Hacker-friendly PSP games return to the Vita

MotorStorm: Arctic Edge and Hot Shots Tennis: Get A Grip are once again available for download on Sony's latest handheld, though both have been altered to deter hackers.

Half-Byte Loader creator talks homebrew and Sony’s fight against pirates on Vita

A prominent member of the PSP homebrew community discusses Vita after Sony pulled games from its network to block hackers and homebrewers alike.

Sony launches more restrictive DRM for the PlayStation Network

While PlayStation 3 owners are likely spending time engrossed in the latest PS3 releases like Uncharted 3 and Modern Warfare 3, Sony is applying stricter DRM on purchases made on the PlayStation Network.

Can Sony and Nintendo still compete in mobile gaming?

Nintendo and Sony have lost their grip on mobile gaming. One company is tentatively embracing Android; the other is banking on its history. Can either strategy succeed?
Android Army

Report: Android and iOS mobile gaming revenue now beats that of Sony and Nintendo

Google and Apple will be pleased. A report published on Wednesday showed that revenue from sales of mobile games for the Android and iOS platforms has surpassed that of Sony's PSP and Nintendo's DS devices for the first time.

Sony to limit sharing of Playstation Network games on multiple PS3s and PSPs

Sharing of Playstation Network accounts across multiple devices will come with restrictions after November 18, according to new Sony policy.

Nearly two thirds of PS3 owners plan on purchasing the Vita

While North American consumers have to wait for the PlayStation Vita until early 2012, Sony is predicting that a large portion of PlayStation 3 owners will snap up the device quickly.

Sony still considering cheap downloads for UMD games

All those UMD games for PSP could be cheap downloads for Sony's PS Vita.

PlayStation Network goes down again (Update!)

Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation Network is down. No word on how or why the service is once again down, and Sony isn’t sure when it will be back up.

PlayStation Vita and PSP will be able to play multiplayer together

The Sony handhelds will be capable of ad hoc multiplayer on certain games, and Sony is considering ways for users to port their PSP games to the Vita.

God of War: Origins Collection Review

Review: Two of the best PSP titles get the beauty treatment and have been remastered, giving fans one of the best values on the PS3 in the God of War: Origins Collection.

God of War: Origins hands-on preview

Sony brings the two God of War games from the PSP to the PS3, with remastered graphics. God of War: Origins won’t hit stores until September 13, but we had the chance to spend some time with it.