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digital trends live episode 436 pepper softbank robots

Trump takes on TikTok, Google Plus lawsuit, and more | Digital Trends Live

On this Digital Trends Live, we talk the top tech, including Trump's TikTok executive order, the Google Plus class-action lawsuit, and more.
made for google

Download your archive and get ready to bid farewell to Google+ on April 2

Google website

Google+ continues to sink with a second massive data breach. Abandon ship now

facebooks zuckerberg sets up big meeting over news feed flap dtd0516

Facebook’s Zuckerberg sets up big meeting over news feed flap


Google determined to save Google+, gives it another makeover

Google Plus Usage

New study suggests Google Plus’ active usage may be much lower

google slowly sunsetted mandatory gmail integration gets removed no thanks plus signup

Is Google+ being slowly sunsetted? Mandatory Gmail integration gets removed

facebook twitter social web impact consume news feed 670

New research breaks down how the social Web is changing news

youtubes commenter uproar proves googles crystal ball is broken

YouTube’s commenter uproar proves Google’s crystal ball is broken

youtube google plus jawed karim comment maxresdefault

Even YouTube’s co-founder hates the new Google+ commenting integration

how to download youtube video firefox chrome browser plugins addons logo

The 13 most typical YouTube comments responding to the new YouTube comments

google plus user numbers

Report: Google+ user numbers tell an incomplete story

google shared endorsements silk road private web googles

Sorry, ‘expectations of privacy’ are lower online, and you should know this by now

What do Google Plus user outrage over Shared Endorsement ads and Reddit's Silk Road community have in common? A misunderstanding of the public Web.
google talk is accidentally sending all your gossips to unintended recipients hangoutsbanner

Google Hangouts app review: A step forward for video chat… with some drawbacks

Google Hangouts once lived in Google Plus, but it's broken out into its own stand alone app. It has tons of potential, but doesn't quite live up to them yet.

Google+ app review: The social network you’re not using gets better

Google Plus got a huge update on the web earlier this week, and now the Android app is getting its own revamping. New photo and location features lead the way.
Turns out Google+ isn't for us, it’s for researching us

Turns out Google+ isn’t for us, it’s for researching us

For all the beautiful, innovative updates Google+ keeps pushing, it can't get me to use it. Why?
Google Reader

Google+ may have ultimately killed Google Reader

Google+ rolls out local ‘Reviews,’ huge cover photos, and a prettier ‘About’ section

Google+ has new updates to talk about including a local 'Reviews' tab, cover photos that fill up a screen, and an About section that's easier on the eyes.
nexus 4 problems

Google exec says ‘insanely great cameras’ coming to future Nexus devices

Vic Gundotra, a top-ranking engineer at Google, teased in a recent Google+ post that new Nexus devices will feature some big improvements to camera quality.

Hangout with President Obama on Google+ this Valentine’s Day

Following his February 12 State of the Union address, President Obama will be doing a modern-day Fireside Chat using Google+'s Hangouts.
google plus hangout nfl sports football

Google introduces bandwidth slider and audio-only option for Hangouts

Thanks to two new features that make Google Hangouts a lot more user-friendly to those in areas with low connectivity, users can control bandwidth settings and chat without video.

Apps and updates worth downloading: Facebook Messenger, Cycloramic, Final Fantasy II, and more

the social web has become only mr  zuckerberg tear down this wall

Mr. Zuckerberg, tear down this wall! The social Web and the Web are now one

As reports break that growing Google+ numbers are thanks to Google force-feeding users their accounts, it's time to realize that the social Web is the only Web.

Google’s Google+ strategy: Evil, but still working

Google is forcing users to sign up for Google+ when they sign up for their other services. And the strategy is working regardless of right and wrong.

Google will challenge Facebook Comments with third party commenting system

Google+ axes MG Siegler’s ‘offensive’ profile picture


Could Google+ hit 400 mln users in 2012?

Google talks social enterprise focus for 2012


Google debuts ‘big improvements’ to Google+


Rebecca Black crowned top search term in Google Zeitgeist 2011

htc status debuts with dedicated facebook button htcstatus

Rumor: Facebook is developing an official Facebook phone named Buffy


Google+ traffic up, but still struggling

Microsoft working on its own social network Socl

Android Ice Cream Sandwich large

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich source code is now officially available