Couples are most likely to breakup before Christmas, Facebook graph shows

Your relationship is safest from August through October, says Daily Mail. The UK site posted a graph today showing the days of the year when relationship breakups happen most frequently. The data is gathered by David McCandless. The designer pulled information from 10,000 Facebook status updates that had the phrases “break up” or “broken up” in them.


The results are interesting. There are huge spikes of relationship ending statuses during spring break (early March) and in the two weeks leading up to Christmas. Valentines Day, April Fool’s Day, and the Fourth of July are all big breakup times as well. The lowest breakup day of the year, however, is Christmas day, proving that college students do have a heart.

McCandless unveiled this Facebook breakup graph during a TED lecture in August. He has also shown graphs detailing foreign aid spending, among other things.

Unfortunately, it would be more useful if he made a graph showing when people entered relationships as well. A search for “In a relationship” would give accurate data on this. To make his current graph more accurate, adding searches for “no longer in a relationship” or “is single” would shed further light on the data. Those are official Facebook news feed update terms from Facebook.

Facebook recently launched friendship pages, which detail friendships between two individuals. Due to pressure from users, former relationships do not get a friendship page because, well, breakups are hard.