Wells Fargo Wallet set to take on Android Pay with NFC, contactless ATM withdrawals

Banking giant Wells Fargo is relaunching its mobile app, Wells Fargo Wallet, on Android. It'll gain NFC features for payments and ATM withdrawals when it launches "later this summer."

Android Pay gains ATM cash withdrawal, better web support, and more

Google introduced a bevy of new features to its Android Pay platform at the company's I/O 2016 developer conference in San Francisco. One particularly nifty one? The ability to withdraw cash from ATMs.

Fitbit bets on mobile payments with acquisition of Coin

Fitbit is predicting a bright and cheery future in mobile payments. It's acquiring Coin, maker of the credit card-emulating Coin card, for an unspecified sum.
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Wireless speaker buying guide: Everything you need to know about wireless speakers

If you hadn’t already noticed, the speaker dock is dead. Why tether your device to a speaker when you can bask in the glow of wireless audio? Here’s our guide on how to pick the best wireless speaker for you.

NFC mobile payments make this classic-looking Bulgari watch smart

Luxury watches traditionally haven't been very smart, but Bulgari's new watch includes an NFC chip, enabling users to make contactless payments and unlock hotel doors. Not only that, but the watch looks like a classic luxury…

MasterCard and Coin join forces to fuse wearables with payment functionality

MasterCard and Coin have announced a joint partnership to add mobile payments functionality to every wearable that has an NFC chip, in a move to make more devices capable of paying for things.
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NXT-ID’s Wocket is an all-in-one payments solution that can truly replace your wallet 1:19

NXT-ID's Wocket virtualizes and consolidates all you credit, debit, loyalty, and membership cards. Translation? You can leave your overstuffed wallet at home.

MasterCard wants to put a digital wallet into everything you own

MasterCard wants to turn every device into a credit card with its secure mobile payment technology and NFC. The company partnered with Ringly, Nymi, TrackR, GM, and a fashion designer to turn connected devices into payment devices.

Samsung Pay wasn’t breached in state-sponsored LoopPay hack, executives say

LoopPay, the company behind a core technology of Samsung Pay, suffered a network breach at the hands of Chinese hackers earlier this year. Payments information wasn't compromised., LoopPay claims.

Coin gets NFC compatibility, slims down, and improves on the original

Coin updated its all-in-one card, Coin 2.0, by adding NFC tap-to-pay functionality, as well as a better display and thinner profile. Most importantly, Coin 2.0 comes with an improved electronic stripe.