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'GTFO' is a terrifying co-op FPS experience from 'Payday' designer

10 Chambers Collective - Name Reveal Teaser Trailer
In 2015, members of the team behind co-op FPS Payday left developer Overkill Software to form a new studio, 10 Chambers Collective. Now, the first project from the group has been unveiled, under the rather evocative title of GTFO.

Not much has been said about the project at this time, but it seems that it will be a similar type of game to Payday, albeit with a slightly different focus. Once again, it’s an FPS designed for four players to play cooperatively — although this time around, proceedings will be livened up with an injection of horror, according to a report from Gamespot.

The short teaser trailer released by 10 Chambers Collective describes GTFO as “a terrifying new co-operative experience,” and we see a little bit of what that means in the clip. It depicts what looks to be a deep underground cavern, which is presumably the location that players are being tasked with escaping in the game.

Of course, given that this is an FPS, and given that the teaser is backed by some quite disturbing sound effects, we can perhaps assume that there’s something evil lurking in the depths. However, the enemies that will make things difficult for players in GTFO will seemingly be revealed at a later date.

It’s clear that 10 Chambers Collective is making a game for truly hardcore FPS fans. “When we started 10 Chambers Collective, we set out to make a game for the cooperative FPS community that would really put them to the test,” said founder Ulf Andersson. “A game where you don’t just depend on one another for firepower, but truly work together.”

The developers have stated that people playing GTFO solo will probably have a bad time — this is a game that’s all about assembling a team and playing to one another’s strengths. That kind of experience isn’t for everyone, but there will be plenty of gamers eager to take on such a demanding multiplayer title.

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