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You can buy a Smart TV for $90 for Prime Day (seriously)

A Insignia F20 Series 24DF310NA21 TV.

One thing we all know is that Prime Day deals are the best of the year, not only because electronics are the most discounted products, but also because there’s a ton of competition from other retailers. In fact, Best Buy has better Prime Day TV deals than Amazon, although Amazon isn’t a slouch either, especially with the offer on this Insignia F20-series for $90. That’s right, you read that correctly: $ 90, down from the retail price of $170, which constitutes an , or roughly 47% off, which is a lot.

Why you should buy the Insignia 24-inch Class F20 Series

With such a big focus on massive TVs, with some of the best TVs being as big as 75 inches, many smaller sizes tend to get overlooked, which is a shame given that they also serve a purpose. For example, this F20-series, 24-inch TV may not seem like something that would fit in an average home, but it’s a great TV for us in the kitchen, a bedroom, or even a studio apartment where space is at a premium and you’re going to be sitting up close to the TV anyway. Granted, you aren’t going to get 4K resolution, but the 720p resolution that it does come with is pretty good for the size, and the pixel density is high enough that you will still get a relatively crisp picture.

What’s even more impressive is that it’s direct-lit, meaning that there are LED lights around the edges and on the background, so you get more uniform light and just overall more brightness. It also has DTS TruSurround, which helps build a nicer surround sound around the TV and into the room, although alternatively, you could grab an $80 Prime Day soundbar deal and get some even better audio while only paying $170 in total, a pretty great pairing. The Insignia even has an HDMI Arc port, so you don’t need to hook up as many cables as you would normally.

Finally, the whole thing is built around the FireTV platform and gives you a similar experience as FireTV Stick, which you can grab with this Fire TV Stick deal if you want to upgrade an already existing TV. Either way, you get the whole FireTV experience that Amazon has built, including access to dozens of streaming apps, including Amazon’s Prime Video, assuming you have subscribed to it. There are also some nice convenience features like the microphone in the remote, allowing you to control the TV remotely through Alexa. You can also use the TV to control your smart home since FireTV acts as a sort of smart home hub, which is pretty handy if you have the TV placed somewhere away from your hub and where you won’t have access to your phone, such as when cooking in the kitchen.

Overall, the Insignia is a great little TV packed full of features and comes at a pretty impressive price. That being said, if you’re looking for something with higher resolution, you can take a look at the best 4K TVs under $500, or if you have a slightly bigger budget, there are the 2022’s best TVs for under $1,000 you can check out too.

While that is a great deal, if you’re looking for something a little bit bigger with higher resolution, then check out some of the Prime Day TV deals to see if there’s something there that fits the bill.

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