9 Nexus 9 problems and how to fix them

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The partnership that kicked off the Nexus series has reformed to launch the Nexus 9 tablet, and as you’d expect, it’s a powerful and highly desirable gadget. However, that doesn’t mean it’s absolutely flawless. We’ve been listening to owners, and scanning the Internet to find out what the most common Nexus 9 problems are and how you might go about fixing them, or at least work around them. This is what we’ve found so far.

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Bug: Charging causes lock screen loop

Google-Nexus-9-Screenshot-settings A number of Nexus 9 owners have encountered a strange issue while charging the tablet. The lock screen keeps refreshing, like it’s stuck in a loop, and the tablet becomes unresponsive. This may be followed by a message about the UI crashing. Some people are also hearing an unusual, continuous ticking sound coming from the device.


  • Try changing the language because this seems to be a bug. A few people found that changing from French Canadian to any other language resolved both issues.
  • Another way to get round this is to open the Google app and go to Menu > Settings > “Ok Google” detection and uncheck Always-on.


  • Google is sure to patch this one in the first update so keep an eye on Settings > About tablet > Software update.

Glitch: Laggy performance

The Nexus 9 is a powerful tablet and you should not be experiencing any lag when navigating around, but unfortunately some people are. Reports about delays of a few seconds after pressing the Home or Multitasking buttons, delays when auto-rotating, and delays when opening apps, are not uncommon. Luckily there are things you can do about it.

Potential solutions:

  • Start with a simple IT favorite and just turn the Nexus 9 off and then on again.
  • If that doesn’t help then try a factory reset via Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset tablet, then enter your PIN or password and tap Delete everything. Make sure you back up anything precious beforehand because this will wipe the tablet completely.
  • After the reset, before you start reinstalling apps, check to see if the problem is gone. If it persists then it’s time to call Google or your retailer about a replacement.

Problem: Light bleed

Quite a few Nexus 9 owners have found light bleeding through at the top of the display when you hold the tablet in portrait view. This is down to variable build quality and some tablets will suffer worse than others.


  • This is a common issue with tablets and your only choice is to live with it or gamble on a replacement. Contact Google and you should be offered a refund or exchange. A lot of people report no light bleed, so there’s a chance you’ll get a tablet without the issue if you exchange it.

Issue: Volume buttons and back coverGoogle-Nexus-9-top

The reports of variable build quality continue with complaints about the Nexus 9 volume buttons. Some people find that they don’t protrude enough and have no travel and a distinct lack of click, so it’s tough to know when they’ve been pressed. There are also reports of loose back covers and gaps at the corners. Both issues are down to build quality and there’s only one thing to do.


  • Call Google or your retailer and arrange a replacement Nexus 9.

Problem: Overheating

A lot of people are worried about the Nexus 9 overheating. It’s normal for tablets and phones to get hot while you are gaming, but there are reports that the Nexus 9 is heating up while web browsing. It’s worse on websites with a lot of ads and animated images.


  • Some people have found that using a different browser seems to help. Try Chrome Beta, Firefox, or something else.
  • Make sure that you update your apps when updates become available and look out for an update to Android Lollipop itself.
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