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An inside view of the Quest 2 and its foam facial interface.

The Meta Quest 3 may be twice as powerful as Quest 2

The Quest 3 will be twice as powerful as the Quest 2 if leaks are to be believed. Here's everything we know about Qualcomm and Meta's latest VR headset.
A smartphone with the Facebook app icon on it all on a white marble background.

Facebook’s new controls offer more customization of your Feed

Facebook is working on new Feed customization options, but it still plans to keep recommending posts to you.
Instagram app on the Google Play Store on an Android smartphone.

Get ready: there could be more ads in Instagram’s future

Meta is apparently experimenting with adding new types of ads on Instagram.
A video created via AI, featuring a creature typing in a hat.

Meta made DALL-E for video, and it’s both creepy and amazing

Meta created an AI that can turn your typed words into videos, and it's both creepy and cool.
the og app instagram alternative ad free ios

The OG App, an ad-free Instagram client, is no longer on the App Store

The OG App, the ad-free alternative to Instagram, has been removed from the App Store just days after launch.
Meta's Quest 2 can track your hands allowing you to manipulate virtual objects.

Exciting Meta Quest 3 details leak in full CAD renders

Meta Quest 3 leaks suggest it will be a low-cost VR headset with some exciting upgrades that rival the much more expensive Quest Pro that coming soon.
The OG App running on an iPhone.

Can’t stand using Instagram in 2022? This app fixes everything you hate about it

The OG App is bringing Instagram back to basics by removing all of its worst features and giving users true control over the content they view.
A smartphone with the Facebook app icon on it all on a white marble background.

When is the best time to post on Facebook?

Trying to figure the most optimal time to post on Facebook for maximum exposure? It's a complicated answer, but we can help point you in the right direction.
Call Links by WhatsApp

WhatsApp is copying two of Zoom’s best video-calling features

WhatsApp is rolling out the Call Links feature, making it easier for users to join audio and video calls with one tap. It's also testing 32-person video calls.
Instagram app on the Google Play Store on an Android smartphone.

Instagram is building a ‘nudity protection’ tool for your DMs

Instagram is building another way users can control what they see in the app. The feature is expected to help users avoid seeing unsolicited nude photos in DMs.
Person holding Nintendo Switch, looking at the home screen.

Nintendo account sign-ins via Facebook, Twitter will be discontinued

Nintendo announced that fans won't be able to sign in to their Nintendo Account through Facebook and Twitter effective October 25.
Mark Zukerberg is wearing a next generation VR headset.

Quest Pro: Everything we know about Meta’s next big VR headset

Here's everything we know, including rumors and leaks about Meta's Quest Pro, the VR leader's next-gen headset that was teased as Project Cambria in 2021.
A hand holds a white Meta Quest Pro box with an iimage of the headset on the front

We may have just seen the Meta Quest Pro, and it looks super sleek

A prototype of the secret Meta headset was left behind in a hotel room and discovered by Facebook Gaming personality Ramiro Cardenas, aka Zectariuz Gaming.
Mark Zukerberg is wearing a next generation VR headset.

Meta makes an important distinction about the Quest Pro

Meta's Quest Pro is designed for work but is also good for gaming as Meta CTO Bosworth reminds us in an Ask Me Anything moment on Instagram.
Mark Zuckerberg tests a next-gen VR headset.

Meta hints at Quest Pro launch on October 11

Meta's new Quest Pro VR headset will be announced at Meta Connect in October and here are the details about when and where to watch the event.
Instagram app icon.

Instagram whacked with massive fine over child privacy

Meta-owned Instagram has been fined 405 million euros ($403 million) for violating the European Union’s privacy-focused General Data Protection Regulation.
Instagram's Not Interested option shown on a mobile device.

Instagram ‘Not Interested’ button could come to save your feed

Instagram is experimenting with two new features that will let users have more control over suggested posts and what they see in Explore.
Person's hand holding a smartphone with TikTok's logo on screen, all in front of a blurred background.

This severe TikTok vulnerability gives hackers 70 ways to steal your info

Testing by Microsoft revealed a major vulnerability in the Android version of TikTok. The exploit could give attackers full access to a user's account.
Mark Zuckerberg wearing a prototype VR headset.

The release date of the Quest Pro just got confirmed by Zuckerberg himself

Appearing on the Joe Rogan podcast, Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed the release of Meta's next headset.
Turned on smartphone with Instagram app icon on its screen.

Meta confirms it’s making a BeReal clone for Instagram

Meta confirmed it's conducting an internal test on IG Candid, a clone of recently popular app BeReal that encourages authenticity.
the wikipedia logo on a pink background

Meta wants to supercharge Wikipedia with an AI upgrade

Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, has proposed a surprisingly simple way to make Wikipedia articles more transparent and trustworthy
Dimenco SR display over a blue background.

This crazy monitor does VR without a headset — for a huge price

This new SR monitor can provide you with a VR-like experience without a headset or any other peripherals. The catch? It's outrageously expensive.
A series of three mobile screenshots on a gray background showing the new Add Yours sticker for Facebook Reels.

You can now use the Add Yours sticker on Reels for Facebook and Instagram

Meta has added six new creator-focused features to its Reels feature for Facebook and Instagram. But the most interesting one is the Add Yours sticker.
A woman is standing at a table and using a laptop with a Meta Portal display next to it

Meta wants you to use its creepy Portal as a secondary monitor

Meta revealed its Portal devices can become a second display for productivity thanks to integration with the Duet Display app.
facebook messenger testing end to encryption all chats default

Facebook Messenger finally starts testing end-to-end encryption for all chats

Meta has begun testing default end-to-end encryption for chats and calls on Facebook Messenger, and will soon expand it to Instagram DMs.
A statue and building from a virtual university in the metaverse.

‘Metaversities’ let you attend digital twins of real-world college campuses in VR

Metaversities are real college campuses reconstructed in virtual reality and real students can attend via Meta Quest 2 headsets.
A series of social media app icons on a colorful smartphone screen.

How to create a Facebook group

Starting a Facebook group is a pretty easy process. Here's what you need to know.
A person wearing and using an Oculus Quest 2 VR headset in front of a gray background.

The Quest 2’s unprecedented price hike is a bad look for the Metaverse

The Quest 2 is getting a major price increase that could be the first sign of the Metaverse's downfall if Meta isn't able to properly address the backlash.
New features for Instagram Reels

Instagram is undoing its TikTok-like changes you hated so much

Instagram is reconsidering its pivot to a TikTok-style video feed after recent changes proved to be extremely unpopular with its fan base.
Instagram app on the Google Play Store on an Android smartphone.

Why Instagram’s pivot to video is making everyone so mad

Instagram is clearly committed to competing with TikTok. But in doing so it's ignoring what its users really want. Is its pivot to video worth it?
Meta's Horizon Worlds lets you create a world and interact with other people in VR

Meta to officially allow 18+ content in its metaverse VR environment

Meta has sent out an email indicating that mature content will be allowed in its VR environment app, Horizon Worlds.
Chainsaw man attacking Leon in Resident Evil 4 VR.

If you want a Quest 2, buy one before it gets a big price hike next week

Meta's virtual reality console, the Meta Quest 2, is set to see a price increase very soon.
Facebook Website

Facebook is courting creators with a new Music Revenue Sharing

Facebook has launched a new revenue sharing program for its video creators.
A smartphone with the Facebook app icon on it all on a white marble background.

Facebook’s new Feeds tab emphasizes chronological posts

Facebook is adding a new Feeds tab to your Facebook feed. The new tab is expected to help users see more of the posts they care about in chronological order.