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This is what London looks like through a self-driving car’s eyes

Thanks to an incredible visualization completed by ScanLAB Projects on behalf of New York Times Magazine, we now have an idea of what autonomous cars "see" when they navigate the roads.
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Police pull over a Google self-driving car for driving too cautiously

Tootling along the streets of California recently with a load of cars behind it, one of Google's self-driving prototypes was pulled over by a cop for going too slow. The police department later confirmed the incident, adding that it didn't…

You can create chaos for a self-driving car for only $60

Jonathan Petit claims that he is able to create phantom objects, like pedestrians, other cars, or just general obstacles in the road using lasers that could either slow down or entirely paralyze a self driving cars.

What happens when two self-driving cars meet? They avoid one another

According to a Reuters report, a Delphi Automotive car and a Google self-driving car successfully managed to avoid one another when they came into close quarters with one another in Palo Alto, California.

Uber goes on hiring spree for self-driving car project

Uber looks to be serious about its plans to develop driverless car technology after a slew of job ads for experts in the field appeared on its site on Monday. The positions are based at its recently announced research center in Pittsburgh.

Digital Trends Podcast - Episode 6

This week on the podcast we launch into space related topics including landing on comets and private companies like Google going to space. Are cars switching to auto-pilot in traffic jams a good idea? We aren’t sold on that…

Google’s self-driving car is far from ready, can’t drive through rain, snow or parking lots

There’s no arguing that Google’s self-driving car is a thrilling development worthy of enthusiastic discussion, but there are a number of reasons to rain on this parade – rain itself, for one thing.

Ready to nap behind the wheel? The road to self-driving cars remains a long one

Self-driving cars may seem like they're right around the corner, but expensive sensors, primitive artificial intelligence and unpredictable human drivers all spell a long road ahead.

Nissan’s self-driving car tested on public roads for first time, comes back in one piece

Nissan plans to start selling its self-driving car by 2020. This week it tested it out on public roads in full automatic mode for the very first time, and we're happy to report it returned to base in one piece.

Fleet of futuristic, driverless pod cars coming to a town in the UK

A UK town just north of London will soon have a fleet of driverless cars trundling along its streets in a £1.5 million ($2.4 million) government-backed initiative. The two-person pods, which have a top speed of 12 mph, are set to arrive in…

Self-driving cars could save 20,000 American lives a year

Envisioning a Minority Report-esqe future where automated cars rule the roads, a widespread conversion from traditional to self-driving cars could save tons of lives, money and time.