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Snapchat finally releases rebuilt Android app with superior performance

If you've been struggling with a slow and buggy Snapchat on Android, then we have some good news for you. A new version has just been released that promises superior performance and an all-around better experience.
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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey received an annual salary of $1.40 in 2018

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey received an annual pay check of just $1.40 in 2018, an amount that would only get you one item at a dollar store, with 40 cents left over for, perhaps, a banana.
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How a two-year-old Facebook post may lead to jail time for a visitor to Dubai

If you enjoy sounding off on social media, you might want to check through your posts prior to any trip to Dubai after a British woman was arrested there for comments made on Facebook two years ago.

Shop while you wash: Kenmore adds Dash Replenishment to smart washers

Kenmore has added Amazon Dash Replenishment services to its upcoming smart washers and dryers. With the service, you never again have to worry being surprised by having no detergent.
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Adobe gives peek at 7 advertising projects that may make their way to all of us

Deep in development and on their way to market, seven projects from Adobe that use machine learning, A.I., augmented reality and the company's Sensei engine were featured at Adobe Summit 2019.

Skype doubles its group video chat limit to 50 participants

Skype now allows for up to 50 people in video and audio chats, double that of before. And instead of ringing everyone as a way to get a group call started, you can now send unobtrusive notifications to get everyone’s attention.

A host of new changes adds to Snapchat’s increasing functionality

Snap made a series of announcements related to partnerships with other companies that will see Snapchat products being used in third-party apps. Examples include Bitmoji being available on Fitbit watches and Stories available in Tinder.
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WhatsApp finally lets you control who can add you to a group

WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature that allows you to block others from adding you into groups automatically. It means that if someone wants to add you to a group, you’ll have to give your permission first. 
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Brands look to personalization to reach customers, but at what cost to privacy?

The days of blanket advertising are all but over. Advertising and other messaging will be addressed directly to you and will cater to your needs and desires. But, as a consumer, it also means you have to surrender a degree of privacy.
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Facebook tries to demystify your news feed with built-in transparency tool

Wondering why some posts appear in your news feed over others? Facebook is attempting to demystify its algorithms with a new tool that tells users why a post appeared in the news feed. The tool also includes shortcuts to newsfeed settings.
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Twitter’s dark mode automatically activates to ease your eyes

Not a fan of Twitter's dark blue "dark" mode? The updated version begins rolling out today with a black background and the option to automatically activate the mode when it's dark outside. Here's how to use Twitter's dark mode.
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Despite changes, HUD hits Facebook with charges of ad discrimination

After removing several ad categories for housing ads last week, Facebook is now facing charges from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. HUD says the social media network still has tools that allow advertisers to discriminate.
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Should we put a tax on Facebook to keep journalism alive?

Think of it like a carbon tax, which many countries impose on the oil industry to help clean up pollution. The United States should impose a similar mechanism on targeted advertising to counteract how the platforms amplify content that’s…
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Facebook will ban content supporting white nationalism and separatism

Facebook is reportedly banning content supporting white nationalism and separatism from its platforms. It's the company's latest attempt to crack down on the spread of extremism over social media.
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Facebook axes fake accounts pretending to be legitimate media organizations

Facebook removed more than 2,500 accounts for coordinated inauthentic behavior, including some accounts pretending to be media organizations. A small number pretended to be political groups in the U.S., U.K., and Australia.

Man pleads guilty to scamming Facebook and Google out of more than $100M

One of the men behind an elaborate fraud that saw Facebook and Google each hand over tens of millions of dollars has admitted to his part in the scheme. Lithuanian Evaldas Rimasauskas faces up to 30 years in a U.S. jail.
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A Facebook, Instagram bug exposed millions of passwords to its employees

Facebook, Facebook Lite, and Instagram passwords weren't properly encrypted and could be viewed by employees, the company said Thursday. The network estimates millions of users were affected.
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Facebook Messenger adds quoted replies to better organize group chats

Facebook is rolling out a feature that should help make group chats a whole lot more organized. The feature allows you to reply to specific messages within a group chat, so others will be able to tell what you're replying to.