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macbook air

From click wheels to trackpads, these are the best Apple designs of all time

Apple has had its fair share of superb designs over the years, but what are its greatest hits? Here, we’ve grouped all the best designs Apple has ever created.
mqa universal music group deal hi res audio man and woman listening to

How to add music to your iPhone or iPad

best music players sony nwa55 walkman 1

Best MP3 players: a great music streamer for everyone

MacOS Catalina Hands-on | Macbook Pro

How to transfer music from an iPod to a computer

ipod hack puts 50 million spotify songs in your pocket streaming device

iPod hack puts 50 million Spotify songs in your pocket

how to keep ipod headphones from tangling apple classic

Apple removes nostalgic app that made your phone look like an iPod

Apple commercial

The best songs from Apple commercials

tech that died in 2017 vertu feature 004

Rest in pieces: The biggest tech demises of 2017

Steve Jobs iPhone

What’s the most influential gadget ever? According to Time, it starts with an “i”

Apple Store in Palo Alto.

Apple Stores demote the iconic iPod from display tables to the wall rack

watch kids try to use first gen ipod girl

‘Why did people buy this?’: Kids React to the original iPod

Apple Music

No Apple Music for the iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle

play it again apple is the ipod coming back touch

Play it again, Apple: Is the iPod coming back?

Three years after its last major update, is the iPod Touch about to get a refresh? Insider sources suggest Apple could have something in the pipeline.
iphone 6 tips tricks version 1429545632 header

With iOS 8.3 you can customize your emoji and enjoy a faster iPhone

Apple's officially released iOS 8.3, and it brings performance enhancements, new emoji, expanded CarPlay functionality, and more.
New MacBook and Apples future

Is Apple’s new MacBook the last of a dying breed?

Earlier today, Apple announced a new version of the MacBook at their 'Spring Forward' event, but it could well be that it's the last of its kind.
Apple store Japan

Apple to sell heavily discounted products in another ‘Lucky Bag’ promotion on Jan. 2

On Jan. 2, Apple will continue to follow the Japanese tradition of fukubukuro (“lucky bag”), where retail stores sell bags filled with discounted items.
best iphone and ipod speaker docks header

The dock is dead: Go wireless with one of these great iPhone/iPod speakers

We've put together a list our favorite sonic solutions, which leverage wireless streaming to play all that rad jive on your iPhone right from your pocket.
apple says blocked competitors music applemusicnewsy

Former engineer claims Apple intended to block 100 percent of non-iTunes clients

for music lovers the ipod classics demise is like a favorite band breaking up classic dead mem 3

Apple back in the dock after iPod case gets a new plaintiff

discontinued ipod classics selling 1000 ebay classic

Discontinued iPod Classics selling for high prices on eBay

apple ipod sued delete songs plaintiff removed event 07 14

Apple catches a break: New evidence sends a plaintiff packing in iPod lawsuit

New evidence may mean Apple is off the hook in the class action lawsuit over iPod song removals.
Sad iPod v2

Apple’s Tim Cook reveals what really killed the iPod Classic

iPod Classic

For music lovers, the iPod Classic’s demise is like a favorite band breaking up

as bbm offers details on future update

BBM update brings iPod Touch and iPad support, plus new features for Android and iOS

Get iOS 7 early main

How to get iOS 7 before it’s actually out

Check out this quick and easy tutorial to learn how to get iOS 7 Gold Master before it's officially released to the public on September 18th
best ipod touch games thumb

Best iPod Touch games

Apple looking to get behind the wheel with iOS 7 car dashboard integration

According to an inside source, Apple is aggressively pushing to integrate future iOS 7 devices into motor vehicles, focusing particularly on Siri and Maps.

iTunes Store turns 10, launches timeline to remind us of iPods and cheezy songs of yore

On April 28, the iTunes Store turns ten years old and Apple has setup a microsite within the iTunes Store highlighting related milestones by year.

Best iPod accessories

Of all the crazy, creative, and useful iPod accessories out there, here are the products we think are deserving of being labeled the best.
kef x300a powered pc loudspeakers 1bx

Transform your desktop with the KEF X300A powered PC loudspeakers

Combining both KEF's Uni-Q driver and a 24/96 DAC, the X300A powered desktop loudspeakers offer a compact high-end package for under $800.
we love hdtv so why dont hd sound bitrate

We demand HD quality from our televisions, why not from our iPods?

While today's TVs look sharper, brighter and more vivid than ever, the iPod, even after several years of upgrades, still does't sound very good.
panasonics 2013 speaker dock line up panasonic hc38k with ipod

Panasonic’s 2013 Speaker Dock line up

Why I switched back: Confessions of a former Mac user

Etsy iPhone camera charger

Here’s a neat way to recycle your old film cameras