Emerging Tech

Fishy surveillance system could keep tabs on ocean animals

Symbiosis is a system that uses optical and acoustic technologies to detect and identify entire schools of fish, and could offer a noninvasive means of protecting environmental interests.

Who would've thought we'd have so much fun in a Final Fantasy VR fishing game?

An unexpected VR fishing standalone for FFXV, in our ‘Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV’ review we discover the spin-off we didn’t know we wanted.

Floating CreekKooler keeps beverages cold while you paddle around in your canoe

The CreekKooler Pup is a floating cooler that can used out on the water to keep beverages and snacks ice cold for days at a time. Shaped like a kayak, the Pup is even designed to track like a boat out on the water.
Emerging Tech

Spydro guppy cam captures footage from the fishing line

Spydro is a smart underwater fishing action camera, designed to automatically record the moment a fish strikes, and share this with your mobile device -- in glorious 30fps 1080p HD.

Channel your inner amphibian with the best water shoes for land and sea

Whether you're simply looking for a little extra traction or you're in the market for a fashion-forward water shoe, there are hundreds of amphibious options to choose from. That said, here are the best water shoes we've seen.

Deeper is a personal sonar system that helps you track and catch more fish

Deeper Sonar is a device designed specifically for anglers. The gadget connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth and transmits data on the depth and temperature of the water, the topography of the bottom, and the location of fish.
Emerging Tech

Research suggests that LED-studded fishing nets can reduce sea turtle bycatch by 64 percent

A new type of fishing net will light up with LEDs to warn turtles off and keep from getting caught and killed unnecessarily as bycatch. The nets are highly affordable and were very efficient in a testing phase conducted in the coastal…
Health & Fitness

The Great American Outdoor Show is here with big names and big guns

The Great American Outdoor Show (GAOS) in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania kicked off on Saturday and will run all this week. Fishermen, hunters, and general outdoor enthusiasts come to see and try the latest outdoor gear, and eat fried nutter…
Emerging Tech

This robotic fishing lure can make dead fish swim again

The field of robotics is transforming so many aspects of our lives, and now it's poised to change how we fish. Let us introduce you to the Zombait, a robotic fish insert designed to bring dead fish bait back to life.

GoFish Cam is…you guessed it…like a GoPro for fishing

Videos of fishing trips involve a lot of posing with dead fish. GoFish cam gives people the chance to show off the action instead. It records HD footage of fish on the line. With video proof the saying "fishermen tell tall tales," will be a…
Emerging Tech

Fish don’t stand a chance against this sensor-studded fish finder drone

The AguaDrone is a waterproof quadcopter that not only uses sonar to find fish from the sky, it will "cast" for you by flying your lure out to hot spots.
Health & Fitness

Fishing is more like hunting with FishHunter

FishHunter is a wireless portable fish finder that measures depth, surface water temperature, and detects fish, helping you figure out where to cast your line. Bring it along when you go fishing and check the app to see other's catches and…
Emerging Tech

Fishing net with emergency exits wins design competition

A fishing net that lets fish out? What's that all about?

CES 2006 Profile: XaviX/SSD Company

Innovators of the XaviSport interactive sports gaming system announce new titles and accessories for their system.

Europe gets 3D wireless gaming

Bandai Networks and HI Corporation announced that the companies will supply three 3D games to Vodafone Group for its consumer service, Vodafone live!