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Dead by Daylight dev laying off up to 95 people in ‘structural’ change

Vecna in Dead by Daylight.
Behaviour Interactive

Behaviour Interactive, the studio best known for the asymmetrical horror game Dead by Daylight, plans to lay off up to 95 people, mostly from its Montreal office.

According to a press release, the move is part of a number of “structural changes” the company plans to make in order to “craft an ambitious vision for its future success.”

“I would like to express my deep personal appreciation for any employee affected by today’s changes,” studio co-founder Rémi Racine said in a statement. “While changes to our structure and strategic vision have led to challenging decisions, we are confident that these decisions will position us for continued success.”

The 95 workers — 70 of whom are based at the Montreal headquarters — are in addition to the reported 45 workers laid off in January. Those earlier layoffs were spurred on by “changing market conditions,” according to a statement provided to

The announcement promises that Dead by Daylight will not be affected. The game still releases frequent updates. In fact, it just released a Dungeons & Dragons crossover on Monday with the lich Vecna as the Entity of note that players have to escape. It also plans to release a new 2v8 mode and a Castlevania collaboration.

Behaviour Interactive has also been working on the in-universe Dead by Daylight spinoffs Project T, a co-op third-person shooter from Midwinter Entertainment (acquired by Behaviour in 2022), and The Casting of Frank Stone, a single-player adventure from Supermassive Games. It also released Meet Your Maker, a multiplayer dungeon creator and tower defense fusion game, last year.

The company has also been making a lot of acquisitions, including SockMonkey Studios in early 2023 and Codeglue from the Netherlands later that year. It also opened another U.K.-based studio in Cornwall, bringing the total studios up to six, including Midwinter.

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Meet Your Maker is the next game directly developed and published by Behaviour Interactive. It's a unique user-generated content game where players make massive trap-and-enemy-filled bases for other players to plunder in a post-apocalyptic world. Getting through a base seems quite hard, as players will have limited weapons, tools, and abilities at their disposal to take out enemies and traps as they try to obtain genetic material stored within each base. 
The base-building system also looks pretty robust, as players can build and customize each part of their base. During a hands-off demo, I saw one base that looked like a Viking Ship. All bases have to have a traversable path to the genetic material before it can be posted online. However, basebuilders can still make their bases quite difficult and can even view other players' plundering attempts to see what they can change to make it more challenging.
It's still asymmetrical but not a direct PvP game, making it more appealing to me than Dead by Daylight. I'll definitely check Meet Your Maker out when it releases for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X in 2023. It's also getting a closed test later this month, and players can sign up for that on the game's website. 
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