iPod Touch

Patching vulnerabilities is the name of the game for iOS 10.2.1 update

Alongside MacOS and iTunes updates, Apple released iOS 10.2.1, which weighs in at just over 60MB and includes patches for some key vulnerabilities. The update is now available for download.

Avoid that surprise big bill! Here’s how to turn off in-app purchases on your iOS device

No one wants to see a surplus of surprise charges on their bill, especially when they're a result of in-app purchases. To make sure that doesn't happen to you, here's how to turn off in-app purchases in iOS.

Dissatisfied iPad owners take Apple to court over AppleCare+

According to a lawsuit filed in a Northern California District Court, the "refurbished" devices sent to replaced damaged ones under AppleCare+ are not functionally equivalent to "new."

Here comes yet another patent infringement lawsuit against Apple over FaceTime

Straight Path Group filed a lawsuit against Apple, alleging its patents were infringed by the Cupertino company's FaceTime. Straight Path Group does seek damages, though it did not specify how much it wants.

More colors, more storage, and more Apple Music for newly refreshed iPod Touch

Apple has revamped the iPod Touch with a 64-bit A8 processor, a new camera, and fun color options. A 128GB version is also new. The iPod Shuffle and Nano were not upgraded, except in color. The new iPods all have Apple Music onboard…

Play it again, Apple: Is the iPod coming back?

Three years after its last major update, is the iPod Touch about to get a refresh? Insider sources suggest Apple has got something in the pipeline, and streaming music could be involved.

These devices won’t make the jump to iOS 8

If you're holding on to old Apple devices, you might not be able to get iOS 8 when it's released. Check this list to see if your device will be supported or if you're going to finally have to buy a new iOS device.

Apple ditches black color scheme across iPod range, replaces it with new Space Gray

Following the introduction of the Space Gray iPhone 5S, Apple has also added the new color to the iPod range, specifically the iPod Touch, iPod Nano, and iPod Shuffle.

Best iPod Touch games

We reveal our picks for the best iPod Touch games available now from iTunes so you can get some glorious gaming on your iPod while on the go.

Best iPod Touch Apps

We bring you our picks for the best iPod touch apps on the market today after digging through Apple's massive library. Multiple members of the Digital Trends' staff contributed to this list.

Apple fans in Japan hit with hefty iDevice price hikes

Apple has suddenly whacked up the prices of a number of its iDevices in Japan, with a weak yen cited as the cause of the hike. Anyone who was considering buying, for example, the 128GB iPad will now have to fork out an extra 13,000 yen…