T-Mobile continues to surge with profits and subscriber growth, tops J.D. Power study

Things are looking good at T-Mobile. The company beat analyst expectations in profitability and added 2.1 million new subscribers during the second quarter 2015. The fourth-largest carrier even topped the latest J.D. Power study.

T-Mobile announces support for Apple Music and a free trade-up to the next-gen iPhone

T-Mobile's latest Un-carrier Amped announcement saw Apple Music join its Music Freedom program and Jump On Demand customers get a free next-gen iPhone swap until the end of 2015.

T-Mobile breaks the limitations of regular, boring text messaging with Advanced Messaging

T-Mobile announced Advanced Messaging, which will take advantage of the Rich Communications Service framework. At its core, Advanced Messaging functions similarly to iMessage and other messaging services in that it overcomes the limitations…

The FCC fines T-Mobile $17.5 million for its role in 911 outages

The Federal Communications Commission has fined T-Mobile $17.5 million for its role in two 911 outages that occurred in August of last year. It's part of an effort by the agency to crack down on phone providers that fail to prevent 911…

Mexico Unlimited offers MetroPCS customers a cheaper way to text, call, and Websurf in Mexico

MetroPCS, T-Mobile's prepaid brand, unveiled an inexpensive data, calling, and texting plan for Simple Choice subscribers. It's available starting today for existing and new customers.

T-Mobile’s new $100, 10GB family plan drops shared data in favor of individual buckets

T-Mobile's new $100, 10GB a month data plan eschews the shared family plan concept for a more individual approach: each line gets 10GB of individual 4G data. The carrier says the new plan's cheaper than the competition, too.

T-Mobile’s ‘Mobile without Borders’ ends roaming fees within North American continent 4:44

Using your mobile phone in Mexico and Canada can be super expensive with ridiculous roaming fees. Even calling either country from the U.S. can be costly. T-Mobile is ending that frustration today with "Mobile without Borders"

T-Mobile received more data requests from the government than Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon

T-Mobile issued its first-ever transparency report, which revealed the fourth-largest U.S. carrier received more data requests from the U.S. government than Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon did.
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Sprint CEO spews profanity at T-Mobile’s John Legere for criticizing the new All-In plan

John Legere has been known to get under the skin of other carriers and CEOs and last night was no exception. After attacking Sprint's new All-In plan, Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure fired back on Twitter.

A ‘blue screen of death’ bug is plaguing iPhone users on T-Mobile

Many Apple iPhone owners on the T-Mobile network woke up to an unpleasant surprise this morning: rebooting and crashing devices. The cause is still unclear, but users have come up with a few fixes in the meantime.

Let the leasing begin: T-Mobile’s Jump on Demand program lets you upgrade any time you want

T-Mobile introduced a new plan, JUMP! On Demand, that lets you upgrade your phone anytime you want at no extra cost. The only catch? You don't own it unless you're willing to pay full retail.

T-Mobile’s not-so-unlimited 4G LTE data plan has a 21GB cap before speeds slow down

Even if you have an unlimited plan, T-Mobile reserves the right to slow down your data if you use more than 21GB in a billing cycle. The degree to which it's slowed depends on congestion and time of day.