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Your whole life can be connected to the Internet of Things with SensePeanut

Your whole life might be getting a lot more connected. As the Internet of Things continues to permeate seemingly every aspect of our existence, we’re now being introduced to the latest participants to enter the fray. Meet SensePeanut, described as an “innovative range of smart, intuitive sensors designed to bring affordable, easy-to-use connected life functionality to the masses.”

These series of individual sensor tags are each meant to “perform, monitor, or track” an element of your livelihood, all for just $29 each.

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The first four Peanuts zero in on temperature, sleep, medication, and smart switches. Promising to be “as simple as possible to install” and boasting “advanced functionality to solve a range of everyday lifestyle and home management tasks,” these smart sensors interact with both iOS and Android devices using Bluetooth 4.0. Apparently, you can set up your Peanut in under a minute, and once it’s registered and synced with the SensePeanut app, you can begin use immediately.

There’s the ThermoPeanut, available today, which tracks the temperature of any given space. You’ll be able to see trend reports on temperature changes and receive alerts when an area is getting too warm or too hot. And because it’s IFTTT and Nest compatible, you aren’t left only monitoring the temperature — you can do something about it, too.


There’s also the SleepPeanut, which gives users a detailed analysis of the amount of time they’ve spent asleep, and further information regarding levels of deep sleep and light sleep. The SleepPeanut’s intelligent wake-up settings ensure that users are awakened during the optimal point of their sleep cycle, and the sensor can also be set to sound a “go to sleep” alarm to optimize sleep hours.

The PeanutButton claims to transform “any surface into a smart remote,” capable of detecting three types of taps — a single press, a double press, or a long press. Each unique press can trigger a different action, whether it’s playing music on your phone, turning on the lights, or taking a selfie.

Finally, the MedPeanut helps individuals “monitor and become more compliant about taking their medications.” With weekly activity reports that can be delivered to caretakers and physicians, this last Peanut may just help keep your life on track. And because it’s also IFTTT compatible, you can set custom alerts to ensure you never miss a dosage again.

“With SensePeanuts, we have simplified the promise of connected solutions in a way that consumers of all levels can understand and general and specialty retailers can easily communicate and merchandise,” said Rafi Haladjian, founder and CEO of “By creating a family of products with clearly designated outcomes, we have brought the benefits of the connected life to people without the need for complicated integrated hardware or costly price tags. Now with a SensePeanut and any smartphone or tablet, everyday objects can be given super powers to better allow people to take control of their home and their lives.”

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