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Google+ app review: The social network you’re not using gets better

Google+ got a huge update on the Web earlier this week, and now the Android app is getting its own revamping. New photography and location features lead the way on this update to Google's social networking tool.

Turns out Google+ isn’t for us, it’s for researching us

For all the beautiful, innovative updates Google+ keeps pushing, it can't get me to use the service. After nearly two years, we're just now starting to figure out why the social network (or layer) or sorts isn't able to compel the user.
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Gnip hits the social media data jackpot with API access to Instagram, Bitly, and Reddit

Social media data gathering has been made even better for companies as Gnip gains access to six new public APIs, enriching their social reporting even more.
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Google+ may have ultimately killed Google Reader

The Reader will exist no more by July 1, but what's the real reason why Google is killing a product that's never made money in the first place? According to a former Google Reader manager, it might be because of Google+.
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Google+ rolls out local ‘Reviews,’ huge cover photos, and a prettier ‘About’ section

Google+ has new updates to talk about including a local 'Reviews' tab, cover photos that fill up a screen, and an About section that's easier on the eyes.
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Google exec says ‘insanely great cameras’ coming to future Nexus devices

Vic Gundotra, a top-ranking engineer at Google, teased in a recent Google+ post that new Nexus devices will feature some big improvements to camera quality.

Hangout with President Obama on Google+ this Valentine’s Day

Who needs a date on Valentine's Day, anyway? Following his February 12 State of the Union address, President Obama will be doing a modern-day Fireside Chat using Google+'s Hangouts.

Google introduces bandwidth slider and audio-only option for Hangouts

Thanks to two new features that make Google's Hangouts video chat service a lot more user-friendly, you'll soon be able to use Hangouts in places around the globe with low or unreliable connectivity.

Apps and updates worth downloading: Facebook Messenger, Cycloramic, Final Fantasy II, and more

Deck out your new phone or tablet with apps to use while you're un-decking the halls and recovering from the holidays. Facebook Messenger and Skype get updates, get a new app to manage your tasks or replace your keyboard, and relive classic…

Mr. Zuckerberg, tear down this wall! The social Web and the Web are now one

In the wake of (yet more) reports concerning growing Google+ numbers thanks to Google force-feeding users their accounts, it's time to realize that the social Web is the only Web.
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Google’s Google+ strategy: Evil, but still working

Google is further integrating Google+ with the rest of its services, forcing users to sign up whether they want to or not. While they've earned criticism for the strategy, it's still proving very effective.
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Twitter reportedly working on Instagram, Snapseed competing photo filters

Twitter is reportedly developing an in-house photo filter app for its mobile apps to compete with popular photo sharing app Instagram.