The future of the smart assistant is in Maps, according to Google

Google is working hard on its next-gen assistant, and it turns out that assistant could prove better than the rest. Why? Because of Google's Maps expertise, which will be a big part of the assistant.

Google is using machine learning to keep track of fishing activity worldwide

On Thursday, the internet giant Google launched the Global Fishing Watch, a new initiative meant to "increase awareness of fisheries and influence sustainable policy through transparency."

Netflix urges the FCC to nuke data caps imposed by internet service providers

Netflix recently submitting a filing to the FCC asking for the elimination of internet data caps. The firm argues that each consumer needs at least 300GB per month just for internet TV alone, which will climb when consumers stream 4K…

Airbnb gives landlords a piece of the pie by allowing tenants to list homes

Airbnb is giving landlords and tenants a chance to list rentals together with its Friendly Building Program. Tenants don't have to hide their Airbnb listings from landlords and landlords have more control.

New Remix OS Player will create a virtual Android desktop on your Windows PC

Jide Technology has released Remix OS Player, a new Android emulator that creates a virtual Android 6.0.1 desktop within the Windows environment for free. It doesn't appear to install directly into Windows, consuming over 6GB of…

Amazon Wind Farm Texas is expected to produce 1 million megawatt hours per year

Dubbed "Amazon Wind Farm Texas," this new 253-megawatt wind farm will soon take shape in Scurry County, Texas. It's slated to generate a whopping 1,000,000 megawatt hours of wind energy every year.

Google Safe Browsing API is here to make Android apps a whole lot safer from malware

Android apps are about to get a whole lot safer -- Google is finally bringing its Safe Browsing API to third-party developers, a feature that will be available on all devices going back to Android 2.3.

Google Arts and Culture’s VR tour takes you inside British prime minister’s home

Now that Google Arts and Culture has added the famous halls and rooms of the British Prime Minister’s home and working quarters to its ever-growing collection of virtual reality tours and experiences, you can play political heavyweight.

With less than two months till voting day 2016, Google introduces its elections hub

As November 8 draws ever nearer, Google is ramping up its arsenal of tools to help voters make an informed decision come election day. Google announced on Thursday the creation of the new Google Trends Election Hub.
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Google ramps up marketing for Duo with some seriously adorable ads

Google has released a slew of ads for its video-messaging app Duo and they're adorable. The ads feature real-life doodles on household objects like socks, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and more.

No you’re not paranoid for covering your webcam, says FBI Director Comey

Speaking at a conference this week, FBI Director James Comey offered up a little security tip: cover your webcam. Comey said that most federal employees cover their webcams as a matter of course.

Google goes greener than ever with new promises for zero-waste data centers

On Wednesday, Google announced a new commitment to achieving "zero waste in all [its] data centers globally," something the company calls "an ambitious goal and just the kind of challenge that excites us."