Verizon rejects unlimited data, says those users 'tend to be abusive' of the privilege

CFO Fran Shammo put any questions to rest -- for now at least -- as to whether Verizon customers will see unlimited data any time soon. But will it be forced to change by the rest of the wireless industry?

Look out, Verizon — Comcast is launching its own mobile service in 2017

Look out Verizon, your competitive pool is about to get a bit deeper. On Tuesday, Comcast revealed that after years of delays, it is finally ready to make its official debut. Well, almost.

Wired or wireless, indoors or out, this home security cam works anywhere

The Canary Flex is a strikingly attractive home security camera that can operate indoors or outdoors, wired or wirelessly. With an optional LTE mount, it can even work in remote locations beyond Wi-Fi range.

The best iPhone 7 deals for every carrier

iPhone trade-in season is here, but before you replace your old iPhone, you'll want to check out the latest promos offered by the four major carriers. Each of them is offering a free iPhone 7 with the trade-in of an older model, with some…

As this NFL season begins, stream all games for free if you’re a Verizon customer

Thanks to a new offer from Verizon, customers of Big Red will be able to watch live local and primetime games all without using a single byte of data. They simply have to download NFL Mobile to get started.

Safety Mode will soon be free for all Verizon data plans

Verizon will stop charging you for exceeding your data limit. It's an improvement upon Safety Mode which allows customers to continue accessing the internet at extremely slow speeds of 128kbps after you've used all your data.

Verizon rolls out LTE Advanced tech for faster peak wireless data speeds

Riding high off their latest honor from RootMetrics as the best overall mobile network, Verizon has launched LTE Advanced technology that promises "50 percent faster peak wireless data speeds to more than 288 million people in 461 cities."

Who's the best cell phone carrier of them all? Verizon, according to RootMetrics

The jury's back, and the verdict favors Verizon. According to RootMetrics' most recent network performance test, Verizon was ranked the best overall network, taking top honors in reliability, speed, data, calling, and text messaging.

Verizon wanted to charge advertisers to slap unwanted apps on your homescreen

Verizon reportedly considered a package that would see bloatware installed to subscribers' phones over the air. It approached advertisers about the deal last year, AdAge reported.

Verizon offers $100 discount for select phones, but only if you buy online

Verizon announced a new promotion that nets customers a $100 discount for select phones. There are a few caveats, however, namely that the discount only applies to purchases through Verizon's online store.

T-Mobile now has fastest LTE download speeds of four big carriers, study shows

Choosing a carrier? T-Mobile reportedly offers the fastest 4G LTE download speeds at 16.3 Mbps. Verizon was second at 15.9 Mbps, in front of AT&T and then Sprint. Verizon did win the 4G LTE availability category, though T-Mobile was right…

People are more satisfied with AT&T than with any other U.S. carrier, but just barely

According to JD Power's latest customer surveys, AT&T has the highest customer satisfaction among major U.S. carriers. As for prepaid carriers, Consumer Cellular packs the highest customer satisfaction in the country.