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Here’s how to get a free $5 Amazon gift card when you buy a $50 Apple gift card


Want to save even more money when you purchase your favorite Apple products, like the ones in these Apple deals, AirPods deals, and MacBook deals? Well, right now, you can score a $5 Amazon promotional credit any Amazon purchase when you buy an Apple gift card of $50 or more at Amazon today. All you have to do is use the code APPLE21 at purchase when you check out, and you will receive your extra $5 credit by email. It’s so easy why wouldn’t you take advantage?

The more we shop with Amazon, including Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods, the more we look to save money on everyday items, from grocery to appliances to home goods to, well, everything. Every discount helps, which is why we keep an eye out for deals like this. Right now, when you purchase a $50 Apple gift card (or higher), you can receive a $5 promotional credit to your Amazon account. When you go to check out with your Apple gift card, simply add the promo code APPLE21, and within a few days, you’ll receive a $5 credit by email.

That $5 can go toward whatever you want: Batteries, peanut butter, diapers, you name it. You could even put it toward whatever fantastic Apple product you have in mind — giving you an even deeper discount. Apple products go on sale so rarely that’s it’s nice to receive any kind of discount, and this is like a double discount. Those are the kind of surprises we like!

Naturally, there is some fine print, but nothing shocking. To take advantage of this deal, you need to purchase a minimum of $50 on an Apple gift card, although you have the option to spend as much as $200 on a single gift card. After you type in the code and check out, it will be listed in your qualifying offers in your Review Items and Shipping section. The final price should be $50, along with your $5 promotional credit. Within three days, you should receive your $5 credit by email. This discount can be applied to anything you buy at Amazon, but your Apple Gift card can only be used on purchases at Apple Stores, on the Apple Store app, at, or in the App Store, iTunes, or Apple Music/TV/News/iCloud. There are no returns or refunds on Apple gift cards, and you can only get one per customer. This offer won’t be here forever, so click that Buy Now button and save today.

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This AirTags deal gets you a free pizza — kinda, sort of
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Here on the Digital Trends deals team, we usually highlight steep discounts on expensive products. There's no denying the thrill of buying a luxury item for a fraction of its normal cost. But another, practical way to save is by buying stuff you were going to buy anyway while it's just a bit cheaper. If you're in the market for a new phone, for example, checking out the best phone deals is always a great idea, or Apple deals, or TV deals, or smart home gear -- you name it. If you're an Apple fanatic, we have a deal just like for you.
Right now, Amazon is offering $9 off the Apple AirTags in a four-pack, but here's the kicker, you could use that tenner to order a pizza, soda, candy, or whatever your little heart desires. Yum, now I'm craving a greasy Pepperoni pie. Anyways, the Apple AirTags bundle is usually $99, but with this deal you can grab them for just $90, saving $9 -- so you can put it towards pizza, food, or whatever else you want. Check out that deal below or for more details on why the AirTag is a must-buy.

Why you should buy Apple AirTags
In short, the Apple AirTags are small, GPS-ready dongles or devices that you can use to track your belongings and valuables through Apple's Find My app service. They offer a simple one-tap setup with iPhone and iPad devices, you just tap and then tracking is activated. They're thin, lightweight, and durable so you can place them just about anywhere, to help you find lost remotes, secure your smartphone, keep an eye on your luggage, and much more.
In our Apple AirTag review, Christian de Looper praised the little device(s) for being easy to use, tapping into a huge ecosystem (Apple's), precision and reliable tracking support, and the option to replace the battery. You can also tap into a huge library of resources, like cases, keychains, and more, that extend your use of the tags, sometimes even allowing you to achieve more with them. For example, a simple keychain allows you to attach them to your keys, so you can always find your car keys, even if you leave them somewhere you visit like a restaurant, bar, or friend's house.
A special "Lost Mode" when activated, will automatically notify you that the tracker, and whatever it's attached to, has been detected in the Find My network. This is excellent for when you lose or misplace items and need to locate them, even after a long time of being away. All communications via Apple's Find My network are anonymous and encrypted, meaning your privacy is safe, and location data and history are never stored on the actual AirTag. That way if the tag is misplaced someone can't just look up sensitive information, like your home address.
Normally $99, Amazon is offering the Apple AirTag four-pack, right now, for just $90, which saves you $9. That might not seem like a lot until you go to order some food or a pizza. Yum. If you want to track lost or stolen items, the AirTag is one of the best ways to do that. We recommend grabbing some when you have the opportunity, like now. We're not sure how long the deal is going to last, just an FYI.

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