How to use iCloud like a pro on your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or PC

Apple's iCloud is far more useful than you might imagine. Check out our comprehensive guide on to use iCloud to make the most of the free software suite so you can store, sync, and see all updates no matter your device.

How to make a contact group on iPhone

Learn how to set up contact groups in your iPhone to separate groups of people into lists for simpler and quicker communication. You can use iCloud or an alternative app from the iOS App Store.

Apple argues internally over the future of iCloud, report claims

Apple can't agree on what to do with iCloud, a report claims. However, changes are on the horizon that could vastly improve the iCloud system for both users and developers. It might just take a while for Apple to implement them.

Apple picks apart FBI’s ‘reckless’ and ‘uninformed’ argument in scathing new brief

In a court filing, Apple rejected the government's legal arguments for compelling it to unlock the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone. It characterized the FBI's order as a violation of its free speech rights.

Apple signs deal to power part of iCloud with Google Cloud Platform

In a move that sees Apple working with one of its chief competitors, the company has signed a deal to power part of iCloud with the Google Cloud Platform, reducing its reliance on Amazon Web Services.

Celebgate: Pennsylvania man to plead guilty for hacking stars’ nude photos

The infamous "Celebgate" hack of 2014 that saw nude pictures of Hollywood stars land on the Web was partly the work of a Pennsylvania hacker. Ryan Collins is set to plead guilty for his involvement in the scandal and faces a jail term of up…

FBI: Crucial iCloud settings on San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone are disabled

In its case against Apple, the government argues that an iCloud backup of the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone would've been "impossible" thanks to settings that had been disabled locally.

How to Sync Your Google, Outlook, and iCloud Calendars in Windows 10 1:14

Keeping up on your appointments can be daunting if you're juggling multiple calendars. We show you how to import and sync up all your calendars into one place with Windows 10's Calendar app.

Apple job listing teases further ventures into the world of Android

With Apple already set to release Apple Music for Android this fall, the company might look to release more of its apps for Google's mobile platform, if a recent job listing is anything to go by.

Despite FBI whining, iMessage isn’t invincible after all, researcher claims

The FBI has claimed that criminals are "going dark" behind a wall of encryption on services like iMessage, but computer-security researcher Nicholas Weaver isn't convinced.

Apple gifts Greek users a free month of iCloud after financial squeeze

Due to the financial crisis in Greece, users can't make online payments at the moment, so Apple has decided to give iCloud subscribers a month's leeway for keeping their extra storage.

Beware of iCloud login prompts: A new security flaw lets hackers steal your info

A recently discovered flaw in iOS allows hackers to add malicious code in order to steal iCloud logins and passwords, as well as other sensitive information.The hack uses the Mail app to deploy the code.