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apple sued by baidu over fake ernie ai apps on app store office

Apple sued by Baidu over fake Ernie chatbot apps on App Store

Chinese tech giant Baidu has sued Apple and a number of app developers over fake versions of its AI chatbot appearing in the App Store.
brain with computer text scrolling artificial intelligence

Chinese internet giant to launch its own version of ChatGPT, report says

Baidu's next-generation autonomous robotaxi.

Check out Baidu’s futuristic robotaxi

where do emojis come from firecracker facemoji team 2 copy

Where do emojis come from? How the firecracker exploded onto emoji keyboards


Chinese search engine Baidu surpasses Google as 2nd-largest smart speaker vendor

android q wish list

Over 1,000 Android apps are collecting user data without permission

google android time management controls io 2018 stage sundar pichai 3 2

Google claims censored search in China is ‘not close’ as employees protest

Baidu prototype self-driving car

Intel and Baidu team up to make autonomous driving even smarter, safer

Breast cancer test

Chinese search giant Baidu creates an open-source A.I. for detecting cancer

china netflix 4k vr headset qiyivr2

Baidu-owned ‘Netflix of China’ jumps into VR with a 4K headset with 8K support

Baidu (sign)

Baidu’s pocket translator is a ‘Star Trek’ dream come to life

baidu ai emulate your voice speechrecognition

Baidu’s new A.I. can mimic your voice after listening to it for just one minute

Baidu Raven H

Baidu takes aim at Amazon and Google with the Raven H, its first smart speaker

Baidu -- the company behind China's most popular search engine -- unveiled a new smart speaker at CES, one designed to take aim at Amazon.

China’s Baidu, Changan enter the autonomous vehicle fray

The international competition is on like never before as Chinese companies like Baidu develop their very own autonomous vehicles.

Baidu’s Deep Voice 2 text-to-speech engine can imitate hundreds of human accents

Baidu's Deep Voice 2, an AI-powered translation app, can almost perfectly imitate a human voice -- and generate hundreds of accents.

Baidu’s SwiftScribe uses AI to transcribe audio files up to an hour in length

Baidu's SwiftScribe app performs AI-powered transcription on any audio file under an hour in length. It's free to use.
roup of medical staff at hospital, doctors team standing together

Baidu releases Melody, a medical assistant chatbot to keep physicians humming

Melody the Medical Assistant chatbot is designed to converse with patients and collect data on their conditions to save physicians time for treatment.
baidu typetalk keyboard rsz img 0047

Baidu’s TypeTalk app uses artificial intelligence to power voice transcription

Baidu, the Beijing, China-based internet search juggernaut, has launched a new third-party keyboard for Android that features AI-powered transcription.

Baidu will test autonomous cars on public roads in California

Baidu was granted a permit to test autonomous cars on public roads by the California DMV. The Chinese company plans to start testing "very soon."
swiftkey beta 6 0 update version 1445516617 typing smartphone shutterstock 329161457

Smartphone speech recognition can text 3 times faster than you can type

In a challenge pitting human texters against a cutting-edge speech recognition algorithm, the computer proved three times faster than humans typing.

Velodyne just got $150 million from Ford and Baidu to develop its lidar tech

Velodyne, a company that makes lidar sensors for self-driving cars, has managed to raise an impressive $150 million from Ford and Baidu.
baidu ai music starrynight

Baidu's AI Composer translates famous artworks into melodies you can listen to

An artificial intelligence algorithm created by China’s search giant, Baidu, is taking a crack at composing original music inspired by images.

Baidu’s food app Nuomi is like a supercharged, AI-enabled Yelp

Later this year, Baidu will roll out a change to its Nuomi app that lets people review not only restaurants, but individual dishes as well.
baidu map dangerous crowds

Baidu can use map data to give early warnings about dangerous crowds

Baidu, China’s version of Google, is making the case that it can use queries made on its maps service to predict dangerous overcrowding.

Self-driving buses are next on the docket for Baidu

Self-driving cars are so 2015. The real transportation of the future (at least, as China sees it) lies in self-driving buses.

Move over Google, Baidu just introduced its own driverless car

In the seemingly endless race between the U.S. and China for world domination, the roadways have become a prime racing ground.
amazon bundles premium apps for free fire tablet friends

Amazon partners with Baidu to launch Fire Tablet in China

Amazon has announced that it will launch its inexpensive Fire Tablet in China, partnering with Baidu to help sell the device. 
Google Play Store

Google Play app store returns to China

After leaving altogether in 2010 following a highly publicized censorship battle, Google may be returning to China with the Google Play app store.
baidu smart chopsticks by

‘Smart chopsticks’ from Baidu let you check the safety and quality of your meal

google baidu are the worlds most popular search engines shutterstock 171252059

Google is easily the most popular search engine, but have you heard who’s in second?

Here's a hint - it's a Chinese company. Still stumped? Read on to learn more.
age of internet empires map proves what we already know google and facebook are poised for world domination

It’s the tale of internet domination, told through an old timey map

In case you still had doubts about the lordship of Google and Facebook over the Web.
Baidu (sign)

Chinese search engine Baidu developing Google Glass-like high-tech eyewear

Google's Chinese competition, Baidu, is working on a smart eyepiece technology similar to Google Glass called "Baidu Eye."
Baidu (sign)

China’s Baidu removed from U.S. “notorious markets” list

Aliyun mobile OS

Alibaba to release English version of Aliyun mobile OS