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Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Minnie in Disney Illusion Island.

Disney Illusion Island is full of video game Easter eggs

Portal, Sonic the Hedgehog, and more are referenced in Dlala Studios' new platformer Disney Illusion Island.
Two robots from Portal 2.

Get these great games for under $10 during Steam’s Puzzle Fest sale

portal rtx most demanding game ive tested respec featured

Here’s why Portal RTX is the most demanding PC game I’ve ever tested

A photo of a Portal level showcasing the new ray tracing mod.

Portal is getting a free ray tracing update and it looks amazing

Aperture Desk Job robot giving thumbs up.

A new Portal spinoff game is coming to Steam Deck

why you should buy a facebook portal this black friday 2021

Why you should buy a Facebook Portal this Black Friday 2021

facebook portal 2019 review 10 inch 14 of 20

How to set up a Facebook Portal

facebook adds zoom integration to portal devicestrashed on

Zoom is coming to Facebook Portal, Amazon Echo Show, and Google Nest Hub Max

valve portal prequel aperture camera documentary

Valve’s canceled Portal prequel with unique gameplay revealed in documentary

facebook portal tv tracks movement 2

The Portal TV can track every move, but Facebook swears stalking isn’t the goal

Facebook Portal+ review

Facebook says new Portal video-chat devices are coming in the fall

facebook portal review  feat

Here’s how Facebook taught its Portal A.I. to think like a Hollywood filmmaker

Facebook Portal+ review

Busted: Facebook Portal gets 5-star reviews from company employees

It's fair to say that Facebook's Portal smart displays received a tepid response at launch, so it was a surprise to see glowing reviews of the device on Amazon. It turns out some were written by Facebook employees. The company says it has told the reviewers to remove their work from Amazon's site.
glassdoor best places to work facebook sign feat

First products from Facebook’s secret Building 8 lab could target Echo Show

There's been much talk over the last year that Facebook is preparing to launch a smart speaker. The latest report suggests it'll be hitting the market with two devices -- the first fruits of the secretive Building 8 hardware lab. We may have our first look at the patent behind the speaker, but details remain sparse.
facebook echo show competitor 1 hacker way

More details emerge of Facebook’s rumored Echo Show competitor

More details have emerged about Facebook's rumored Echo Show competitor, with sources claiming to know the name and price of the device.
Bridge Constructor Portal review explosion

‘Bridge Constructor Portal’ review

Bridge Constructor Portal is no Portal 3, but it’s a great, unexpected new experience for Portal fans, and will also satisfy puzzle gamers.
Portal Wi-Fi router

Razer jumps into the wireless networking market with an updated Portal router

Razer has collaborated with Ignition Design Labs to improve the Portal wireless router, most likely for gamers.
split screen pc games portal2robots

Return to Aperture Science and anger GLaDOS in ‘Bridge Constructor Portal’

Bridge Constructor Portal is a mashup of the popular civil engineering game and Valve's puzzle series Portal.
bitfenix portal mini itx case available featured

BitFenix Portal is a mini-ITX option with intelligent cooling and easy component access

The BitFenix Portal is a mini-ITX case with plenty of room and an easy-to-access sliding tray that makes it easy to show off your build.
portal hololens demo hololensportal

‘Portal’ Hololens demo explores the wonders of virtual teleportation

Hololens developer kennywdev teases a mixed reality app that incorporates gameplay mechanics from Valve's hit first-person puzzler Portal.

Microsoft security bulletins’ days are numbered as February approaches

Although the last web-based security bulletin was published on January 2017 Update Tuesday, the service officially ends on February 13, 2017.
virtual reality and exclusivity gabenewell

Gabe Newell talks about a possible new game in the Half-Life universe in AMA

Valve's current president and co-founder Gabe Newell talked Half-Life, the Left 4 Dead series and unannounced projects.
hbo jj abrams glare comic con 2015

J.J. Abrams teases possible ‘Portal’ movie announcement at ‘Westworld’ premiere

J.J. Abrams has issued a promising update on the development of a film adaptation of Portal.
router radar portal wireless

A new router on Kickstarter uses a spectrum once reserved for weather radar systems

There's a new Kickstarter campaign seeking funds for a wireless router called Portal that uses spectrum originally set aside for weather radar systems.
portal stories vr launch mel

Portal Stories: Mel gives virtual reality headset owners their first taste of Portal in VR

Portal Stories: Mel, the free modification that expands the Portal universe, is set to debut in virtual reality in early April, as Portal Stories: VR.
hbo jj abrams glare comic con 2015

JJ Abrams says the Portal and Half-Life movies are still happening

During an interview about 10 Cloverfield Lane, filmmaker J.J. Abrams offered an update of sorts on the Portal and Half-Life movies.
xbox one backwards compatible december 2015 halo reach 360 compatability waypoint featured

Here are the ‘new’ backwards-compatible Xbox 360 games on Xbox One

portal smartphone strap arm

Portal is a flexible smartphone that you strap to your arm

microsoft creates new windows phone training site

Windows Phone: Microsoft creates online training portal to win new users

Telltale Games goes deep into the geek bank for this awesome crossover in ‘Poker Night 2’

Telltale Games new crossover card game Poker Night 2 is a fan service sundae, mixing characters from Portal, The Venture Bros, Borderlands, and Evil Dead.

OUYA signs Portal’s creator to an exclusive, while one of ‘Journey’s’ creators joins the team

Portal creator Kim Swift is making an original OUYA game with Airtight Games. Meanwhile OUYA has hired Journey co-creator Kellee Santiago to work with its developers.

Homebrew hero keeps Nintendo DS alive with a port of Valve’s Portal

After nine years, Nintendo is ready to retire the Nintendo DS, but fans of the console aren't ready to let it die just yet. One homebrew game maker is working on Portal DS.
Y: The Last Man

From cake to Capuchin: Portal fan to direct Y: The Last Man movie

Dan Trachtenberg, creator of the excellent Portal: No Escape fan film, has been tapped by New Line Cinema to direct the studio's upcoming adaptation of Y: The Last Man.

Portal fan Guillermo del Toro confirms GLaDOS/Pacific Rim connection

Director Guillermo del Toro's latest, Pacific Rim, features an AI that sounds suspiciously similar to GLaDOS, the malevolent star of Valve Software's Portal series. According to del Toro, this is all by design.