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Walmart cuts $100 off the NordicTrack C500 Treadmill for Prime Day

Update: This deal has expired. 

Running continues to be a go-to exercise to help you burn major calories, and while running outdoors provides a more well-rounded workout, having your own treadmill presents additional advantages. It allows you to work out in the comfort of your home, not impacted by weather, and offers more privacy. With so many options on the market today, it can be challenging to find the perfect one for your home. Lucky for you, Walmart is hacking the prices on NordicTrack treadmills to compete with Amazon’s Prime Day deals.

To go along with your workouts, you may want to also consider a fitness tracker. Amazon is currently offering discounts on Apple Watch and Fitbit Versa ahead of Prime Day.


Prime Day is Amazon’s creation, but Walmart, refusing to sit idle, has also dropped amazing deals on thousands of products, including this NordicTrack C500 Treadmill.  Normally $599, this fitness machine is now available for only $499.

The NordicTrack C500 has a 6-inch multicolor LCD monitor that provides a head-up display of your current progress and other fitness metrics. It also has two stereo speakers that let you plug in your music. Other features include FlexSelect Cushioning to protect your joints from the impact of running and EasyLift, which lets you quickly fold the deck up for compact storage.

What’s most notable about the NordicTrack C500 treadmill is its compatibility with iFit, a health-tracking software that’s an affordable alternative to Peloton. This software provides interactive personal training, professional coaching, workout suggestions, nutrition tips, and more. It has an ever-expanding library of on-demand workouts led by trainers from around the world, so you can select preprogrammed workouts designed by professional athletes.

The C500’s built-in software also lets you run through a range of virtual destinations anywhere in the world. Its cutting-edge incline-matching technology digitally adjusts your resistance to mimic real-world terrain, providing a fully immersive training experience.

Purchase the NordicTrack C500 Treadmill on Walmart for only $499 and elevate your exercise regimen with interactive personal training in your home.

Walmart is also offering discounts on a couple of budget fitness equipment options: The Gold’s Gym Trainer 430i Treadmill drops to only $379. Like the NordicTracK C500, The Gold’s Gym Trainer is also  compatible with iFit for a more interactive workout experience.

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