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JBL Live 660NC noise-cancelling headphones are $100 off today

A woman wearing the JBL Live 660NC wireless headphones while outdoors.

If you want noise-canceling headphones at $100 off, this is the time. We’ve found the JBL Live 660NC, which are usually $200 at the great price of just $100. That represent a savings of %50 off and will get you a long way towards a comfortable study environment this fall semester or, if you take the bus or metro, give you a more peaceful commute. Whatever the purpose, to get your JBL Live 660NC, all you need to do is tap the button below, hit “Add to Cart,” and checkout from Best Buy’s online store. If you want more info on the headphones first, be sure to keep reading, as we’ll give you a brief rundown on why people choose the JBL Live 660NC as their world-quieteners of choice.

Why you should buy the JBL Live 660NC

We know that the most important thing about noise-canceling headphones is their noise-cancellation capabilities. That’s just logical. We’ll get to it. But something else stands out more for headphones of this price: the battery life. If you pop them in their supplied carrying pouch and travel over the weekend or even for a week, you will not need to charge your JBL Live 660NC as they have a battery life of between 40 and 50 hours. To demonstrate the incredible value here with an (admittedly silly) extrapolation, if you were to buy the JBL Live 660NC, charge them once, and then throw them away when the battery died you’d only be paying about $2/hour for using them. That’s how intense this deal is.

But what about the noise-canceling? The JBL Live 660NC use adaptive techniques to bring you the right level of noise-cancelation for your environment. When noise is your total enemy, they will block everything as much as possible. During conversation, your music is turned down and the voice spectrum is enhanced. Walking down a dangerously busy street? The JBL Live 660NC’s Ambient Aware mode highlights environmental sounds for you to keep you safe.

The JBL Live 660NC will make your world a more quiet and peaceful place for only $100 while this deal is active. That’s 50% (or $100) off the standard $200, making this an incredible time to buy them. If you still aren’t sure, or have more or less room in your budget, you can check out these headphones deals to play the field a bit more. On the other hand, if you like these headphones, go ahead and tap the button below to buy them now while this extraordinary deal is still in effect.

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