New video shows Apple designers’ competing early iOS designs

Hot on the heels of the iPhone's tenth anniversary, a new video has been published on YouTube showing two early iOS prototype designs from Tony Fadell and Scott Forstall. One design in particular features a serious throwback -- the touch…

Look out Surface Studio: Apple device shipments could outpace Windows’ in 2017

Microsoft unveiled a host of new and interesting products this year, but it looks like Apple might be poised to overtake the Windows juggernaut in 2017. It may be good news for Apple, but it's bad news for the global market.

How to create text shortcuts on iPhone

If you want to type faster on your iPhone or iPad, then set some keyboard shortcuts to help you. You can set up text replacements to type a simple shortcut, and have iOS type the rest. If you're always typing your address, phone numbers, or…

How to get a refund on purchases from the Apple App Store or iTunes

Learn how to get a refund from Apple if you purchased an app on the App Store. All sales are final, but Apple does allow you to refund a purchase if you have a legitimate reason. You can ask for a refund using your iPhone or iPad, and you…

Darkr brings the darkroom feel to your smartphone photography

If you miss the days spent inside sterile darkrooms used to develop negatives and prints, a new analog-inspired app called Darkr might cure your nostalgia.

Google app digs deeper into the iOS ecosystem with Gboard preinstalled

The Google app on iOS has been updated with the popular keyboard Gboard preloaded. No longer will you have to download the keyboard separately. Gboard offers users a number of great features, including swipe to text.

Find love or have a fling with the best LGBT dating apps for iPhone and Android

Dating is complicated -- no matter your race, gender, or sexual preference. Fortunately, these apps for Android and iOS help take some of the guesswork out of love, making it easier start a fling or find your soulmate.

Keep your New Year’s resolutions with the help of these great apps

If you're one of the people who find it difficult to keep your New Year's resolutions, you may to invest in some technology that will help you achieve your goals. Whether you want to better manage your expenses or live a healthier…

iOS exploit renders your Messages app useless, but there are workarounds

A recently-discovered iOS exploit breaks your Messages app through the use of vCards and thousands of lines of code. Apple is known for issuing patches quickly, so expect the same in this case.

Go ahead, have another one! 11 ride-hailing apps to get you home safely

Planning on partying hard in the city on New Years Eve? We've assembled a list of the best ride-sharing apps currently available for Android and iOS, so you can get home safely from your festivities.

Edit photos with precision and remove backgrounds with new iOS app Exacto

For over a decade, Photoshop's pen selection tool has been the best solution to cutting out subject matter within images. Now, you can use this functionality on the go with a new iOS app called Exacto.

How to play YouTube videos in the background on iOS and Android

Playing YouTube videos in the background can be a real chore. Thankfully, apps such as Safari and Firefox -- along with the premium offerings like YouTube Red -- make it easy to do on your mobile device.