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PlayStation Vita and PSP will be able to play multiplayer together

The Sony handhelds will be capable of ad hoc multiplayer on certain games, and Sony is considering ways for users to port their PSP games to the Vita.

God of War: Origins Collection Review

Review: Two of the best PSP titles get the beauty treatment and have been remastered, giving fans one of the best values on the PS3 in the God of War: Origins Collection.

God of War: Origins hands-on preview

Sony brings the two God of War games from the PSP to the PS3, with remastered graphics. God of War: Origins won’t hit stores until September 13, but we had the chance to spend some time with it.

Sony solicits suggestions for PlayStation Vita peripherals from fans

Sony polls the fan community on what PlayStation Vita peripherals they would like to see, with the clear front runner being some kind of external UMD drive.

Sony promises to replace the PSP of an Injured boy robbed on video during the London riots

As the London riots continue, one video of a bloodied 20-year old man with a broken jaw being mugged of his PSP leads Sony to announce that it will replace it.

Thanks to the 3DS cut, pressure mounts for Sony to drop PS Vita price

After Nintendo drastically cut the price of its 3DS, many are calling on Sony to lower the price of its upcoming PlayStation Vita handheld before it actually hits the market in 2012.

Sony implementing one-time-use codes for Resistance 3 multiplayer

Do you usually wait for expensive games to hit eBay at a great discount? Be prepared to shell out more money to play online if you purchase a used copy of Resistance 3.

Microsoft wary of dedicated mobile gaming platforms, COO says

Microsoft COO Dennis Durkin doesn't see the company following Nintendo's and Sony's respective leads in the portable gaming space with a dedicated handheld game device of its own.

NGP will be backwards-compatible with PSP games, adds dual analog support

Sony's upcoming NGP handheld gaming device will be backwards compatible with digital downloads of PSP games, adding dual analog support and graphics smoothing.

PSN goes dark for scheduled maintenance

Sony takes PSN offline for the day as it tries to repair some of the damage.

PSP Remaster series upgrades portable titles for PS3, game progress syncs across devices

PSP Remaster series to kick off in Japan with Monster Hunter Portable 3D HD Ver., offering cross-platform compatible game saves, upgraded visuals and the possible addition of new features like 3D support.

PlayStation: Here’s what we’ve restored so far

Sony PlayStation is trying to keep its customers aware of its restoration process and offers a glimpse into returning services.

PSN update now live across the U.S., go change your password now

Sony's PSN is now back online with limited functionality across the United States, along with a system update requiring a password change.

Sony confirms the death of the PSP Go, NGP now the focus

Sony officially confirms that the PSP Go has been discontinued as efforts are shifted to ongoing NGP development.

Sony bringing Music Unlimited to the PSP

PlayStation Portable owners will soon be able to tap into Sony's Music Unlimited streaming service starting at $3.99 per month.

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