrome OS is coming to desktops ranging from the $100 Asus Chromebit to HP's powerful Core i7 Chromebox. Are these systems a viable alternative to a Windows PC, or does Google have its head in the clouds?