Check out 30 of the best iPhone games you need to be playing

The iPhone has some of our favorite games available for any mobile platform. Here are the best iPhone games for every big-name genre, whether you're into puzzles, strategy, or something else entirely.
Social Media

Reddit scatters in-feed sponsored posts inside its mobile apps

Reddit's apps now have a new ad format mixing sponsored multimedia posts into users' feeds that allow for user comments. The ads are launching first on iOS but coming to Android soon.

Google Pay support for Wear OS expands to three new countries

Google Pay, Google's mobile payment system, turns your phone into a wallet and negates the need to pull out your credit card in stores. Here is everything you need to know about it, including all the countries where it can be used.

Our favorite fitness trackers make it fun to keep moving

Looking for your first fitness tracker, or an upgrade to the one you're already wearing? There are plenty of the wrist-worn gadgets available, so here's our pick of the best fitness trackers available right now.
Smart Home

The Nest x Yale smart deadbolt lock begins shipping for $249

At CES 2018, the Alphabet-owned company Nest announced a new smart deadbolt developed in conjunction with Yale Locks and Hardware. Meet the Nest x Yale Lock, heralded as the first Works with Nest product controlled using the Nest app.

Qualcomm’s stand-alone VR headset design uses Tobii eye-tracking

Tobii said that Qualcomm's latest reference design for stand-alone VR headsets includes its eye-tracking technology. This component will enable foveated rendering, a method of "blurring" everything outside your field of view.

Google adds wheelchair-accessible routes to Google Maps

Google officially introduced wheelchair-accessible routes on Google Maps. The new feature will give those with wheelchairs or other mobility needs an easier way to navigate using public transit.

Using broken glass, this camera can capture any wavelength, from visible to IR

Researchers at the Nanyang Technological University just developed a camera that skips the lens and the colored filter, yet can capture infrared and ultraviolet along with visible light.

Apple patent aims to use haptic feedback to make notifications distinguishable

Apple has been awarded a series of new patents -- including three related to improving a device's waterproofing, coloring titanium for use in building devices, and using haptic feedback for distinguishable notifications.
Product Review

Lenovo's Mirage VR headset is a wireless, phoneless Daydream come true

The Lenovo Mirage Solo is the first Daydream VR headset that doesn’t need a smartphone. Powered by Google’s VR software and WorldSense technology, you benefit from six degrees of freedom and the lack of smartphone constraints.

Apple highlights existing parental control features on new Families page

Months after shareholders asked Apple to address cell phone addiction in children, the tech giant created a new Families page, making all of its existing parental control features easily accessible.

8 sweet Android 8.0 Oreo tips and tricks to help get you started

Android 8.0 Oreo is official, and it's full of features like scheduled notifications, password autofill, and improved text selection. Here are the Android 8.0 Oreo tips and tricks you need to know.