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Outlook web app on laptop.

How to share your Outlook calendar

Outlook allows you to share your calendar by specifying recipients you wish to share with and how much you wish to share. Here's how to do it.
Man in suit jacket using computer in library.

How to schedule an email in Outlook for Mac, Windows, and web

A person using Outlook on a Macbook.

How to change your Outlook password

how to back up emails in outlook laptop

How to back up emails in Outlook on Windows and Mac

A person using Outlook on a Macbook.

How to recall an email in Outlook on Windows and Mac

The Proton Mail email app running on a MacBook.

5 email apps you should use instead of Gmail or Outlook

Outlook in Firefox on an iMac.

How to change a signature in Outlook on desktop and web

Microsoft OneDrive files can sync between a PC and a phone

Microsoft admits defeat on its controversial OneDrive change

Outlook running on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 cover screen.

Microsoft just made Outlook a lot easier to use

Google Calendar shown on a computer monitor.

Google Calendar just fixed one of its most irritating bugs

Moto G Stylus 5G 2023 in Outlook.

Microsoft is finally fixing one of the worst parts of Outlook

Microsoft Outlook app landing page.

Outlook users express alarm as inboxes flood with spam

Microsoft Outlook app landing page.

Seeing more ads in your Outlook app? You’re not alone

Microsoft is putting more ads into the Outlook app on Android and iOS. Users can avoid ads with the Focused inbox feature, but it has mixed results.
Outlook web app on laptop.

Microsoft Outlook is back online, router to blame for outage

After being down all morning due to an issue with a router, Microsoft says Outlook is back online for all users.
how to delete a user on a Mac

Outlook on Mac is getting a great feature from MacOS Ventura

Microsoft is beta testing the ability to "undo send" an email in Outlook for Mac, delivering a feature that's already in the MacOS Ventura mail app.
Vivaldi browser with a built-in email client.

Vivaldi builds mail, calendar, and feed reader right into your browser

Vivaldi has just added a slew of quality-of-life updates to its browser, including a built-in email client, calendar, and feed reader. Should rivals worry?
Control key with email icon.

My Outlook inbox was a mess before I started using these 3 tricks

These three tips dramatically improved my ability to manage incoming emails, and I think they'll help you too.
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New Microsoft Teams, Outlook features are designed for hybrid remote work

Microsoft is helping support the move to hybrid work with some big updates to Teams, Outlook, LinkedIn, and several other Microsoft products.
microsoft outlook getting new features

7 things you didn’t know you could do in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a popular emailing client and solution, but there are a lot of secrets that are hidden behind the menus. Here are seven of them.
microsoft outlook getting new features

Everything new in Microsoft Outlook announced at Build 2021

At the Build 2021 developer conference, Microsoft announced several updates for its Outlook service. Here's what you need to know.
microsoft outlook getting new features

Microsoft restores Outlook after a bizarre bug affects users for hours

Microsoft 365 users experienced issues with Outlook making email text vanish on May 11. The company has now issued a fix.
microsoft outlook getting new features switch to board

Microsoft’s new Outlook board puts calendars, reminders, and lists in one place

Microsoft's popular Outlook emailing service on the web is getting updates with new features designed to help you take control of your day and meetings.
Outlook web app on laptop.

You’ll soon be able to ‘react’ to emails in Outlook using emojis

Microsoft is actively working on a new way to reply and react to emails in Outlook in a way that works just like what you're already doing on iMessage.
A diagram of different Microsoft Office screens.

Microsoft services recovering after going down globally

Multiple web-based services operated by Microsoft went down for users around the world at around 3:30 p.m. PT on September 28.
Microsoft Outlook for Mac

Outlook for Mac is now faster, more efficient, and far more beautiful

With MacOS Big Sur just around the corner, Microsoft revamped its Outlook for Mac email app from the ground up with fresh features and a new look.
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Microsoft upgrades its Outlook apps for improved after-hours working

Microsoft is updating its Outlook emailing service on the web and the Outlook iOS and Android apps with new features to help support those working from home.
A person accessing Gmail via their phone and laptop.

The best email clients

Find the best email clients for work or home, from free solutions to popular email apps. If you're tired of frustrating email, check out alternatives instead!
how to sync your Outlook calendar with an iPhone

Microsoft wants to make Outlook for Web a lot more like Gmail

Microsoft re-designed Outlook for the web with features like predictive text and scheduled send in order to compete with the nearly universally used Gmail. 
A user on a Zoom call with four other participants.

How to add Zoom to your Outlook account

Organizing your video conferences is a great way to stay on top of your meetings when working from home. Here's how to integrate Zoom with Microsoft Outlook.
how to sync your Outlook calendar with an iPhone

Microsoft is testing out Gmail and Google Drive integration for

Microsoft is apparently testing out a new Google account integration feature for its service. The new feature was first spotted by a Twitter user, and there are screenshots that shed a bit of light on how the feature will integrate Gmail, Calendar, and Google Drive into

Microsoft latest A.I. tools will read your Outlook emails aloud

Microsoft is on a mission to push artificial intelligence deeper into your office life and its Office apps. In its latest effort to help improve productivity, Microsoft is unleashing Cortana onto its Outlook app to allow the digital assistant to read your emails aloud to you for a truly hands-free experience.
how to delete a user on a Mac

Hackers broke into using worker’s credentials, Microsoft says

Microsoft's web-based email services, including accounts and MSN and Hotmail addresses, were the target of a security beach. Using a customer support agent's credentials, hackers were possibly able to access email addresses and subject lines, but fortunately not their content.
outlook for ios big redesign 2018 mobile banner

Microsoft Outlook for iOS gets big redesign, with Dark Mode coming soon

It's not the splashiest news ever, but a redesign of an email app can have a big impact on your daily life. Microsoft has deployed a huge redesign for its Outlook for iOS app, which includes new blue branding and some quality-of-life improvements. Dark Mode isn't included, but it's coming soon.
windows 10 october update

Ditch the passwords and buy Xbox games with just your face

Microsoft's Windows 10 October 2018 Update was re-released, and along with new features for your phone, it now lets you ditch more of your passwords. The latest version of Windows 10 allows you to sign in with your account on the web through Microsoft Edge using Windows Hello or a FIDO 2 Yubikey.