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A handout image of a TV showing the logos of Netflix, Peacock, and Apple TV Plus.

Legacy cable company invents $180-a-year streaming bundle

Comcast's StreamSaver Bundle isn't a bad deal, saving you about $8 a month on Netflix, Peacock, and Apple TV+.
The Peacock app icon on Apple TV.

Peacock is raising its prices this summer

A building with the Xfinity logo on it.

Use Comcast for internet? Your personal data may have been hacked

App icons for Disney+, Hulu and ESPN.

Disney will soon own 100% of Hulu

A promo image for Comcast's Now TV.

Comcast rolls out a $20 streaming bundle, with a catch

G4's relaunch channel logo.

Comcast axed G4 after it failed to meet a $19M income goal, source says

Person sitting and using an HP computer with Windows 11.

Super fast 10Gbps internet edges one step closer to your home

Comcast's improved accessibility features let you increase on-screen font sizes.

Comcast says accessibility is no longer an afterthought

An internet speed test showing increasing speeds.

Comcast tests 4Gbps speeds that could ramp up your internet

Comcast XiOne streaming box.

Comcast’s new XiOne streaming boxes to hit U.S., parts of Europe

modem vs router plugging in

Modem vs. router: What’s the difference?

comcast hispanic heritage month 2020 digital flag 720x720

Hispanic Heritage Month: Here’s how Comcast is celebrating

xfinity mobile byod android devices device 1

Xfinity Mobile adds 5G to its networks — for free

Xfinity Mobile announced 5G is ready to go in 31 U.S. cities, and it is already included with all its data plans for Comcast customers at no extra charge.
Best shows on Hulu george clooney

Comcast adds Hulu to Xfinity Flex and X1 as social distancing ramps up

With the increase in folks staying home amid coronavirus concerns, Comcast subscribers can now access Hulu from their set-top boxes, without adding devices.
everything available on peacock streaming service nbcuniversal logo

Comcast cable subscribers’ bills will go up in 2020

Xfinity X1 and Flex customers excited to try out the Peacock streaming service for free once it debuts should expect their cable rates to go up as a result of the new service. Comcast CEO Brian Roberts said that the company is shifting to the streaming world, so costs will have to follow suit. 
streaming shows

NBC’s new Peacock streaming service is just one big ad-injection machine

NBCUniversal finally unveiled its streaming service, Peacock, a live call with investors on Thursday. The service will be offered in three tiers, most notably one that will completely free. But the biggest takeaway? This service is all about the ads.
comcast xfinity stream app vr goggles visually impaired nueyes e2 low vision electronic magnifier yard 1

The visually impaired can now watch Comcast TV channels on VR goggles

For years, if you were legally blind and wanted to watch TV, your choices were slim. Most people resorted to described video soundtracks as a way to "hear" what was going on. Comcast has joined up with NuEyes to offer a second option: Watching live and on-demand TV on VR goggles for those with visual impairments.
comcast xfinity flex free for internet only customers corporate live parallax final

Comcast clarifies its free Xfinity Flex offer for internet-only customers

After reports emerged that not every Comcast internet-only customer was able to take advantage of the free Xfinity Flex deal, the company has clarified the timelines for those who do not rent their equipment from Comcast. Though these customers will still get the Flex box for free, they'll have to wait a little longer.
comcast internet essentials expansion corporate portland or 2

Comcast rolls out ultra-cheap internet to millions of low-income Americans

Comcast has offered its Internet Essentials low-cost internet access program since 2012. However, Monday's announcement marks the single most significant expansion of the program yet: effective immediately, almost any low-income customer qualifies for low-cost service.
Comcast xFi for home devices

New Comcast feature limits the amount of time kids spend on the internet

Today's kids have had the Internet since they were born and they're used to 24/7 access. Comcast is giving parents a little more control with a new feature that can automatically pause a kid's access to the Internet once their daily time limit has been rearched.

Comcast lowers shared data prices on Xfinity Mobile based on how much you buy

Comcast has announced a few changes to the price of Xfinity Mobile. Namely, shared data on the company's By the Gig plan will now cost a little less, depending on how much data you buy. At the same time, Unlimited Data plans are seeing a few more restrictions.
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Sunrise Gold

Xfinity Mobile customers can now bring their own Android device to the carrier

Xfinity Mobile, a free cellular carrier service for Xfinity internet customers, has added the Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus, S8, S8 Plus, Note 9 and Note 8 to its Bring Your Own Device program -- the first Android devices to be supported. It's an even more compelling option for those using Xfinity Internet.
episode 153 mruptbfjq34kd3z56glc4z

Digital Trends Live: Unlocking iPhones, eye-controlled TV remote, and more

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, we discuss the trending tech news of the day, including an Israeli company who claims they can unlock any iPhone for police, Comcast’s eye-controlled TV remote, the world’s largest airplane, wall-climbing robots, and more.
major tv shows that never won an emmy hulu parks and rec gallery

Here’s why Disney’s Hulu takeover won’t matter for a while

With Comcast ceding control of Hulu to Disney while it preps its own streaming platform, Disney is now in complete control of the service. That's great news for Disney, but it won't mean much for regular Hulu subscribers who enjoy NBCUniversal programming — not for now, at any rate.
Xfinity Flex Box

Comcast launches Xfinity Flex, a $5-a-month service aimed at cord cutters

For $5 a month, Xfinity Flex gives existing Xfinity internet subscribers a 4K- and HDR-ready set-top box that can stream video from YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Cheddar, and ESPN3. It also comes with a voice-controlled remote, and makes upgrading to Comcast's Xfinity X1 cable service a snap.
xfinity ncaa smart lights home blub integration

Cheer for your favorite NCAA team and Xfinity will respond with matching lights

Screaming at your favorite team just became a lot more rewarding thanks to Comcast's Xfinity voice remote and some special NCAA commands that set your smart lightbulbs to your favorite team's colors. The players may not hear you, but that doesn't mean you'll be ignored.
comcast xfi advanced security ces 2019 2 threat blocked 16x9

CES 2019: Comcast launches digital security service to protect smart devices

The number of smart home devices in the average home is growing exponentially and so is the number of attacks against IoT devices. At CES 2019, Comcast hopes to provide a comprehensive solution for its customers with a new digital security service that uses A.I. and machine learning to identify and neutralize threats.
xfinity home security camera faces license plates package delivery gettyimages 471909015  stevecoleimages

Xfinity indoor/outdoor camera zooms in on Grinch’s faces and license plates

Comcast's Xfinity Home security cameras can help the police catch Grinches who steal delivery packages from your home. The cameras use artificial intelligence to analyze moving objects and zoom in on faces of people at your front door and license plates of any vehicles in view. Footage is stored in the cloud.
comcast internet essentials program veterans comcastinternetessentials 1

Over a million veterans now eligible for Comcast’s Internet Essentials program

Comcast's low-cost Internet Essentials program, which provides internet access for just $10 per month, has expanded to include U.S. veterans. One million veterans now qualify for the service. Comcast is working with non-profits to spread word of the service to those who need it most.

A second massive Comcast outage leaves customers without service this month

Comcast is experiencing a second massive outage this month. The outage is taking out phone, internet, and video service for both residential and business customers across the country. Comcast blames a partner for accidentally cutting its fiber line, though an estimate was not provided for when service is expected to be restored.

Comcast gives the internet a victory, ends throttling — for now

Comcast gave the internet a victory and ends its practice of throttling heavy users, citing a stronger network that's capable of handling congestion. However, Comcast also said that it reserves the right to reverse its decision. Heavy users are still subjected to data caps and overage charges.
comcast xfinity store

Data-stealing bug prompts Comcast to shut down Xfinity activation website

Comcast shuts down its Xfinity activation portal after learning of a bug that may have displayed a customer's address, Wi-Fi name, and network password. Although Comcast claims that it doesn't believe any customer was compromised, it's probably best to buy your own router than to lease one from Xfinity.
comcast xfi pods available to all xfinity subscribers pod

Comcast’s Xfi Pods turn power sockets into a mesh Wi-Fi network

After an initial launch in Boston and Chicago at the end of 2017, Comcast's Xfi Pods are now available to all Xfinity internet subscribers across the nation in a three-pack for $119, or a six-pack for $199. They're compatible with the company's Xfi Wireless Gateway and the Xfi Advanced Gateway.

Comcast looks to protect cable business with new deal on faster internet speeds

In an effort to protect its cable business, Comcast is wooing customers by giving them a boost in internet download speeds if they subscribe to a package that includes cable TV and internet. The move could be seen as an offensive as Comcast faces increasing threats from streaming services.