Leaked photos and video give us a good look at the BlackBerry 10 L Series phone

BlackBerry 10 L SeriesIf you’re excited about Research in Motion’s new BlackBerry 10 hardware, due to launch at the end of January, then you’re in for a treat as a we’ve been given a good look at the L Series phone. The L Series will be RIM’s full touchscreen model and it will be released alongside the QWERTY keyboard-equipped N Series.

Earlier this week, a close-up shot of the phone appeared on BlackBerry’s own BB10 website, and although it didn’t show much detail, it did confirm the new phone will have a textured rear panel. Up until that point we’d only had the Dev Alpha phone to go on, which has a rather dull, featureless design.

RIM’s teaser shot has now been joined by a leaked picture of the whole device, showing the complete textured back and a large, central BlackBerry logo. A keen developer found the image hidden inside a Dev Alpha software update, and as it’s suitably high resolution, we can also see a set of metallic buttons running down the left-hand side of the device too.

Previous leaks have shown the L Series phone to be quite long, and it’s rumored to have a 4.2-inch, 1280 x 768 pixel resolution screen, plus a dual-core processor is expected to power the new device.

As for the front of the phone, a leaked video showing a little more about BlackBerry 10’s gesture control system features a phone which looks very similar to L Series handsets seen before. It could be that by putting the phone featured in the video together with the rear panel seen above, we’ve got our best clue yet as to how the new L Series phone will look. Research in Motion recently published its own video showing BlackBerry Flow in action too.

Research in Motion will reveal BlackBerry 10 and its two new phones at a global event to be held on January 30.

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