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Amazon drops Fitbit Ace fitness tracker for kids to $60 on Prime Day

We scoured Amazon during Prime Day to make it easier for you to spot great discounts on tech for kids. If you are looking for a budget-friendly gift for your preteen, consider the Fitbit Ace. You can get this fitness tracker — in Electric Blue or Power Purple — for just $60 during this 48-hour event.

The usually $100 Fitbit Ace gets a steep 40% price cut on Amazon just in time for the summer break. This deal will attract other parents who are looking to save on gadgets designed for kids, so place your order now while stock is available.

Ages 8 to 13 is a crucial time for children to get in the habit of moving. Encourage them to stay active with the Fitbit Ace. This fitness band tracks your kids’ steps, physical activity, and sleep. When a milestone or achievement is reached, your kid will be rewarded with congratulatory messages and fun badges.

Sync your children’s Fitbit Aces with an iOS or Android device to view their stats through the Fitbit App. Then, you need to set up a family account and a separate account for each child. The Parent’s View will give you an in-depth view of your kids’ activities. The Kids’ View is more restricted and can be turned on or off by you, the parent. It will only let your children see their stats, badges, and more.

The Fitbit Ace is designed with your child’s growth in mind. Its band can be adjusted to accommodate growth, especially on pre-adolescent kids. And in the essence of building positive habits, it will not display calorie count, body fat percentage, and other information that can impact kids negatively.

If you are around preteens, you know that they can start getting their own styles at this age. You can have them choose between the blue and purple bands that are available for the Fitbit Ace. They can further personalize their fitness trackers by switching among the 10 available clock faces.

Get your not-so-little-ones the Fitbit Ace and get them started to a healthy lifestyle. You can get the Electric Blue and Power Purple fitness bands on Amazon at only $60 each. Order now while the deal is available.

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