If Verizon deal goes through, Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer won’t serve on new company’s board

Internet service provider Verizon is acquiring Yahoo's core businesses for $5 billion. We have all the details on the merger, Verizon's plan to combine Yahoo with AOL, and alterations to the management structure.

Verizon says goodbye to two-year contracts, and bumps its upgrade fee to $30

Verizon Wireless confirmed it will increase its upgrade fee and eliminate two-year contracts for existing customers. New customers have already been unable to buy two-year contracts since 2015.

AT&T and Verizon respond to FCC's complaints

In sternly worded letters to AT&T and Verizon, the FCC said the carriers' policies of zero-rating -- the practice of exempting certain services from data caps -- violated the commission's net neutrality rules. AT&T and Verizon have replied.

Alto Mail now plays nice with Slack and Amazon’s Alexa

Alto, the email client from AOL and Verizon with a smart Dashboard, now integrates with Slack and Alexa. It also lets you perform actions from these cards like ordering an Uber or Lyft.

The Google Pixel is coming to T-Mobile — but T-Mobile won’t sell it

According to a recent report, T-Mobile may start displaying the Google Pixel in its store. It won't be selling the phones, however. Instead, the carrier will direct interested customers to the online Google Store.

Verizon gives customers free calls, texts to Indonesia in wake of deadly quake

Verizon is offering customers free calls and texts to Indonesia following a deadly 6.4 magnitude earthquake in the country that toppled 100 buildings including a hospital and five mosques.

In hot pursuit of Verizon, AT&T begins testing 5G technology in Austin, Texas

AT&T is in hot pursuit of Verizon, and to that end has announced that it has begun testing 5G technology in Texas. Before you get too excited, however, keep in mind that it will likely be a while before we get 5G in the real world.

Huawei tries to make a splash in the U.S. with the Mate 9, but carriers may foil plans

Huawei is trying to make a splash in the U.S. with high-end flagship smartphones, but the Chinese company isn't receiving a warm welcome thanks to U.S. carriers. That's not good for a company looking to expand its borders.

Thinking about buying a Google Pixel? Verizon has a killer Black Friday deal

One of the biggest complaints about Google's new Pixel smartphones, which have received all-around praise, is that they're priced too high. Verizon's throwing that notion out the window with its Black Friday deal ,by bringing the cost of…

Report: Google's Pixel phones are flying off Verizon's store shelves

Google's Pixel phones are selling exceptionally well at Verizon, according to market research firm Wave7. Collectively, Google and Verizon have spent millions of dollars on television promotions.

Have an iPhone 7 from Verizon? Apple may be throttling your speeds

For all intents and purposes, iPhone 7 devices using Verizon should be faster than those on AT&T's network, but researchers have recently found that they perform more or less the same.

Verizon ranks as the best network 93 percent of the time, according to Rootmetrics

Verizon has been ranked the best network, either alone at the top or with another network, in 83 percent of the metro areas tested by Rootmetrics. This latest discinction follows news that Verizon had been ranked the most reliable network…