Save your cash for post-ride beers with the best mountain bikes under $500

The best mountain bikes under $500 pair functionality with affordability. Here are some of our favorite models currently on the market, whether you're a fan of lofty suspension or prefer something more rigid.

Can't touch this: The best bike locks to secure your bicycle

An estimated 1.5 million bikes are stolen every year and that number doesn't seem to be dwindling. To fight against bike theft, you’ll want to get a hold of one of the best bike locks currently available.

Specialized recalls more than 13,000 bikes due to faulty forks

Californian bike company Specialized has issued a recall surrounding faulty forks installed in its entire Allez line of road bikes -- affecting roughly 13,000 bicycles worldwide. Specialized said it will replace and install new forks for…

Zwift brought together 15 countries for an online stationary bike race

Bicycle racers competed online Saturday for bragging rights and a virtual jersey that shows everyone who is the best. Men and women from 15 countries participated in Zwift's online bike race.

This patented device is the first head-up display for bicycle helmets

The Usee head-up display mounts to your bicycle helmet, giving you access to data including speed, performance, and navigation. It can also be paired to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

These fabric bicycle spokes will lighten your load and keep you moving

Berd's polymer bicycle spokes -- essentially a fabric -- are the lightest spokes on the market. The company claims they are stronger than most other spokes, while offering a smoother ride.

Uber is getting into the bike-sharing game

Uber has joined forces with ebike company Jump to launch a bike-sharing pilot service in San Francisco. Using Uber's app, riders will be able to find nearby bikes and cycle for $2 per 30 minutes.

No matter the shape, turn any bicycle into an ebike with the Swytch kit

Swytch works by hiding an electric motor inside a specially built front wheel, available in a variety of sizes. The wheel is then linked up with a lightweight and removable power pack that sits between the handlebars like a basket.
Emerging Tech

The Rubbee X makes converting your standard bicycle to electric easier than ever

Wish you had invested in an ebike instead of a regular one? Rubbee X is a new lightweight conversion device that promises to give any regular bicycle a much-needed electric makeover.

Using pulleys and strings, the Stringbike ditches the chain — and the grease

Lacking a conventional chain and cog system, the Stringbike's drive system instead uses a series of strings and pulleys to generate efficient movement that's much quieter than a standard bike.

Eazy Bike transforms any bicycle into an affordable ebike in two minutes

In order to transform an existing bicycle, the waterproof Eazy Bike kit includes a battery, motor, and pedal sensor. For the United States, and optional throttle button is also available.

The DelFast ebike goes the distance with a record-setting battery range

The DelFast eBike tops out at 236 miles and is aimed at those who like to enjoy long-distance trips both in and out of urban areas. It will get people places quickly with a top speed of 35 miles per hour.