Google and Nestlé are teaming up again for a YouTube-KitKat cross-branding campaign

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Remember when Google teamed up with Nestlé to designate Android 4.4 “KitKat”? Most of us assumed that the unlikely partnership would never extend to any of Google’s other properties, but we were proven wrong today. To commemorate the 10-year anniversary of YouTube and 80-year anniversary of the KitKat bar, the two companies announced rebranded KitKat candies bound for UK and Irish shores.

A limited, 600,000 run of chocolate bars will sport modified packaging with the words “YouTube Break” in place of the KitKat logo and suggestions for various ‘breaks,’ like a ‘me time break’ and ‘sporty break’ (don’t ask), on the back. These breaks, according to the press release, “form one of 72 different types of ‘breaks’ to feature on more than 400 limited edition designs across 2 and 4 finger and Chunky bars.” Another factoid: Nestlé’s producing more than 100 million specially designed packs over the course of the campaign, which is a heck of a lot of chocolate.

There’s a smartphone component to the advertising, too. Searching by voice on Google Now for “KitKat YouTube my break” will bring up a KitKat promo and a playlist of the top four trending YouTube videos. Unlike the special candy wrappers, it isn’t limited to the UK — the feature is live worldwide.

What makes KitKat and YouTube the perfect pair, exactly? “KitKat consumers are also YouTube fans,” the companies concluded from “consumer insight.” The veracity of that claim aside, the presser astutely observes that KitKats and YouTube together “help … make the most out of … down time,” which, if you like crunchy candy and viral videos, is pretty hard to deny.

“We’re passionate about giving something back to our consumers, which lead us to the idea to ‘celebrate the breakers break,'” said Dame Fiona Kendrick, CEO and Chairman of Nestlé UK & Ireland. “By teaming up with one of the world’s most popular entertainment channels, the ‘YouTube my break’ helps consumers have the most enjoyable break possible.”

If you live in the UK or Ireland, the limited edition KitKat bars should be popping up in stores across the countries. Have at ’em.

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