Power up your gaming and save on Corsair headsets and keyboards

Corsair is currently selling two headsets and an RGB gaming keyboard at reduced prices, giving you a great opportunity to upgrade your gear and improve your performance in your favorite games.

Save serious cash on a Corsair headset, keyboard, and mouse during Amazon’s sale

Corsair is currently running a sale through Amazon on a headset, keyboard, and mouse, all designed with gaming in mind. Savings last from March 3 through March 9 on all three products.

F(x)tec Pro 1 brings a full-size keyboard to a modern-looking smartphone

Want a full-size keyboard? Want a larger screen than BlackBerry's Key2 canprovide? Well, check out the Pro 1 from a company called F(x)tec. They've outfitted a QWERTY keyboard on a large, 5.99-inch smartphone.

This Mac keyboard is slim, dark, and clicky, but it’s still not perfect

There aren't many great mechanical keyboards for Macs. The Keychron K1 is just the latest attempt to join that hallowed group, but does its blend of style and substance tick all the boxes?

Apple patents a transformable glass keyboard for MacBooks

Apple's latest patent filing shows that the company might be searching for an alternative to the standard keyboard with a morphable glass top layer that can adapt to provide a physical response when typing.

Bezel-less phones are terrible for typing on, and it’s only going to get worse

Bezel-less smartphone screens look great, and foldable smartphones are an exciting part of the mobile future; but we don't like where the typing experience is heading because of these two trends.

The Empire strikes your wallet with a $250 Star Wars keyboard

Do you speak Aurebesh? If you're fluent in the official language of the Galactic Empire, Lucasfilm and NovelKeys have partnered to release a set of replacement keycaps for your keyboard that are bound to please any Star Wars fan.

Razer’s BlackWidow Lite is a mechanical keyboard designed for work and play

Razer's latest keyboard comes with a minimalist design that will appeal to professionals. But don't let the all-black aesthetics fool you, as the BlackWidow Lite comes with mechanical keys that makes it a great gaming companion.

Dell patent hints at a super-thin, OLED-backlit keyboard

Dell has been awarded a new patent for laptop keyboard backlighting which could eliminate bleeding around the keycaps and even make it so that you can display multiple colors on single keycaps at the same time.
Emerging Tech

Freewrite Traveler is a portable writing device for the easily distracted

The Freewrite Traveler is a better looking, more portable device than its somewhat clunky predecessor. Stripped of bells and whistles, the Traveler is aimed squarely at those who are easily distracted.

Let Google’s A.I. make a mini version of you with Minis for Gboard

Looking for a more personal flair in your favorite messaging app? Minis for Gboard allows you to get that personal edge, creating an A.I. generated version of you from just a selfie.

Apple patents a trio of ideas to fix its MacBook keyboard

Could a giant Touch Bar that replaces the MacBook Pro's keyboard help fix Apple's woes when it comes to its keyboard failures? Apple hopes so, and one of its patents calls for a virtual keyboard on a dual-screen laptop.

Apple quietly confirms 2018 MacBook Pro keyboard ships with anti-debris design

Apple appears to have a permanent fix in place to address the MacBook Pro's sticky key problem when it announced the 2018 refresh. But the fix won't be coming to the company's older notebooks, leaving existing owners out in the cold.

Apple repair program won’t upgrade older MacBook Pros to new keyboard

Apple's quieter third-generation keyboard is exclusive to the 2018 MacBook Pro. This means you shouldn't expect a free keyboard upgrade if you take your older MacBook Pro in for keyboard repairs related to the issue with sticky keys.

Microsoft’s pressure-sensitive software keyboard is ripe for dual-screen laptops

Microsoft is working on a new keyboard that will make it easier to type on glass. The software keyboard will be able to recognize pressure and gestures to help speed up your typing, especially when you're entering symbols.

Fear no more: Beginners guide to mastering the BlackBerry Key2's keyboard

Going from a virtual keyboard to a physical one is a challenge, but if you want the BlackBerry Key2 it's one you'll accept. It's tough at first, but we've got a guide to help you on to typing faster and more comfortably.

MacBook Pro owners file class action lawsuit over keyboard issues

Owners of MacBook Pros released since 2016 have been taking to an online petition to try and force Apple to recall their laptops, claiming that a defect with the keyboard design is making many of them unusable after short period. Some users…

Failure rate of MacBook Pro ‘butterfly’ keyboards is double that of older models

Apple's butterfly key design on the MacBook Pro is not only less comfortable to type on, the keyboard also has double the failure rate of older models utilizing a traditional key design. And repairs are also more costly.